Friends of the Earth Releases Killer Cribs Report

According to Friends of the Earth, 56 percent of all infant carriers, 44 percent of all car seats, 40 percent of all strollers, and 19 percent of all portable cribs were found to have high levels of halogenated fire retardants.

Halogenated fire retardants have been linked to serious health disorders, such as cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption, neurological and reproductive dysfunction, and learning disabilities, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Once they enter a human or animal body, halogenated fire retardants tend to stay there and accumulate, impacting the body’s normal functioning and/or causing disease. As exposure increases, the chemical build-up in the body increases.

For more information about Friends of the Earth, the Killer Cribs: Protecting Infants and Children from Toxic Exposure report, or to find out how to take action, visit the Friends of the Earth website:

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