FreeHand Baby Carrier Giveaway

Hey, Babywearing Mamas…

Our July/August issue has a fabulous babywearing article by Christine Gross-Loh. In celebration of that, I want to launch a special DOUBLE giveaway of the FreeHand Baby Carrier in plum ( a very dark, almost black purple). I have two carriers to pass on to two lucky parents. Read more about the FreeHand baby carrier at

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below. Feel free to mention your favorite babywearing position and carrier.

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313 thoughts on “FreeHand Baby Carrier Giveaway”

  1. thanks for a wonderful contest! Our little peanut has outgrown her infant carrier. I noticed that the clip left markings on her leg. THIS would be perfect! we love front carry

  2. ooo la la! this is beautiful!!! Love my ergo but peanut isn’t quite big enuf just yet. She’s only 13lbs and still sits really low in it.

  3. I love baby wearing. It makes life easier for me having 5 kids, i can pop baby in the carrier and still get on with what i have to, take kids out, do shopping, housework, or if she is jsut over tired and cant get off to sleep.

    i love Mei Tei’s and my fave carry is a bcakpack back carry.

    Happy babywearing to all


  4. I love my Lucky Baby slings. They’ve very comfy and keep me close to baby. I’ve never tried another baby carrier, but would love to with my new little one. 🙂

  5. That carrier looks interesting. I love my Moby D, but it’s too hot here in NM to use it right now. My youngest is 16 months now and we both have always loved the “hug hold”.
    .-= Lisanne´s last blog ..too old for this =-.

  6. I can’t wait to get my issue in the mail, and look forward to reading the article. I love my Didymos wraps (cotton and cashmere), and since I have a newborn, my favorite carries are Front Wrap Cross Carry and Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack tied ztibetan.

  7. I would love to try the FreeHand SSC! I am a local babywearing educator and love having different carriers to show parents, and to teach them how to wear their babies SAFELY 🙂

  8. LOVE this carrier! My babywearing expert friend says she doesn’t even use anything else now… would love one for my little guy. 🙂

    Right now we are using the sleepywrap and my 3 month old loves it.

    Thanks for a great contest!

  9. Your carrier is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love to carry my daughter in my ergo but I’m also always looking for more options!

  10. I have a BEAUTIFUL 2 month old baby. I want to be a babywearing Mama, but I have no clue which carrier to use. I am REALLY looking forward to the July/August issue! (…and every issue!)

  11. I have 3 under 3, and I love using my Ergo. I usually have my older two kids walk next to the stroller, where I put the 1 & 2 year olds, and carry the baby in the Ergo. Sometimes a kid gets tired so I put the baby on my back and carry a toddler while pushing the other toddler in the stroller. Or I’ll put the baby in the stroller and carry one of the toddler in the Ergo.

    Usually, though, we just stay home. 😀

  12. Sounds like a great color! I like front (can nurse & hike) or back (+ vacuuming = sleeping baby every time) carries in a SSC (I love them all!)

  13. I have been wanting one of these for a while now. We have been using the Ergo for our son but need something for our Daughter so that we can wear both kids. One per parent sounds fair to me.

  14. I’ve used a moby wrap, front carrying, with baby facing in or out according to her mood. 🙂 would love to try one of these!

  15. I have a Moby right now and Lily is 3 weeks old so I love curling her up on my chest while i do things around the house. I feel like I’m getting hugged when she’s in it.

  16. I have three carriers that I use, but my favorite, so far, is my Moby Wrap. I am very interested in this carrier style. Hopefully, its easier to put on.

  17. Would love to start wearing baby E while I walk around our neighborhood. This would be amazing! Thanks for the chance to win.
    .-= lala´s last blog ..Sick =-.

  18. Oh, that is such a cute carrier! My favorite is the front wearing position with my Beco!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close second is my Ergo!

  19. We love our Ergo and Moby wraps. There is nothing like being close to your little one and involving them in life! My husband enjoys carrying her around and practicing his favorite impression of the pregnancy waddle. 🙂

  20. We mostly use our moby wrap, it’s kind of a lot of material though so gets a little hot for mom and babe sometimes!

  21. I love it. My 15 month old has out grown the carrier we have and I would love to continue wearing him when we are out and about!

  22. i would love to try this! i usually use an ergo now, front carry, but i’d like to start trying my 6 month old in a back carry soon!!

  23. I have a wrap that I like to use with him on my front. But my baby is quite a bruiser so I would love to have one that I can use to put him on my back when he is a little bit bigger.

  24. My favorite position has to be the front carry, until they are too old for that and can move to my back. I have always loved the mei tai the best.

  25. My little guy is 2 weeks old today. I did a back carry with my 3 year old throughout my pregnancy. I love putting him on my back with the little guy in the front.

  26. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a FreeHand SSC!

