Giveaway: Angela Frost Gypsy Swing Dress & Leggings

Angela Frost has wonderful, comfortable dress-and-leggings combinations for girls. My daughter loves her black one with white lace print (it works so well for recitals and school concerts), and her pink and green tie dye set.

We’re giving away a Gypsy Swing Dress and matching Gypsy Love leggings in the brown/blue color combination. Winner gets to choose the size–sets are offered in sizes 2-8. They are just darling!


Sorry about the photo quality. The website,, has better photos if you want to peruse.

Please leave a comment to enter the drawing. Good luck!

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152 thoughts on “Giveaway: Angela Frost Gypsy Swing Dress & Leggings”

  1. Cute!! size 3 for my daughter!!!! Finally something she could easily match with her brother in for a family picture for grammy!!

  2. My daughter always picks dresses when she picks out her outfits – I don’t know why I get anything else 🙂 Size 4 would be perfect!

  3. My daughter would be soooo happy to wear that! She usually gets stuck w/ her brother’s hand-me-down’s…not so many dresses in that lot.

  4. Love that it is called the Gyspy swing dress, my daughter

    is obsessed with cultures and customs, would be a “perfect fit”:)

  5. That outfit is darling. So perfect for my sensory who mostly wears outfits like this. I think she’d need a size 8.

  6. This would be a perfect gift for my niece!! She needs a pickerupper after a very traumatizing event that happened recently.

  7. My 5 year old daughter, Emma, is very choosy about clothes–she loves dresses but hates tights! I know this color combination would be a favorite with her, and her blue eyes would shine in it. She has a few dresses with leggings and they are all she’ll wear in the cooler weather…would love to win! 🙂

  8. Oh my 8 yr old DD would look so cute in that, and I think she would even wear it because it has matching leggings- which she loves! And it’s her favorite colors to boot! 😀

  9. What my 2 year old said about this: “Ooooooooo dat’s so cute, i like that, Mommy give it to me?” So I had to try;)

  10. I am just getting into leggings for my daughter and this set is ADORABLE!I will surely have to look at the website! I can only imagine how cute theother stuff is!

  11. Absolutely love the style of this dress with the leggings.I’m sure my daughter would love to do a little twirl and dance with this dress on.

  12. My Hannah would love this as her first day of preschool outfit! She turns 4 in September, and starts preschool the same week as her birthday; big changes for mama and princess.

    I love the leggings so that when she’s swinging on the monkey bars, and doing cartwheels she keeps from showing off her Disney princess panties to the whole world 🙂

  13. I have 3 daughters and they would all look adorable in this! The blue would go perfectly with my oldest daughters bright blue eyes. She’s a size 7 🙂

  14. “MMmmmm..:my Daughter Gemma said ” chocolate and turquiose together..that looks awesome”! Size 7 please.

  15. Super cute, and leggings are perfect for a really active toddler! A size three would be greatly appreciated:)

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