FluMist and Two Year Old

My 2 yr. old son received 3 wks ago. Two days after getting the vaccine he started sneezing and developed and a clear . He still has nasal congestion and his breathing is heavy and wheezy at times. The nurse said it had nothing to do with the vaccine but I’m skeptical. He’s supposed to get another dose soon because he didn’t get the flu vaccine last year. Have you heard of others with these symptoms? I’ll take him to the ped soon if the wheezing doesn’t stop. I’m worried that the FluMist was too much for him and has caused the allergy/asthma type symptoms. There is no history of allergies in my family. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

Yes, this is known to happen after the Flumist.  I’ve never personally had a patient whom I felt developed long term allergies or asthma from the vaccine, but I’ve seen a number of kids develop a week or two of cold symptoms.  So, it likely is from the vaccine, and I wouldn’t do another dose until these symptoms clear up.