    My favorite position and carrier combo is a back carry with a soft structured carrier (like the Beco 4th generation). I feel like I got my life back after I taught myself to back carry my heavy first baby with my Beco. I suddenly could get things done AND keep my baby happy!

  27. I’d love another carrier…I only have three! I love the front carry in the Ergo with the heart to heart insert and in the Moby wrap.

  28. This looks like a fantastic carrier…the ease of a SSC, with the additional support of a wrap! It’d be perfect for hiking with my little guy!

    We love back carries in a woven (Girasol) wrap…but he’s so up-and-down now, that wrapping and unwrapping gets to be so tedious!
    .-= Emilie´s last blog ..Thankfully, Thursday =-.

  29. LOVE to wear my little one on my back! Don’t have a favorite carrier though. We’re not crazy about what we have and thinking of getting a new one!

  30. I love babywearing! I have an almost-three-year old, and an almost-three-month old. Both have been and are worn constantly, wearing out the Moby wrap that I adore.
    .-= Clara Coppola´s last blog ..Three is a Magic Number =-.

  31. Looks like a beautiful carrier! We have a ring sling, a baby bjorn, and (my favorite) a moby wrap. Perfect for my little guys who looooves being snuggled close! Always looking for a new way to wear my baby!

  32. Right now my favorite (and only) is the Moby, and my 7 month old loves to be carried on the front facing out. His legs do a little happy dance! I tried the “lotus carry” with his legs tucked in, but he just kicked them right out.

  33. my daughter is 3.5 and STILL wants me to carry her all over the place, even the house, so i use my trusty ergo baby. loved it when she was an infant and nursing, and love it as a toddler (would not have been able to survive our trip to france without it!). would love to try out a different brand, too!

  34. I am expecting, so I have not yet been able to experience any type of carrier…but I do have a moby wrap on my registry and my friend is making me a sling, I would love to try one of these too! Thanks!

  35. I have a Moby wrap but have been looking at carries. The Moby is getting very hot and baby is a big boy and needs something less stretchy. He loves to be worn in the front or in a hip hold so he can see 🙂 He loves his hand free so he can explore the world at Momma’s level!

  36. We have an Ergo and my and it has been a lifesaver. I have a two month old and a two year old and would not be able to function without it. My little one goes in it everywhere we go and loves it. We used it for our older son on the back before the baby was born and he got such a kick out of riding in it.

  37. PLEEEEASE enter me! I have tons of friends with new babies that they are intending to carry! I would love to give them something so important!

  38. For my 7 month old twin boys, my favorite wrap is a bbslen and I wear one baby on my back in a ruck carry and the other on the front in a tibetan front cross carry. One wrap, two boys! I do have other carriers though and my dh wears one of the boys when we are out together in a beco on the front right now.

  39. Oooh, this one looks great! I think DP would really like it for our baby girl (on the way). I’ve registered for a woven wrap, a Moby, and a Beco, but haven’t seen this one! I like what I see, though. 🙂
    .-= Lindsay´s last blog ..Defeated. =-.

  40. My favorite for a newborn is our moby. My favorite for a 3/4 month old is the pocket sling or regular sling and my favorite (especially for naptime) for toddlers is our mei tei in a back carry. But, I’ve never had a SSC so I don’t know how we’d like it. It looks awesome though!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Happy 2nd Birthday Logan! =-.

  41. I love to wear my baby on my back facing me so they can see everything I see. It keeps my hands free for whatever we’re doing and she likes to socialize from back there.

  42. My 4th baby is now over 5 months old. I adore spending time with her in the heart to heart position in my Moby wrap. I have been slowly using the Babyhawk a bit more, but her face is covered by the upper rail…she’s still got some growing to do for that one to work well for us. I would really enjoy a new carrier for my wee one. It’s alot of fun to be living a babywearing lifestyle and to show and introduce other moms to the various beautiful and functional carriers available, allowing them more cuddle time with their babies.

  43. Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! I am pregnant with my second one right now and have been looking at various babywearing options, the FreeHand Baby Carrier seems awesome! We were given several swings as baby gifts for our first one, and used and loved them all. However, I have a feeling I’ll need to be more hands-free this time around! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. I would love another carrier!! We are having our 3 rd baby in October and will have 3 under 3 so I am thinking I’ll be wearing this baby a lot!

  45. We’re expecting our first in August, so I’m not sure which is my “favorite” yet, but I’ve purchased two handmade carriers from Etsy sellers — a sling and a mei tai. Would love to add this to our growing collection!

  46. I’m currently in love with a hip carry in the scootababy with my 10 month old!

    For my toddler, back carries in an O&A is the way to go.
    .-= Dallas Ann´s last blog ..Paper Cuts =-.

  47. My son loves when I wear him in the Moby forward facing or facing me. I would LOVE to try this carrier out!!!! I’m sure my son would love it too!!

  48. This carrier is so adorable! I’m in love! I don’t know what I’d do without it, probably not much since I’ll just be holding the baby all day.

