In the past week, many events have transpired.  It all began with a simple Facebook message on the night of Easter.  I sent a “Happy Easter” message to Baby Girl’s mom (our former foster daughter), asking how her day had gone.  It began a tentative, but positive exchange back and forth.  Gradually, we began trusting each other again and soon we had scheduled a visit for the next weekend.   As the weekend approached, we were able to carve out a full visit, including an evening with our Baby Girl at a local hotel full of swimming and playing.  My kids soaked up every minute of it and enjoyed having their long-lost sister once again.  We snapped picture after picture of them playing, goofing around, and hugging.  The next day, we returned to her house and spent the day with her family.  I cooked a big stir-fry dinner (at her mom’s request) and we all hung out and visited.  Soon the time came to leave, and although Baby Girl had a hard time saying goodbye to us, we all handled it well.  We live two hours away, so it won’t be a frequent occurrence, and sadly we all knew that.  But we hugged and promised to keep in closer touch.

The weekend was…healing.

It righted so much of the wrong done between us.  It resolved the unclosed hurt.  It doesn’t make it any easier not seeing her every day, but when I see her pictures around our house now, it doesn’t sting the same way.  Now I can remember our beautiful weekend and look forward to our next visit, planned for next week.  And I am especially grateful that I could be a part of this lesson for my children, the lesson of forgiveness and apology.  I am grateful that they could see that sometimes we all mess up and make mistakes, but the best course of action is often an apology, a dose of forgiveness, and an effort to meet in the middle.  I am glad they could see that sometimes we have to say goodbye, and sometimes bad things do happen in our lives.  Sometimes we lose the ones we love.  But sometimes, and I do emphasize sometimes, sometimes we can try again and there can be healing.  And that lesson, I do believe, is timeless and priceless.

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I am a mama to 3 boys. I strive to live a greener, healthier live while preserving my children’s innocence. I enjoy reading, learning more about natural birth and health-care, and playing the piano!

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