Get Paid To Threads In Wahmwell

"Get Paid To" Threads

With the recent interest in GPT’s, we felt the need to make some clear guidelines. As with any business where a member is making money, we ask that there be no self promotion (spamming) of your business. This would include linking to your personal referral pages. Keep in mind our guidelines in our User Agreement:

Advertising in discussion threads is strictly prohibited. Do not post to advertise your product, business, website or blog or in any other manner from which you would financially benefit. Advertising in signatures is only permitted with a Signature Advertising Package. Blogs linked in signatures may not contain advertising/promotion without a Signature Advertising Package. Information about acceptable board advertising may be obtained by contacting MDC sales and fundraising information may be posted by administrators, moderators and designated members. Members may not use their business or product names as a username.

Please keep in mind, you may not link to your personal blog or site if you are soliciting referrals for a GPT, asking for donations or in any other way making money off the site as per our User Agreement.

In response to the growing number of GPT posts that violate the WAHM Well Forum Guidelines and the MDC User Agreement, the GPT Guidelines have been clarified in a bulleted list below.

    * No self promotion (spamming) of your GPT referral links within posts.

    * No linking, within posts to personal blogs and/or websites with referral links to GPT programs. As GPT would be considered a business, you can   purchase a business signature and "advertise" within your signature ONLY.

    * Do not use the PM system to offer referral links to members (except when a member has specifically asked you via email or on a thread’s post)

    * Do not discuss returns, how quickly to cancel memberships to avoid being charged, etc… THESE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED in order to maintain the integrity of Mothering and our community.

    * Do not comment within a thread “I’ll PM you,” “I have a tutorial,”"If you would like more information PM me" or any other form of self-promotion.

Any posts in violation of the above guidelines will be removed immediately and the author of the post will be issued an Alert. Repeated abuse of the forum may result in the permanent removal of the user’s membership.