For Valentine’s Day: Fun and Easy Felt Necklaces


felt-necklacesMore from Mel and Laura’s Fabulous Crafty V-Day Undertaking: A quick and easy project for Valentines of all ages!


What you’ll need


•    scissors

•    pieces of felt in a variety of colors (we used 9 x 12 inch sheets of basic felt)

•    tacky glue

•    yarn


What to do


1. Download and print out, or draw your own, Valentine’s Day shapes. 


2. Using pins or a stapler, attach the felt to the page containing the shape you want to cut out (so that it won’t slip when you cut it).


3. Cut out the shapes you want to use. (If you want to make a more complex shape, glue a smaller shape onto a larger one. Allow the glue to dry before proceeding.)


4. To create a hole for the yarn to go through, fold at the line indicated on the pattern and carefully cut a semi-circle.


5. Cut yarn to the length you want the necklace to be (approx 18-24 inches). Leave enough room to slip over the wearer’s head.


6. Thread the yarn through the hole and tie ends to secure.


7. Give the necklace to your Valentine!



Photos and design by Melyssa Holik


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