  49. I used a ring sling and it was a life saver. DS (14 months) has outgrown it. I would love one to carry him on my back. He LOVES to be carried

  50. My fave is a ring sling, for when they’re little, that is. I want a carrier for back carrying my 18-month-old, and I see that this one would be very good for that (and later for front carrying the next baby!) so I would absolutely love to win! (Plus, we adore purple in this family.)

  51. Oh I’d so love to win one of these beautiful carriers! Our second baby is due in September and loved wearing the first facing in or out on my front. We used a wrap style, but I think I’d like a more structured carrier this time. 🙂

  52. I love the ergo w/ baby on the back. I used with #1 until I was pg w/ #2 and now he is on my back a lot. Love to try this one though! 🙂

  53. I knew I was going to babywear my baby, but I didn’t know how much! My son lived in carriers until he was six months old and I still wear him all the time and he’s almost 11 months old! These carriers look so cute!

  54. I have a Beco and a Boba. I love them both! Really like to wear her on my back now that she’s getting bigger. She seems happy to be able to see around and I swear it makes me stand up straighter! 🙂

  55. Babywearing is the best solution for us. As parents of a 2 month-old and a 21 month-old, we need our free hands as much as possible! Using a sling or wrap, we can be sure our babies are safe & snuggly! In these times of lugging babies around in car seat carriers, babywearing isn’t only a healthier option but a more convenient one as well. We could use a carrier for our older daughter as she is too big for the wrap we now own. We love wearing our babies!!

  56. I love my Ergo & could always use another one (since mine gets dirty/has to be washed a lot since I wear it so much)! Now that my son is older, I love the back carry position.

  57. Love this carrier! I’m in the market for a new baby carrier. The Maya just isn’t working for us anymore. Thanks for the give away!

  58. Would so LOVE one of these for my next baby – I only have a ring sling which can be hard on my back – fingers are crossed!

  59. My favorite carry depends on age. With infants I love front carry, with older babies I love hip carry. Now with an almost 2 yr old I love hip and back carry. We’ve just started back carry and he loves it!

  60. My favorite carrier is my wrap (I have a sleepy wrap) – it is so incredibly comfortable and my baby loves it. I also have an ergo but right now I prefer the wrap to just about anything (no uncomfortable buckles). You have to practice a few times before you learn how to put it on but after that it is a breeze. It is also worth mentioning that I have a problem shoulder but feel no pain with the wrap unless I wear it for more than a couple of hours.

  61. I enjoyed wearing my baby in the front with the moby when he was little. It was so nice to have him snuggle against my chest.

  62. I don’t think I can pick a favorite carrier. I use different ones for different situations. Overall I get the most use from my linen/rayon ring sling and my ergo. Use hip carry for the RS and back carry for the ergo. 🙂

  63. I would LOVE one of these! Currently I rely 90% on my pouch sling (oh so handy for in and out shopping trips!) and a homemade ABC which is great around the farm.

  64. I have a 2 month old and toddler and love to carry them. My favorite for infants is my moby and I have a calyx for when they get a little older. I would love to have another carrier!

  65. I love baby-wearing, and your carriers are so cute! I have a Moby wrap right now and would love to try something new and different. Thanks!

  66. I would love to try this for baby #3 coming in november. We love the moby wrap for infants and then for older babies I prefer the babyhawk and my husband prefers the ergo. We love wearing our babies and love trying new carriers.

  67. You can never have too many baby carriers. I love my Ergo and my babyhawk for wearing my 16 month-old daughter. She can nurse in the Ergo no matter where we are. And she often falls asleep when daddy is wearing her.

  68. I have a babyhawk and we do the front carry with my 5 month old. I can’t wait util he’s big enough to do a back carry.

  69. I think it depends on the age. For newborns I love the moby and the kangaroo pouch, for older babies I love the Maya and the Ergo. I love finding new carriers to try, I think it is a bit of an obsession. =)

  70. Currently my favorite is a Toddler Hawk Mei Tai for my 4 year old and a Beco for my 2 year old. My boys are adopted and I believe our choice to wear them has increased our bonding greatly.

  71. I would love one of these! With my last child (8 years ago now!) I had something similar to a moby wrap that was crucial for us. He was a very sick little guy and he was in some form of a carrier for a long, long time. He loved to snuggle right up front with me 🙂

  72. We need a back carry option and haven’t been able to find something that works for us, so this would be perfect! I LOVE babywearing!!

  73. I’m due with #3 in December…and though I absolutely adore my ring sling, I’d love to try a new carrier. Also, my husband would wear this one as well, probably more than I would! lol

    Cheers. Great giveaways.

  74. I use a hotsling or sprout pouch to throw in the diaper bag for quick outings where I only have to have my hands free or carry him for 30 minutes at a time. It takes less effort than a carrier to put on and folds up really small. When I will be wearing our son for more then 30 minutes, hiking and around the house I love my BECO butterfly.

