Get Moving

Exercise, especially walking and swimming, stimulates circulation, strengthens your body during late pregnancy, and gains you precious sleep. If you haven’t incorporated walking or swimming into your pregnant life yet, it’s not too late. Walking is a great exercise for the last trimester, and even during early labor.

Choose a beautiful place for your walk – a park or a natural setting near your home or office. Make a ritual out of your walk – consider it a time to be with yourself during these last few months before the baby joins you.

Start with a small goal. Go to this special place once a week for 30 minutes, then increase the time to two to three times a week for 45 minutes each. Perhaps you can walk for an hour once each week? Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and take your time. Amble. Stroll. Once you get in the habit of walking, it will become easy to find the time.

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