Friday Family Fun!

Looking for something fun to do with the kids on Friday night? Here are some simple tips for having some family fun time.  Share your best tip in the comments below and you could win a FREE digital subscription or renewal to Mothering magazine! The winner will be announced tomorrow.

  • Make a detailed map of your house and yard, based on accurate measurements.
  • Put on a treasure hunt for each other.
  • Practice some magic tricks and put on a magic show.
  • Invite the neighborhood over for a circus. Make costumes, dress the dog up as a lion, place a tightrope on the floor, practice juggling… use your imagination!
  • Make boats from wood scraps and corks, with paper or fabric sails, and sail them down a creek or in the bath.
  • Play store with your children’s toys and paper money.
  • Play restaurant, writing up a menu of the day’s lunch offerings.
  • Learn a new language together, with tapes, CD-ROMs, or online. Use index cards to label items around the house in the new language.
  • Celebrate a holiday from another country, like Bastille Day or St. Brighid’s Day. Research the holiday, make traditional foods, and listen to music from that country.
  • Do crossword puzzles.
  • Do origami.
  • Trace around your child’s body on a long sheet of newsprint, and let him color in his face and clothing.
  • Decorate each other’s faces with face paints.

Read the rest of the tips here.

What’s your best family fun tip?

Melanie Mayo-Laakso


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