Giveaway: Charlie Banana Cloth Pads

Feminine pad all colors display 2_0242[1]
Charlie Banana, beloved to many of you as a source for cloth diapers, also make fantastic cloth menstrual pads for mama.

CB Fem Pad all # box

Charlie Banana is giving the following away to one lucky winner:

-a box of panty liners,

-a box of Regulars,

-a box of Supers

-and a box of Super Plus feminine pads.

These fab pads come in a very handy, purse-friendly pink pouch.

Personal capsule review: I love them because the pads are made of so soft bamboo, and when I put them through the wash, they miraculously come out close to sparkling white every time.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below.



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