  75. The only sling we have tried so far is the Moby wrap! My baby loves the kangaroo position, facing me. She would love this carrier!

  76. I loved the Moby when my DD was an infant and now I like the Ergo. I also made a Mai Tei that I liked.

  77. We LOVE our babyhawk for all ages. My son is 6 months now and he loves to be on my back. And that means I can get my housework done with putting him down!

  78. I love babywearing. We use our Ergo (front carry for now but will move baby to my back in a few months). Would love this carrier! 🙂

  79. I love to baby wear! I have used a few different kinds. It all depends on the age for me. I use the ring sling when they are tiny and getting ready to walk but aren’t quite there yet. When they are 3+ months I like to use the Moby wrap. And when they are toddlers if I can wear them… I like the Beco or the Ergo. I am always wanting to try new carriers. I love to wear my baby!

  80. I have an Ergo and usually wear my daughter on my back. If she is fussy, I wear her on the front to calm her down. It’s come in handy sooooo many times.

  81. Haven’t found a favorite yet. Our baby is young, but long so he’s awkward in many of the newborn carriers. This would be great!

  82. I can’t narrow the long list down to my very favorite carrier, but I like those that are age appropriate for the snuggle (forward, facing in) and back holds.

  83. I would be lost without my Ergo! My son lived in the front for the first 10 months of his life, but now I’ve switched him to the back. In fact, as I am typing this, he is fast asleep, with his head resting on my back. His naps are longer this way too, and I can get the house back in order. 🙂

  84. I love a sling. It’s super easy and fast to put on for when we are walking around shopping, sporting events, the park, concerts. Much easier than lugging a stroller around.

  85. We got a Bjorn as a gift when we had my daughter. My husband would carry he on walks and I would use it when he wasn’t around. Now that she a toddler, it has become indispensible with my son. It allows me to have her in the cart and my hands free at the grocery store. It is also easy to transition between my husband and I.

  86. i LOVE a woven wrap for the newborn period (stretchy wraps just don’t work for my 10 pounders), and then usually switch to a mei tai or SSC for the older infant/toddler stages. also, i’m intrigued by the freehand’s straps…

  87. I would love to try this carrier. We are big Moby fans – but now that my son is getting a little older he wants to get in & out all the time and it’s hard to tie & untie & retie the Moby when I’m out & about with him. I still wear him EVERYWHERE and LOVE it. We’ve already done to 5k walks in carriers and even now that he’s more than a year old he still LOVES being snuggled up in a carrier when we’re running errands or walking to the park – especially when he’s tired or teething. I usually wear him in front, but would love, love, love to start wearing him on my back — and I think he’d love it too! 🙂

  88. I like the moby for newborns and a ring sling hip wear for older babies. I have always wanted to try a more structured carrier like this one though. I would be thrilled to win this as we are trying for baby #2 now!

  89. We have a Sleepy Wrap that we use with our 7 week old. I love it, but it can get a little bouncy on a vigorous walk!

  90. I tried slings (Peanut Shell and Maya Wrap) with my son but he wanted to be carried upright from birth. So, I used the Beco Carrier and the Ergo Carrier and still look forward to many years of use. Being a more accomplished wearer, than I was in the beginning, I am now more confident to experiment with positions using the Maya Wrap.

  91. I love hip carrying my 18 month old in my mei tai or my ring sling. For longer wearing or when I need more support I wear a front or back carry with my beloved Ergo. I so love babywearing.
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..18 months old =-.

  92. We have been using the Eddie Bauer and Bjorn carriers with our first child. But never liked them because they are uncomfortable to my back and the Eddie Bauer one is very complicated to put on. Would love to try this style with our second child who is 2 months old now.

  93. this carrier looks amazing! i love wraps right now but this one looks like it has a lot of support and it hold baby close, perfect 🙂

  94. For a newborn I love my ring sling in a tummy to tummy position. By about 6 months I am reaching for my mei tai again tummy to tummy or on my back. Then once we hit about 1 1/2 I am back to my ring sling with the little one on my hip.

  95. Freehand was my very first mei tai, the carrier that started 7 years and counting of babywearing! they are awesome carriers, i still have my first one! and you can never have too many ;0

  96. We have a mei tei for the new baby on the way, and I think I am going to try to make myself a Moby-style wrap. For my older kids I used one of those cheapo infantino carriers. It was not ideal, so I’m looking at the other kinds this time.

    This one looks really nifty!

  97. Beautiful carrier! I’d love to win one to share with my doula clients! All four of my children were worn, and I love showing new mamas how.

  98. We love our Didy ring sling and our Sweetpea Ring Sling. But we would like to try something different now that Aliza is getting bigger. 8 months old as of yesterday!

  99. I have a hotsling (which I do love) but I would like something that distributes the weight more evenly. My kids are 14 months apart and my oldest still needs to be carried. It would be nice for something I could wear grocery shopping, etc. and still have arms free enough to wrangle a toddler!

