Gardasil Now Being Recommended for Boys

Sept 11, 2009

According to CNN, the FDA reported Friday that Gardasil, the controversial HPV vaccine once targeted only towards girls, is now considered effective against HPV in boys as well. More properly, HPV is Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent and causes genital warts in both sexes and has been linked to cervical and other reproductive cancers in women. Merck, the makers of the vaccine, have faced controversy over the safely of the vaccine, which is now being recommended for boys as well. To read CNN’s article on the topic visit “FDA panel urges HPV vaccine be given to boys“.

Read Mothering‘s recent news peice on the Gardasil vaccine and its safetly “Vaccine Alert: Gardasil Vaccine Causing Fainting and Other Serious Issues in Young Women“.

More information on Gardasil can be found at the FDA’s website, and on the National Vaccine Infomation Center’s Gardasil page.