gDiapers Cloth Diaper Cover Giveaway: New Fall Colors

I’m giving away 3 cute diaper covers from gDiapers’ new fall color line:


Grubby Knees Gray: Medium


Goddess Pink: Large

Gooseberry Purple: Large

To enter to win, please leave a comment below with your preference (med. gray, large pink, or large purple)



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390 thoughts on “gDiapers Cloth Diaper Cover Giveaway: New Fall Colors”

  1. My little 10 month old baby boy would look like such a little stud with the gray… I love the name “grubby knees”.

  2. oooh, love the gray, but my big girl needs a large already. we have the purple (love it!), so if we get lucky, we would love the pink



  3. Medium gray–please pick me! I need this to convince my hubby we CAN use cloth this time around (due with second baby in 2 weeks!!)

  4. gray, med. I’m a first-time mom and have been researching cloth diapers. Just came across gdiapers and think this is the one for us!

  5. I used cloth diapers with all three of my girls (6, 9, 10). Now I am remarried and we are pregnant with #4. I intend on using cloth with this one too. 🙂 Small Gray

  6. Grubby Knees Grey in medium pretty please I love my G’s I already have a large goosberry purple and medium goddess pink :)I have 2 gbabies 1 boy and 1 girl with one on the way (a boy) all will be under 3 yrs old.

  7. med grey! My friend is thinking of CDing, and she’s interested in hybrid systems. I’d totally give this to her to try out and hopefully get her into it!

  8. i’m so curious to see how these cloth diapers work. we’re due on Jan 1st and really only thinking about reusables – but also going a little crazy trying to find the best ones. the g diapers so far seem the best value.

  9. Grey medium please, for my 4 week old Oliver. My husband and I are loving cloh diapering!! My mother in law and father in law who are in their 70’s are amazed at the cool things cloth diapering has to offer since they cloth diapered their TEN kids 🙂

  10. I never win anything and I absolutely LOVE gDiapers! I use the few that I have with cloth inserts, they are what helped me make the change to cloth diapering! My son wears the Medium size but I would be excited to have any of them! The grey & gooseberry are adorable.

  11. OOh! Velcros on the backside! Would love to try these diapers. I’m sort of a cloth diaper junkie. Any of the three will do. thanks!

  12. large purple is just what we need. Just started using g dipes when we are out and about and I am very happy with them. one more cover would be awesome!

  13. I love gdiapers!! I use them with a cloth insert and the plastic lining is magic- I love how it catches everything!! Gray medium or purple large would be prefered, but my little boys have no issues wearing pink =).

  14. Large purple for my little man would be awesome!

    We love gDiapers. I use a folded up flat as an insert – super absorbent, easy to wash and easy to line-dry.

  15. We have used Gs since he was born and we love them! Large purple would be awesome, although my son is not afraid to rock the pink either. =)

  16. OO I ‘d love Gray what an awesome color for my little Rockers diaper. G diapers are what got us started – now we are fully fluff

  17. Oh the sweet Fall yummy colors! I could eat them all up!

    (Is that appropriate to say in regards to diapers?)

  18. Oops just realised that their was only a med gray & large pink or purple not Medium Purple. We would take a Medium Gray please! 🙂

  19. Yay! I’ve given a lot of gdiapers as gifts, but haven’t tried them myself yet! I like the medium gray. Thanks for the chance!

  20. I have been waiting so long to try g diapers! We are trying for our second and would love to give that little bum a great start!!!!!!!

    MED GRAY PlEASE!!!!!

  21. Gooseberry Purple in large would be amazing for our little girl due in December that will be solely gdiapered! I wouldn’t turn up my nose to Goddess Pink, either though!

  22. We’re in Austin, TX and have our first little boy on the way, due Christmas Day! I would love the medium gray gdiaper if we win! Thanks!

  23. We’ve used gDiapers from the beginning for our son — with prefold inserts unless we’re traveling.

    Would love the gooseberry! Thanks!

  24. She’s just about to grow out of her small g’s. Hubby would would get a kick out of putting Daddy’s little girl in Grubby Knees Gray:)

  25. Large anything would be great for me! I had some smalls and really liked them- but baby has outgrown those long ago!

  26. med gray. I have been wanting to try these diapers sooo bad! Please I need to switch to cloth and I don’t know what to do!!

  27. we’re traveling to South America in a few months and I have been deliberating about how to keep cloth diapering while we are there with no washing machine for 10 days. Gdipes would be perfect for us, but he is SO grown out of the smalls we have and I only have one medium/large.

    Grey Med. would be awesome (but grey large would be perfect! I guess any one of them would be fine really, after all, it is a diaper!)

  28. I’d like to try the medium gray. We’re expecting our first in a couple months, and aren’t sure which diapering system’s going to work best for us. I’d love to try gDiapers out, too!