  100. I have an Ergo and adore it. Our current favorite is the front carry, but I am trying to get our little one to do more hip carries or back carries so her older brothers are more accessible to me. I would love to win this!

  101. I too think it depends on the age. Newborns, love the moby. Infants, I am a fan of the ring or pouch sling and the Babyhawk. And older infants and toddlers, Ergos!

  102. We are using a moby right now for our 9 month old. Would like to pass it on to some friends and get a carrier like this.

  103. My baby lived in a homemade stretchy wrap or ring sling. He moved to a mei tei when he was too big for one shoulder to support him. I would love to try a carrier made with a pattern lol. This one is quite beautiful.

  104. I am due in mid-January of next year and the chilly weather calls for keeping baby snug and close to Mommy! I love the color and style of this Freehand Baby Carrier. I have been searching and comparing different carriers and this one looks like one of the top ones so far!

  105. i love my ergo for the front carry, mei tai for the back, and k’tan for the hip…this freehand carrier has caught my eye everytime i see it! but i just can’t afford annother carrier! i may be addicted!

  106. I would love to try this! We love our Moby, but it gets hot in the summer! We’ve been using a Baby Bjorn, but I don’t like it as much. 🙂

  107. I would love to try this! I have a Beco 4th gen and I love it. I use it forward facing, usually.
    .-= Desiree´s last blog .. =-.

  108. I’d love to try this. I have a Moby and was thinking about trying the Ergo for baby #2. I’d like to give this one a try.

  109. I wear our son all of the time and love the Moby. My favorite carries are facing in and out. I’d love to get going on back carries. Our son is getting big and this carrier woul be a perfect fit for us! Thanks and can’t wait to hear back! We are Denver residents and think you’re company and products are fabulous!

  110. I’m currently wrapping with my 18 week old baby but it’s hot hot hot just now so I’d love to try one of these 🙂

  111. I have a kangaroo ring sling which I use in the cradle position. I would love to get one of these and would like to take my baby on a long walk.

  112. I’ll be a first-time mama in December, and plan to babywear! This would be an awesome way to get started! 🙂 (Plus, the deep purple/almost black would be good for hubby too!)

  113. i have a sling ezee. its a little bulky but can also be used as a shooping cart and public highchair cover

  114. We love our Ergo baby carrier. When I first brought it home my husband said he’d never use it. I swear he now wears our 10 month old daughter more than I do! She’s much happier when we wear her instead of using the stroller.

  115. I have about a dozen carriers and I have loved them all for different stages and carries! My first son loved pouches as a newborn, and they’re good for quick hip carries as my babies grow. My second son loved the Moby as a newborn. We used the Ergo with my first as he grew, but used the Babyhawk and another mei tai even more. We’ve been using our Didy wrap and the Beco the most often for our second. The only two carriers that we never cared for as much were the onbu and the ring sling.

  116. The only carrier I have now is a ring sling & I do the front carry with my 5 week old. I would love one of these!

  117. Favorite for newborns: warp conversion mei tai, favorite for babies holding their heads up and wanting to look around: Kangaroo Korner adjustable pouch in the kangaroo position or positioned on hip, favorite soft structured carrier for use on the front: Kinderpack, and finally favorite soft structured carrier for back carries of older babies: Kanga XT!

  118. Loved our sling, now we love to back carry in babyhawk or action baby carrier! Son will gladly jump in or tug it over to me if he wants in!! Its nice to know babies love when mommies and daddies wear them 😀 would love to try this one, it looks VERY comfortable!!!

  119. This looks like a handy way to carry baby! I would love to try it, especially since my son never wants to be put down!

  120. I have a homemade sling that my 8 month sweetie is outgrowing, we haven’t be able to afford a brand carrier. I carry her on the front, but now that she is getting pretty heavy i would like to be able to have her on my back and this carrier would be perfect!

  121. The wrap sling has grown with us. We did the front carry as an infant, the hip carry and back carry now at 9 months. I also burrowed a mei tai from a friend a while back and lived it! I would love to win one of these lovely carriers!!!

  122. What an awesome giveaway-this carrier looks really neat! I’m due in January with baby #2 so this would be an awesome and well welcomed addition to my babywearing stash. We’ve tried a bunch of carriers and our very favorites are a Sleepy Wrap for newborn stage, a ring sling (I have a few different ones that I love) for newborn-toddler stage (I have a solarveil one that I wore on my hip in the water yesterday with my 27 lb 2 year old son and we loved it still), and a Beco Butterfly I which we got when my son was about 6-8 months and still use very often now. We had an Ergo but I didn’t like the weight distribution as much as I did with the Beco Butterfly.

  123. I couldn’t work without my carrier! And I couldn’t stay home without working! My kids get to be with their Mommy every day because of my carrier!

