For Valentine’s Day: Paper Doll Bookmarks (with fabulous hair)




Next up in Mel and Laura’s Several Fabulous Things You Can Make for V-Day Project: paper dolls!


But not just any paper dolls. These paper people have long lovely locks like Rapunzel—or any number of pro football players these days—to help your favorite reader mark his or her place.


What you’ll needboy-bookmark


  • scissors
  • colored paper (card stock is preferable, needs to be sturdy enough to handle being handled a lot)
  • hole-puncher (to make small round holes for yarn hair to go through)
  • needlepoint needle (or one with a big eye, anyway)
  • yarn
  • glue stick


1.Print out a paper doll pattern — or create one of your own.


2.Place pattern on back side of a piece of colored card stock. Using a pencil, lightly trace around pattern.


3.Cut paper doll out of colored paper.


4.Using hole-puncher, punch holes into the top of the head.


5. Using a needlepoint needle, thread yarn through first hole. Pull yarn so that an equal amount is on each side of the hole. Cut yarn. Tie knots at both ends of the yarn (so that yarn “hair’ doesn’t slide out of the hole). Thread yarn through the next hole; repeat until paper doll has a head full of hair.


green-kid6.Cut a short piece of yarn to use as a hair tie. Tie it around the pieces of yarn hair.


7.Using scraps of colored paper, cut out other shapes to glue onto the paper doll: a heart, flowers, clothing for the doll, words, etc. (You can use the shapes we’ve provided in the PDF as templates.) This is also a fun way to use little decorative bits you might have left over from other projects, like the flower I used in the photo on the right.


8.On the back of the paper doll, write a short note or Valentine’s Day message.* Don’t forget to include the date.


*Some (perhaps corny, but hey! It’s Valentine’s Day!) possibilities:

• You wrote the book on being a good friend.

• Read between the lines: I like you.

• Valentine, you can read me like a book!

• You’re a best-seller, in my book.

• Being with you is a real page-turner.

• Valentine, my love for you is no fiction.


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