For Valentine’s Day: Cute thumbprint cards for your Valentines


vday-cardsRemember the fun of exchanging those cute (and, well, corny) valentines in elementary school? Times have changed, but kids still love to swap valentines.


Here are some quick and easy ones for you to make. Just sketch out some simple designs with a pen or pencil (you can even use the designs above for inspiration) or use stencils to create the main design and customize them with a thumbprint to make them truly one of a kind. 


What you’ll need

• card stock (white or lightly colored)

• a stamp pad

•  thumbs

• crayons, markers, paint, or glitter (optional)


• basic drawing ability or stencils



What you do: 


1. Cut out cards from the cardstock (or use blank cards)


2. Draw a simple design on the cover (hearts, flowers, balloons and animals all make great thumbprint cards). You can print out stencils is you feel uncomfortable drawing. 


3. Decide where the thumbprint should go in picture (ie the center of a flower or heart, or as the body of an animal) — you can also do the thumbprints first and then ask the kids to create a design around it!


4. Press thumb on stamp pad, then on card to make thumbprint.


5. Add additional decoration using markers or paint or glitter, if you’d like.


6. Add a personal note or secret message.


7.  Drop card into in your Valentine’s hand-decorated paper mailbox!


Card designs by Melyssa Holik