  124. I love to carry my girl in the front near me but she is growing up and I hope to start packing her on my back.

  125. What a nice carier! It looks really comfortable and practical. Back when my daughter was a baby I couldn’t find anything really nice for carrying her on my back. My sister is expecting her first baby soon and I know she would love this one. So nice you’re giving two away. Thanks for considering my entry 🙂

  126. I made my own wrap similar to a moby and love it. I couldn’t get anything done without it! I love that he is snuggled so close and our family is so very close because I wore all my kids for so long.

  127. We have an Ergo, and I love it! I have just started using the back carry for our 8 month old. I keep the Ergo in the car so I always having it for going into stores or at parks. I use a ring sling around the house. I would love to win a Freehand carrier to keep one in the car and to have another pack style carrier for in the house.

  128. I adore my moby for front and hip carry of younger infants. Ergo all the way for the back carry of older infants, plus it’s quite daddy friendly!

  129. I love to hip carry but I’m really looking forward to carrying my little one on my back!

  130. I actually was never able to get the hang of the baby carrier with my first, she was 30lbs at 6 months and I was very nervous about support issues, and my back was not so well. I am due July 30th and my back has been doing great, I am hoping to use the sling I bought for my first, and this looks like an awesome carrier! Thanks for the opportunity.

  131. My favourite (at the moment anyway :)) is our Bamberoo mei tai, so comfy both on the front and back, makes my 23lb 10 month old feel weightless.

  132. Oh wow, that looks like a great carrier! I am still pregnant with my first, so I don’t know yet what my favorite carrier will be, but I like the look of this one for sure!

  133. I love babywearing and would love to try the FreeHand out. Right now my little one enjoys being in a wrap in a hip carry position.

  134. I am really excited about babywearing. I am just newly pregnant with my first but know how important it is and can’t wait to do it.

  135. I have a baby due late next month and it would be great to have a freehand! I had a big baggy sling for my daughter (now almost 5), but as time went on, I was able to try a few other carriers. I’m excited to try something new with the next little one 🙂

  136. About to have my 4th baby. Will definitely need all the hands I can get!!! Have tried so many different packs and slings, would love to try this one too!!

  137. This carrier looks awesome! I love my ergo, and my sleepy wrap. Don’t know what I would do without them.

  138. My husband and I both love the Beco. Recently, as my little guy gets bigger, I have enjoyed wearing the Boba. This one looks like fun!

  139. Love the way this carrier looks- I love to wear my babies, and my second daughter (6mos) is such a big girl that finding a good carrier is so important!

  140. I would love this! I don’t have a favorite yet–still learning, but my little guy hates being put down and I hate putting him down. 🙂

  141. I would love to win this! When my son was a newborn, I loved my Moby wrap. Once he outgrew that, we graduated to a sling for short trips, and a mei tai for longer outings. My husband & I would go hiking with my son in a front carry, nursing away as we walked. Now he’s two, and we still use the mei tai in a back carry, but he wants to walk, then get up on my back, then get down to walk again. I’m looking to get a soft structured carrier that I could keep secured around my waist when he’s walking himself, and still easily get him up on my back when he’s tired.
    .-= Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama´s last blog ..Working Together =-.

  142. I love the carrier! I am still trying to find the best fit for me– so far I like the ergo, moby and bjorn. I would love to try this one!

  143. We really enjoy our Moby wrap for the front carry position now, but I would love to try something new like this…it looks fantastic!

  144. I have a carrier addiction, a ssc is next (or almost next) on my list–would be great to win one! Love my moby, but it’s too hot for summer, the water wrap is great, and I love my Kozy mei tai!

  145. I have a few carriers. I like the sling type because its easy to get my daughter in and out. But this one looks pretty cool too!

  146. My fiance’ has a sling, though it’s too small for me. I’d love to have something to take our baby around in and give my fiance’ a little break.

  147. Neat babycarrier. I use a Maya wrap ring sling for short stints of babywearing and around the house. I use a 20 year old snugli when I need the weight on both shoulders.

  148. We are a baby wearing family. Our first son was in a sling his first week of life. Son #2 and #3 were in a sling on my husband within hours of their birth. Our boys now have their own slings that they carry their “babies” in. Honestly, I do not know what I would do without my slings- they are my most important baby item ever! I never go anywhere without at least one! I am always up for trying a new one too!

  149. Oooooh!! I’m almost half-way through my pregnancy with surprise baby number four & this carrier looks perfect! I LOVE that color, too. I prefer to wear my babies in front & I like Mei Tais.

  150. I’d love to try one! My current favorite is an older Ergo someone gave me when I put out a desperate plea for something I could put my then 6 month old in easily and carry her around while on crutches for 3 weeks (broken ankle). It worked – sort of – but it’s a great carrier & we’re still enjoying it.

