Freedom Together: The Mothering Mavens Test the Boba 3G Carrier

We know that moms love babywearing, so we were thrilled when we got the chance to partner with Boba to share their Carrier 3G with our community and our Mothering Mavens.  To read more about how you can join the Mothering Mavens, our private product review program, click here!

 Boba 3G Carrier

The partnership brought together 14 Mothering Mavens, each with a baby between the ages of 4 months and 2 years, in a small private focus group.  Each Maven got to pick out a brand new Boba 3G Carrier that she could test and keep and was asked to share her thoughts.   


We asked the Mavens everything, from how they each started babywearing, to why and when they babywear, to what is most important in a carrier.  They offered up their stories of receiving the Boba 3G Carrier, their pictures, and their honest opinions.   After using the Boba 3G Carrier for two weeks, ten of the 14 Mavens said they would “Absolutely” recommend the Boba 3G Carrier to other moms.  Our moms put comfort, quality, and ability to adjust the carrier high on their soft structured carrier priority list, and the Boba 3G Carrier impressed the majority of our moms in all three categories.  


What Really Matters: Reflections on Babywearing

Most of us know the benefits of babywearing – from convenience, to the ease of breastfeeding, to the comfort of keeping baby close and secure.  We asked our Mavens why they love babywearing.  Cathlin said, “With baby wearing I’ve been able to keep her involved in what I’m doing during the day, instead of having her wait impatiently for me to finish. This allows me to talk about what we are doing, together.”


 Boba 3G Carrier

For some of the Mavens, it might have been easier to discuss when they DON’T babywear!  The Mavens discussed babywearing at different times and for different reasons – while running errands or hiking, at home in order to play with older children or clean up around the house – and onemoreontheway reflected that babywearing is such a central part of her life that she can’t imagine not babywearing: “I really don’t know how people who don’t baby wear do it.”


Safety of the carrier was the clear number 1 priority for all of the Mavens, but comfort – for baby and mom – was a very close second.  “If it isn’t comfortable, I’m not going to wear it,” was one condition that seemed to apply across the board.  Mamas come in all shapes and sizes, dads and grandmas babywear too, and babies grow quickly, so “adjustability” for the wearer and baby was also high on the list.



Freedom Together: Trying out the Boba 3G Carrier

For many of the Mavens, the experience of receiving their Boba 3G Carrier started with opening the simple, eco-friendly package.   “I really liked the packaging too – very minimalist, no waste,” says fruitfulmomma.  Almost every single one of the Mavens brought up the high quality, low-waste packaging.

 Boba 3G Carrier


But of course, actually using the Boba 3G Carrier is the first step to loving a new babycarrier.  For sillymom44, “It was truly ‘love at 1st wear’.”  Other Mavens echoed her positive first impressions:


“The first thing I noticed was how comfortable it is. Wearing John in the Boba makes him feel weightless.” – phathui5


“Now that I have the Boba, this last week I feel like I have regained some freedom. I am not in pain, I can wear it long term. I’m just really happy. We even took a trip to the beach and we all walked along the ocean with the babe snug and with the hood over her. It was awesome.” – onemoreontheway


“I put him in the Boba and we played around the house for a while–we both loved it immediately!”  – chiromama01


“Much Happier in the Boba”: Evaluating the Boba 3G Carrier

Ten of the Mavens commented that they liked the fit and it was easy to adjust; a few more mentioned that, though they did have to put some effort into adjusting it, eventually it fit just right.  Several mentioned that there were “a lot of nice little features,” according to LunaLady, such as the foot straps for a toddler and a snap that will hold a purse.


 Boba 3G Carrier

Some of the other Mavens had specific “loves” when it came to the Boba 3G Carrier:


“The Boba feels like it supports baby’s upper back better than other SSCs… I think the Boba holds their upper back more snug to my body.” – LiLStar


“It is easy to adjust the straps… it is easy for the adult to quickly put on and take off the carrier.” – Escher


“It’s comfortable for me, distributes weight well.” – inkandpaper


A whole chorus of Mavens were excited about the prints they received – eleven of them mentioned the carrier or fabric being “pretty”, “beautiful,” or “high quality.” 


Ten of the 14 Mavens concluded the focus group by saying that they would “Absolutely” recommend the Boba 3G Carrier, specifically to moms of babies ages 6 months and up.  Three mentioned that in the two weeks since they received their Boba 3G Carrier, they have already begun to recommend it. 


Onemoreontheway, a mama of four including an 8 month old “in arms baby”, summed up her experience with the Boba 3G Carrier by saying, “I can’t imagine babywearing without the Boba. It is quick to put on, super attractive, and most important comfortable for me and babe.”


You can read full reviews of the Boba 3G Carrier, or add your own, here.


Brought to us in partnership with Boba


*captioned photos provided by our Mothering Mavens testers. Thank you to onemoreonthewayseraf and Cathlin for your lovely photos!



A message from Boba:


The Boba Carrier 3G includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind! Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier may be converted to a newborn carrier without an infant insert or any additional items and used well into toddlerhood. Our ergonomic design, patent-pending foot straps, and multiple adjustments make this carrier the perfect fit for your entire family.

Learn more about the Boba Carrier 3G!

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  1. I’m not a mom (yet) but I’ve been looking for a baby carrier to get for when I’m babysitting my 4-month old niece. Definitely great to hear about what real moms think about this one. Boba’s on the top of my list now!

  2. Did any of the reviewers try the organic carrier, or was it just the standard one? I would be interested to know if one model was found more comfortable than the other.

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