Free For Shipping Guidelines


Free For Shipping Guidelines

The Free For Shipping forum does not require a paid Trading Post subscription, but Trading Post forum rules are in effect as applicable. Items should be "no strings attached" other than shipping costs, so if you are interested in receiving payment, please post in the actual Trading Post. 

Welcome to the New Trading Post!

We are pleased to announce that our new Trading Post is set up and ready for shopping!

How do I get started?
Members will have access to the Trading Post, but members wishing to sell items will need to purchase a Paid Subscription. These are the following Subscriptions that will allow you to list/sell items in the Trading Post:

  • Trading Post One Week Access for $1
  • Trading Post Six Week Access for $5
  • Supporting Membership I, II, III includes Trading post selling privileges
  • Business Signature + Avatar Advertising includes Trading post selling privileges
  • a WAHMarket subscription includes Trading post selling privileges for the duration of the subscription

How Do I Purchase an Item?
If you are interested in an item for sale, you can post to the thread to ask questions and/or PM the member and let them know you’d like to purchase the item. 

As a Seller, How do I Complete the Transaction?
When a member expresses an interest in purchasing one of your items either in your thread or via PM, you will contact them to work out shipping and payment details. Once you have received payment, you will then ship the item. It will be your responsibility to post to your thread that a sale is pending and/or complete.

General Guidelines 

  • The Trading Post and its subforums are open to the community. This is a dedicated space on our boards where members can buy, sell, or trade personally used or unused new merchandise, handcrafted items and services (such as web design or psych readings). 
  • You may only post one item/group of items per thread. Once those items have sold, you must open a new thread to list additional items.
  • You may not link to items you are selling elsewhere (no linking to your website, blog, ebay, etsy, etc)
  • Images are enabled in the Trading Post. Please make sure images do not exceed 100 kb. If you are using photobucket or flickr for your images, please select the "Medium" setting or smaller. To include an image, the image must be hosted offsite, and you place it in your post by copying the full URL to the image, (not the page on which the image is located), and either pressing the ‘Insert Image’ icon or by typing [img] before the URL and [/img] after it, making sure that you do not have any spaces before or after the URL of the image.
  • *Auctioning* is not allowed nor links to auctions or fundraising elsewhere.
  • Raffles and Fundraising are not allowed.
  • All items listed for sale must have an asking price. Statements such as "I will consider all offers" will be allowed but only along with an asking price.
  • Illegal items, such as bootlegged CDs or prescription medications are prohibited for sale.
  • Advertising formula, bottles, and pacifiers is a violation of the WHO Code of the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes which Mothering and MDC voluntarily supports. So please refrain from posting such items for sale, trade, or giveaway, including coupons for such items.
  • The administration/moderators reserve the right to remove any post for any reason and without notice.

Resolving Conflict
We will use our discretion in determining any violations in the interest of the board and the community as a whole. Members who experience trade problems in use of the Trading Post or its subforums are encouraged to report such issues after they have made reasonable attempts to resolve the issue. Members with pending complaints against them will have their Trading Post access removed until resolution is reached. If a resolution is not reached within a reasonable timeframe, the member’s access will be permanently removed.

We suggest members use Paypal or other secure methods of payment. Members are encouraged to use secure shipping methods and also to agree to share responsibility for the cost of items not received should secured shipping not be chosen and items not received.

Disputes should not be posted to threads on the TP boards or other boards for community discussion.

Mothering Magazine and MotheringDotCommunity are not responsible for transactions proposed or carried out between members but will attempt to help members resolve disagreements whenever possible.

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