  151. I have a moby wrap and we all (Hubby, Baby Lachlan and Me) love it but now that my little boy is 25+ pounds and over a year we really need a back carrier that isn’t the size of Atlantis (like the hand-me-down Frame pack we have). We have tried Ergo and didn’t find it very comfortable and would lovelovelove to try this one!!

  152. These look neat! I really like back carries in just about everything but prefer mid-length wraps. Thanks!

  153. I loved the Baby Buddha for my new baby–can be a sling, or you can carry them facing forward or back. But then I got the Ergo when he was a bit older and that has been my fave since then.
    .-= Katy´s last blog ..The Garden’s Yields =-.

  154. I am requesting one on behalf of a friend who will soon become a low-income, single mother & who desperately wants a carrier! The good ones are expensive. . . Please help! <3

  155. Wow! What an amazing offer! Looks like a great carrier too. My favorite carrying position is front carry. I havent found a carrier that I truly love yet, maybe this is it 🙂

  156. I need to give SSCs more of a chance. I usually go for my trusty ring sling (tummy to tummy with a newborn is my absolute favorite!).

  157. i’ve only used wraps with my first. couldn’t wait to do rucks and other back carries with that big boy. now my second, even bigger boy, doesn’t like wraps. tried a few ring slings but they kill me! this might be just what we need until i can throw him on my back.

  158. We love babywearing! I usually use one of my wraps or a mei tei. But I’d love to have a SSC now that he’s getting a little bigger. This looks like a beautiful carrier!

  159. I fist saw this carrier in an ad in your magazine and thought it looked great! My oldest are 4 year old twins so having a ‘freehand’ is important. I’m also a new postpartum doula, and being able to show new parents how easy babywearing can be is important to me as well. Thanks!

  160. This looks like a great carrier. I am due in a few months with my second. My first carrier got a lot of wear, so I am in need of a new one and this looks like a great supportive style! Thanks for speading the word!

  161. Our family loves the Moby wrap! Our 4 week old son Max is a little too small for the Ergo we bought, even with the newborn insert, but we’re eager to try it again in a few weeks.

  162. I have a moby style wrap that I love that a local mom made me. I wore my first son because he joined our family at 18 months of age and I wanted him to have lots of close contact to help with attachment. With our second, this time biological, I wore him from the time he was born, it was great too! I would love to try this carrier.

  163. Carriers can be a bit intimidating at first. My local LLL ladies helped me a lot! I love keeping my son so close to me, and I hope to wear a second baby even more if we’re lucky enough to have another!
    .-= Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas´s last blog ..Cloth Diaper Update- I

  164. I just received my Ergo baby carrier and I love it so far. I also have the Baby Bjorn and like that. I’d love to try this carrier – it looks stylish and very comfortable for the little one!

  165. I love to wear my baby on my front facing out, and when she is tired and we are out, she faces me and cuddles in for a good nap!

  166. I would love this carrier! My favorite position changes on the situation, but I do just love when I’m cuddled “heart-to-heart” with my little girl.

  167. I LOVE slings and carriers. My babies and I loved the heart to heart position! Hope to add this for baby #4!

  168. I enjoy the ease of my Ergo, but I always feel like the padded shoulders make my short neck look shorter. The Freehand seems delightfully trim in the shoulder area and all around for that matter. I have also really enjoyed the Moby Wrap–by far the most comfortable carrier for mommy!–but my little one is a back-arching squirmer, so I need the security of a soft structured carrier when I’m doing house work and other activities that include bending, squatting and lifting. I’d love to give the Freehand a try and let the moms in my mom group try it out too!

  169. this carrier looks so cool. they have it at my local baby shop, but it costs a lot, so maybe i can win one! 🙂 i have a k’tan and i love it, but i think i may have ordered it a bit too big. i am not sure. in any case, i wear my baby a lot and we love going for walks!

  170. Oh- I would just love this carrier! My favorite baby carrying position is with his sleeping head on my chest… so close and comfy on mommy 🙂

  171. i love me my cuddly wrap (canadian version of moby wrap) – facing inwards when she was tiny, hair tickling my chin…oh i miss that!

  172. Nice looking carrier! So far I’ve had the most success with a hotsling, but I’ve been looking for a SSC for more positions and versatility.

  173. I would love to try this!

    I have been wanting to try a different carrier, but we sadly cannot afford one right now.

    We have a Moby wrap for the time being. I like carrying my son facing outwards so he can look at everything. =)

  174. Wow, that looks so comfortable. My granddaughter just had her first baby and she would love one of these. If we don’t win one in this contest, I will have to look it up and get one for her, if I can afford it.

  175. Well, we looked it up, and I won’t be buying one, so hope to get lucky in this contest. We are on disability, and our granddaughter is still in high school.

  176. My husband and I both love carrying our little guy close to us. We used the maya sling when he was first born, now he likes facing outward so we are using the baby bjorn…next we are anxious to try the ergo!

