Ask the Expert: Clean Cosmetics For You and the Kiddo

clean-products-for-mamas-and-kidsIf you’re like most mamas, you’re looking for the best for your children and yourself. Finding clean cosmetics in a world of greenwashing is tough, so we’d like to introduce you to a product line that you and your kids will love!

They’re all around us — toxins. Even in products that claim ‘natural,’ ‘safe,’ or ‘clean and green,’ we still find chemicals and toxins that aren’t good for us or our families. I recently had the opportunity to chat with my friend Kelli Jackson, founder of Prim and Pure, to discuss her new product line and what motivates her to produce the cleanest products for mamas and children.

prim-and-pure1Q: Kelli, I’ve known you for several years, and know you are a tireless advocate for clean products. What motivated you to create a line of your own?

A: When I started working on my own endocrine health issues, I began to discover new, green products come to the market and I was excited. I struggled, though, to find products that weren’t ‘greenwashed’ (products deceptively marketed as clean/chemical free, but not really) and that were at reasonable price points for parents and children. This made me begin thinking that maybe I could come up with those products.

Q: You mention your health issues as your initial motivation, and now, as a mother of three, your children drive you. Tell me more about that.

A: Yes, when I decided to start my own line, I basically just thought about what was most important to me as a mother, buying products for myself and my children. I value, above all, safety, and wanted affordable products that made positive social impact. I am in a lot of mom groups. I want my friends and my friends’ children to have safe and affordable products, and our children are my passion. Prim and Pure lets me pursue what’s best for my family, and the families of others while I spread awareness about safe ingredients and products.

Q: I know you’d never mention it, but you left a very lucrative job behind last year because the products you were promoting were ones you no longer could believed in. That integrity  you showed during a very tough time was something that I truly admire. What was that like and how does that drive you now?

A: (Sigh) Yes, that was tough. I’d been with a company offering non-toxic products and was so disappointed to find out that things were not as they seemed. It was hard to leave, but I want to make an impact on this earth, and my integrity is everything. That’s why I work as hard as I do. What is important to me today is my family and my passion. My passion is giving families clean, safe lifestyle options that don’t break the bank. I’m very lucky that Prim and Pure allows me to do all that.

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Q: I know Prim and Pure is loved by little girls, but am I crazy for loving it too? 

A: (Laughing!) Ha, ha, no! I obviously initially wanted Prim and Pure to be something I had complete faith in for my two little girls (and their friends) to enjoy, but I love that mamas are ‘borrowing’ the products for themselves! In fact, that honestly was my goal — to create a body-friendly line that allowed mamas and daughters and sisters and friends to share in fun, affordable, clean products!

The lip glosses are a huge hit with mamas — nourishing and pretty on the lips! It’s hard to find a true clean, green product under $10, but I love the challenge of doing so and I love that mamas know they can trust everything Prim and Pure offers for themselves as well! Just so you know, there are some very exciting products coming for little boys too!

Q: I love that you give back to children with every purchase made. Prim and Pure donates generously to various children’s causes. What went into that decision?

A: That was a tough, but easy decision! Taking the leap of faith to start Prim and Pure cost my family some sacrifices. To fund the startup, my husband sold something near and dear to him, and that sacrifice is what Prim and Pure really is all about — making the world a better place for our family and friends. We are very blessed, and we feel that sacrifices we make as a start-up company pay off huge rewards in the lives of our community members, and so no matter what, we want to give back when we can. Supporting one another is what Prim and Pure is all about.

Q: I  know you are generously offering our readers the opportunity to win a fabulous gift basket! You’ve gotta tell me. What is your favorite product?

A: Welllll, that’s hard! I love them all! I will say, though, that the nail polish frustrated me the most with development but has turned out to be probably my favorite item! I worked really hard to ensure a non-toxic polish that would not require chemicals to remove, but would still be durable and fun for little girls and their mamas. That development process was eye-opening for sure, but now I feel like our perseverance has given us a really neat product that is clean and fun. It comes off after soaking in water, is odorless and chemical free, and mamas can even use it for themselves for a fun date night and then easily wash off or change with no concern about chemical removal.

Kelli is excited to share her product line with Mothering readers, and is offering a fabulous gift set  to one lucky reader. Stay tuned for more info on the giveaway!


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