  29. My son would look wonderful in the Gooseberry Purple! I seriously need more diaper covers, my active one year old has worn through most of the others we have.

  30. We would love the medium gray! Expecting baby # 2 this Feb gender unknown and can’t wait to cloth diaper in g’s! No mediums in our stash just yet!!

  31. We don’t know what we are having yet, but I love all the new fall colors! We will be new to g diapers and are very excited. We have ordered the new baby bundle so could probably use some Med. ones! Thanks!

  32. My little one is soon to be a large, and we only just ordered a gooseberry…so would LOVE the large goddess pink for my little gdiaper diva!

  33. I would love a Medium Grubby Knees Gray, for my little man named Graysen! Mothering magazine is great, love how it isn’t filled up with ads. Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  34. I would LOVE the Large Gooseberry Purple for my Sophie. She just outgrew the mediums so I am trying to gather some larges. The color is stunning! The pink is beautiful too!!! Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  35. Large Pink! My little one has been in gDiapers since about a month and a half old. She’s starting to outgrow her mediums and needs to get into some larges!

  36. I would love the medium Gray one! I’ve been wanting to add one to my collection but budget (and husband!) prohibits 🙁

  37. I do so like the purple and we don’t have any large’s. But right now my son is in Medium so put us in for the grey.

  38. I would love to have any of these (any color ,any size)to use as samples to show parents what they can use as alternatives to all those disposable diapers.

  39. grubby knees grey!

    and to anyone who hasn’t tried these, they’re FABULOUS. we use cloth at home during the day, but the disposable liners are great for nighttime and when out and about. we love them!

  40. We here at the Household would love the goddess pink or the gooseberry purple (mostly bc we could use the large size right now) but the grubby knees grey is one of my favorites, I dont know if its bc of the cute name or the color itself 🙂

  41. Since we don’t know the gender yet, Grubby Knees Gray would be great!! But I’m thinking if its a boy, he would still be rockin in the G’s Goddess Pink or Gooseberry Purple.

  42. Anything but the pink!! lol I have a boy! Please I’ve been looking into getting more but I haven’t been able to afford it, one of those would help!!! I love Gdiapers!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I would love, love, love the grubby knees grey size medium for my baby boy – it’d fit him perfectly, i think, and i’ve been dying to try cloth diapers – love the concept of these.

  44. Large of any color would be amazing! Absolutely love Gdiapers, but my little girl is quickly outgrowing her mediums.

  45. I love the large purple and since I have a little boy he can’t wear pink but I will put him in a purple gdiaper. It is a deep purple that is gender neutral. Purple is a color of royalty.

  46. I would LOVE the medium Grey!!! My daughter is tiny and probably wont be big enough for larges before she is potty trained and I don’t have the grey one. So cute!!!

  47. Love GDiapers and LOVE the new Grubby Knees Gray, thinking the medium would be perfect for our little prince to grow in to! 🙂

  48. The purple one would be nice since I don’t have any large yet but my bot is still in med so grey would be ok too. Please no pink tho, my boy might not appreciate it. 🙂

  49. Goddess Pink for my little girly girl! Love cloth diapering, I wish I would have done it with my first two sweeties!

  50. OOooOOooOOoo, I’d love the Large Gooseberry with such a rich shade of purple, but who am I kidding?! I LOVE gDiapers so any would be great!
    .-= Jennifer S.´s last blog ..Current photos =-.

  51. Would love a Grubby Knees Gray in our stash. I have two LO’s in gDiapers and LOVE how happy it keeps their little bums with the bonus factor of complete cuteness!!

  52. Since our newest is a girl (3 weeks tomorrow) I’ll take any help we can get. Any are ones we will grow into. But I personally want the purple. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

  53. I love gdiapers! My little girl is ready to move into larges, and I love the new colors! The purple one would be awesome because it wouldn’t show juice stains! lol.

  54. We would love to win the large gooseberry purple gdiaper! We have a boy wearing size large, I’m sure he won’t mind purple and I love this color 🙂

  55. Med Gray. Those looks adorable! I love the other colors, too, but we don’t know the gender of our baby, so neutral is best for now!

  56. Med gray! Baby # 2 on the way, starting cloth diapers. My husband and I found that gdiapers were the best of both worlds, we both can be happy! Already purchased 4 size large covers and some disposable inserts as well as the clloth! And its good for the environment! :o)

  57. Is this still open? Didn’t see an end date or a winner posted yet…

    Would love the Grubby Knees Gray since we don’t know what our #2 is yet either. Small or Medium.. 🙂

    blondredhead at mac dot com

  58. I am in love with all the new colors. I have the purple, and want the pink, but she is not in larges yet! I would have to say that the Grubby knees grey is my pick!

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