  177. My daughter LIVED in her Babyhawk mei tai. She didn’t nap anywhere else but in my arms until she was four months old! 🙂 This would be fantastic to try with the next baby! 🙂

  178. I have an Ergo and a ring sling. When my baby was a newborn, I used the ring sling a bit more, but now that she’s a bit heavier, I find myself using the Ergo. Her favorite position is tummy to tummy. I got the best compliment the other day at the CVS. The pharmacy assistant saw her sleeping happily in the Ergo and said she looked so happy and content that it made her day.

  179. I love these upright carriers, they are great with my boys who love to burp and spit up. I would LOVE to get to try one of these; I have seen the ads and wished for one. 🙂

  180. Right now we use a kelty kids carrier that we picked up at a yard sale. It is serving its purpose so far but i have found it is not the most comfortable to wear (it also holds her way to far away from the body for my likes). Our 5 month old daughter loves it. Our two boys never liked being worn much so it has been great for us to have such a cuddle bug.

  181. I absolutely love wearing my baby and do so with a couple of homemade wraps, a few ring slings, and my freehand baby carrier. The ONLY baby carrier that my partner and my teenage daughter want to wear the baby in is my freehand! I never get to wear it anymore!

  182. I LOVED my Sprout Pouch (a sling) for my son up to about 6-7 months. That was my favorite carrier that we used up to this point. I’d love to try another!

  183. I would love to try this with my 17 month old! She still loves the front carry above all else. Good thing she’s a little peanut!

  184. My little baby girl loves the moby and now loves the Ergo. I had such a hard time clipping the top snap until I realized (today) that you can adjust it! So much better! Can’t wait to put her on the back.

  185. This looks fabulous……..I use a sling for my kids but find them tricky to load the baby in and out of, something like this makes toting around a little one and doing daily life stuff seems much easier.

  186. My favorite wrap is the Moby. I just took my 6 month old to work at a youth camp for a week. I just put her in and toted her everywhere. She loved being outside!

  187. Wow! I’m really late to the party but missed this post somehow! Hope it’s not too late to enter!! I am expecting my first in November and am hoping to try out a few different sling and carrier styles. Maybe this one? 😉

  188. We currently use a wrap made by EllaRoo. I like either the croos front carry if she’s sleepy or the Rucksack back carry. She likes to pull me hair and when I say “ow!” she laughs, so it’s fun for everyone.

  189. I loved my ergo, my daughter lived in it her first year as we chased after her two year old brother. We used TogetherBe’s Peekaru in the winter. I am recommending the freehand to all my new mama friends.

  190. I am a foster parent, and all of our foster babies/toddlers get worn. I love watching them argue over who gets to go on me. My favorite carrier/position all depends on what I’m doing and who I’m wearing. Cooking and cleaning is definitely a back carry in a mei-tai…grocery shopping is a sling on a hip, a wrap for littles in long walks. 🙂

  191. my fave babywearing position is the front carry. it’s been one of the keys to bonding & attachment with our 5 month old adopted son. so far, my fave carrier is the lillebaby organic everywear.

  192. We took a borrowed Moby camping in the mountains with our one month old daughter. It was perfect for keeping her warm, shielded from the sun, and made camping a breeze. I can’t imagine camping without wearing the baby!

  193. I love baby wearing, have three different slings, but am still looking for the perfect one. I am a small person with a bad back and *huge* babies. My first was nearly 9 pounds at birth and my second (a 2 month old “whopper”) was nearly 10 pounds. Its tricky with number two as I feel I can’t give as much attention to my tot when I’m wearing him, but I do it anyway, he loves it and sleeps well. The biggest problem I have is that we both get very hot (we are in Houston). But, I love being a home-birthing, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding mommy; it’s so natural and so lovely. I have very happy kiddos because of it.

  194. I like to wear my babies facing me in the front where they are nice and close to my heart and they can easilt hide their face. =0)

  195. My favorite position for my 8.5 month old is front facing out. he loves to see what is going on around him. I dont have a favorite carrier yet but I have been looking into one of these 🙂

  196. I love to carry my sweet girl in a hug or cradle hold…but unfortunately the hand-me-down slings and wraps haven’t really worked for us; I think she would love this one though!

  197. I love carrying my daughter in out ring sling, it just hurts my shoulder and back after awhile. I love the color!

  198. I have a Little Star sling that I’ve grown to love. At first, I swore it was too small and that my little girl hated it. Now, I get her in it with ease, and she checks out the world around her and often naps. I have a beautiful Lillybelle sling (it’s orange and amazing!), but I feel less adept with that, although I’m practicing. While I’d need to start practicing all over again if I win a FreeHand Carrier, I’d be willing to practice! 🙂 The weight distribution seems like it would be better for my back, too. And purple? I LOVE purple!

  199. I’d love to try this carrier! I’ve tried so many but now we’re in the market of looking for one we can carry on our back so that we can keep hiking with our little one!

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