Forum Memberships


Here’s an explanation of our eight types of forum memberships:


badge_new.v1305918900.gif New Member. When you first become a member of the site you will be given the “New Member” badge. You will have posting privileges but will not be given a signature privilege until you have been registered more than 7 days and have made 10 posts. Our signature rules are located here


badge_member.v1305918908.gif Member. Once you have been registered more than 7 days and have made 10 posts you will become a Member and will be able to place a signature; however, your signature is a place for your personal information and is not to be used to advertise or promote. That use is permitted for our Advertiser members only.


badge_senior.v1305918908.gif Senior Member status is given to members who have posted 1000 posts. Senior Members are also included in special offers and have access to special private forums.


badge_supporter.v1305918908.gif  A Supporter is a member who has purchased a supporting membership to receive these benefits:


  • Browse the forums ad-free
  • Gain access to exclusive product giveaways, contests and discounts.
  • Add a custom user title under profile photo
  • Supporter badge appears below username


badge_ambassador.v1305918908.gif  Ambassadors. Members who are passionate about a topic volunteer to serve specific forums to offer helpful information and support. These are members who have demonstrated exemplary membership participation and serve as Mothering Ambassadors.


badge_mod.v1305918908.gif Moderators are the wonderful folks who volunteer their time to help us provide a comfortable discussion atmosphere. They remind members in discussions to be respectful and they help answer your questions about forum rules and features. 


badge_admin.v1305918908.gif An Administrator works for Mothering to oversee the forums and guide the moderation team. 


badge_advertiser.v1305918908.gif  Advertisers. We have many members in the Mothering community who run their own businesses or our part of our advertising community. An Advertiser membership allows them to advertise in their signature and use a business avatar. More information about the Advertiser membership can be had here.


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