Fresh Start for the New Year

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It’s 2011 friends.  In preparation for the new year, our family has been clearing, culling, and cleaning.  There was no conscious decision to do so, no commitment or declaration.  These binges are usually driven by me – the rest of the family dragged into my cyclical need for order (you know which monthly cycle I’m referring to!).


Can I truly transform the junk drawer?

This time we simply began – together – each of us equally invested in starting the new year fresh.  Each day found us emptying a new cabinet and organizing zones of our home we had all but forgotten. One cabinet led the the next, until we found ourselves on a journey we could not stop –  each new zone felt so good we couldn’t help but forge on to the next.  The junk drawer will, of course, be the last to go :)

I’m not sure why this time is so different – even the boys (ages 7 & 9) are completely engaged.  My dear husband, who usually smirks when I declare the need for a purge, is deliciously committed as well – we all somehow are feeling together the need for a fresh beginning.

A few years ago as we were preparing to move from the city to the country, there was a strong likelihood that we would be living together in a 20 ft yurt for a year.  We knew it would be tight, but also saw it as a tremendous opportunity to strip away the clutter and discover what was at the core of our life as a family.  There’s nothing like a tiny living space to help you get clear on what is truly important in your life.  Sadly, the yurt wasn’t ready in time, and happily, we found our dream home within days of moving.  And so we unpacked into the endless storage this home offers, and to this day we feel a sense of loss for the year in the year that wasn’t…

Without a yurt to guide our discernment, we must instead maintain a remarkable level of honesty as we shed, knowing full well that we have plenty of storage.  Knowing what is precious, necessary, and treasured.  Recognizing what we’ve grown beyond or will never be used.

Mama Renew is all about renewal, reconnection & balance.  For me, this purge has brought all three – a fresh beginning, remembering what is important, and clearing the way for my creativity. Will you join me? Pick a corner today – just one small corner of your home.  A cabinet, a drawer, a closet or a desktop.  And another tomorrow, and the next day.  Are you in?

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Sarah Juliusson, founder of Mama Renew, is a gifted facilitator and writer on the journey of birth & motherhood. She brings two decades of experience supporting families through pregnancy, birth and motherhood to her work. Sarah is mother to two growing boys, a playful crafter with cloth & wool, student of traditional food preservation, and a diva at heart. Join the conversation on & on facebook at

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