Freedom Together: Mothering Mavens Try Out the Boba 4G

Babywearing is one of our favorite topics here at Mothering.  The benefits of babywearing are vast: it supports bonding with baby, it’s convenient, it allows for easy nursing, and it keeps baby close all the time.

That’s why we’re so excited that our Mothering Mavens program was able to partner once again with Boba to try out the Boba 4G.  12 of our Mavens received the Boba 4G and tried them out for a few weeks, then came back to Mothering and shared their honest feedback with us.  We asked the Mavens everything, from how they each started babywearing, to why and when they babywear, to what is most important in a carrier.  They offered up their stories of receiving the Boba 4G Carrier, their pictures, and their honest opinions.  After using the Boba 4G Carrier for two weeks, ten of the 12 Mavens said they would “Absolutely” or “Probably” recommend the Boba 4G Carrier to other moms.

This article contains unedited reviews from Mothering Community members who received the Boba 4G at no cost from Boba for the sake of providing honest feedback and reviews.

First Impressions: safe and comfortable

Whenever we ask the Mavens about what matters to them in a soft structured carrier, we hear the same top concerns: safety, comfort, ease of use, and how it looks.

Safety for baby and mom is obviously the top concern, and shanna-cat explained:  “I really appreciate how SAFE my little one feels in the Boba. As a primarily ring sling user I am used to being conscious of always keeping a hand on the back of my babe but with this carrier I can do all my normal active things and not be worried about him arching, stooping, flinging, or giggling his way out on accident.”

Several of the Mavens, including Harmony96, noticed that one of the benefits of the Boba 4G was the comfort factor.  “I LOVE how the carrier seemed to make him “lose weight.” He didn’t feel half as heavy in this carrier as he does in my arms or in a wrap,” Harmony96 said.

Monkeypants added: “The carrier felt great on my bony shoulders. I have an ergo which has always made the middle of my back ache and hurt my shoulders. The Boba did not hurt my back and felt very light on my shoulders!”

Baby Out and About

Anyone who has ever tried to get a squirming or sleeping baby into an SSC knows that a carrier needs to be easy to put on in order to be truly convenient to use all the time.

Jennyanydots said that the Boba 4G fit the bill: “The waist and top straps are easy to adjust and customize, so getting a good fit was quick and simple.”

Chloe’smama added, “I love how easy it is to raise and lower the chest strap.  I always had to ask my husband for help when the baby is on my back with my other carriers,” while Dakipode told us that her husband, who had struggled with other carriers, “Likes this one!”

Moms and dads weren’t the only ones happy with the Boba 4G.  Lilacvioletiris, who tried it out with her two-month-old twin sons, commented, “Baby really liked the carrier and calmed right now once I put him in it.”

Shanna-cat confirmed that her baby loved the Boba 4G.  “We have been wearing the Boba daily now and have really fallen in love with it. It is so easy for both my husband and myself to use and easily adjust for ourselves and it has become our go-to to get a tired baby to sleep in.”

Great Features

Several of the Mavens noticed a lot of thoughtful features that made the Boba 4G not only easier and more comfortable and convenient to use.

“I love that it comes with a seat pillow and that the pillow stays attached (though it is removable for later),” Jennyanydots said.

Mrsandmrs found the purse strap to be an extra-special convenience:  “I am also in love with the snap to hold your purse on your shoulder. I wish all my shirts had this little loop!!!”

Typebug liked the extra thought that went into some of the features.  “I like that the hood snaps off so I can wash it separately,” she said.  “I also like the cushion as opposed to the newborn insert for the Ergo. This makes the carrier usable in summer time with a small baby.”

Not to Mention Cute!

One thing that many of the Mavens commented on was the attractive look and cute patterns of the Boba 4G.

“My husband and I love the Organic Pine… it’s gorgeous,” OceanSolitude said.

Monkey pants told us: “The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous Soho pattern. Very bright beautiful colors.”

Jennyanydots pointed out that the Boba 4G just looks nice all around.  “I’m really pleased with how smart and tidy the Boba 4G appears,” she said.  “I hadn’t realized how much I was bothered by the sloppy look of my other carrier.”

Haurelia noticed that it even looked good on mama when on!  “I like the waist belt a lot, and where it lands on my mama belly is comfy and flattering (well, as flattering as a baby carrier belt can be).”

But Would You Recommend It?

After using their Boba 4G for two weeks, we asked the Mavens if they would recommend the Boba 4G to another parent looking for a carrier.  Ten of the 12 Mavens said they “Absolutely” or “Probably” would recommend it.

“For the price, I think it is the best option on the market right now (this coming from a lady with 10+ carriers…),” said Chloe’smama.

Monkey pants compared it to another carrier she’s owned and commented, “For me it’s WAY more comfortable than my Performance ergo and easier on the go than a wrap and safer feeling than my sling. It’s also good looking!”

Mrsandmrs put the Boba 4G at the top of her list: “I think it is vastly better than the other soft structured carriers I have tried.”





A message from Boba:


The Boba Carrier 4G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind! Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier comes with an integrated infant insert and may be used well into toddlerhood. The carrier can be used from 7-45lbs. Our ergonomic design, foot straps, and multiple adjustments make this carrier the perfect fit for your entire family.

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  1. I appreciate the article as I’m considering buying the Boba 4G. However, I noticed that all the comments were positive. It would be useful to know why 2 of the 12 Mavens did not say that they would “absolutely” or “probably” recommend it. I’ve used the Ergo, which I loved, but no longer have and I own a Beco Gemini, which I don’t care for very much. I’m planning to either buy another Ergo or a Boba 4G or a Onya, but I haven’t made up my mind.

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