Giveaway: Delicate Soles Shoes for MAMAS

Enter by: Sunday, July 18th

Winner will be announced: Monday, July 19th

What we’re giving away: a pair of Delicate Soles flats, you pick the size and the color. They come in pink, black, silver and red. Yeah, baby!

Pixie Dust Pink Delicate Soles

This is probably not the time in your life when you’re spending a lot of time tottering around in stilettos or platform shoes.

But that shouldn’t keep us from digging Delicate Soles. They’re sleek ballet flats that you can roll up and store in your purse, and change into them whenever you’re tired of the sneakers, flip flops, or pink fluffy slippers you’re currently wearing.

Going to weddings when I had small babies was a whole different experience than going as a single non-mom. Between the (suddenly “simple will do”) makeup, grooming, locating a nice dress that I could nurse in…then strapping on some heels? I did it. I wish I had Delicate Soles in my purse at the time, I would have changed into them as soon as the heels started to get old (maybe in the car on the way over).

So, enter to win by doing the following:

-”Like” Delicate Souls on their facebook page

-Leave a comment below with your preference of size and color. They come in three sizes: S (6-7), M (7.5-8.5), and L (9-10).

And just out of curiosity, do you have a favorite comfortable yet stylish shoe? If so, what is it?

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251 thoughts on “Giveaway: Delicate Soles Shoes for MAMAS”

  1. These look so comfy:-) I wear a large. I know I have big feet. lol Favorite shoes are there super thin flip flops. But I am sure these would kick their butt any day.

  2. I would fall under the large size. These are adorable. Sadly I don’t have a nice comfy pair but maybe this will change that:)

  3. OK Size 10 and I like to wear crocs… but will try anything… ballet flats should be nice – you should distribute through Macy’s! I pick silver !

  4. I would be a size large and p ink. My favorite go to stylish yet comfy shoes are my Birkenstocks. They are my most prized shoe.

  5. I would love to have them in Black and a size Large. I suppose my comfiest shoes would be my Birkenstocks, but sadly they don’t dress up very well.

  6. Medium Silver. Sweet.

    I find myself lacking in the “stylish” department when it comes to shoes. (Or anything really!)

  7. Size Medium in Black. 🙂

    I currently wear flip flops for the summer for comfort. But living in Wisconsin requires wearing clunky boots at least 6 months out of the year. These would be great to switch into for going grocery shopping, etc. instead of getting sweaty feet!

  8. My feet got fat during my pregnancy and never slimmed back down, but it’s only been 9 months since my Lil was born, so you never know, right? 😉 So I’m a large pink girl, too.

    My absol;ute favorite stylish yet comfy shoes are my silver ballet flats with the heart pattern stitched into them. I love the mess out of them- my husband found them when we were shoe shopping for easy-to-wear pregnant lady shoes, and I still wear them to death.

  9. Medium in Silver please 🙂 My fave comfy shoes? I had to throw away this summer 🙁 Some things just weren’t meant to last ten years… 😛

  10. Oooh Lala. Pretty and comfy too. Just What this mom of 2 year old and 2 month old boys needs. Black size Large.

  11. Hmmm comfy AND stylish? I have a pair of thai print flats that are my go-to work shoes. These are so cute! Size Small, Color Black.

  12. i would love to have a size large in silver. i’m really tall and only wear flats, but i don’t have any comfortable ones 🙁 probably because they are all inexpensive and don’t fit well.

  13. I would love to try the black shoes in size L. My favorite comfy summer shoes are my Chaco sandals – they aren’t dressy but they are a must since I chase my two little girls around all day!

  14. So soft and silky =)

    I would love, love, love these little slippers to wear in my first grade classroom. We all take off our shoes inside, and to slip into these would be heavenly. I just know my teaching will be better because of it =)

    Hmmm, I think Black would be the best and most versatile color, and a size Large would do for me.

    How fun; thank you for the giveaway !

    p.s. I would say my most favorite comfy shoes are my Think! slip-ons. Lined with sheepskin and cork soles.

  15. Oh my! I live on the 5th floor of a walk-up building in NYC and pound the pavement with a sweet 8-month old boy on my back. My feet would love some pampering. I’m a size large. Color pref. is black, but all of the colors are pretty!

  16. Those are too cute! I would need a size medium in black! I love my ordinary flip flops! Easy to slip on in a hurry when I’m running around.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Sad day today =-.

  17. adorable! i would take any color in medium. 🙂

    i wish i were more stylish! my comfortable shoe in summer are flip flops. winter are uggs… so yeah, i could use some help in the style dept! 😉

  18. I would love any color in a large. As for a comfortable and stylish shoe, does that exist? I love my ratty flip flops.

  19. Those are so cute and they look comfortable! A medium in PINK would fit this pregnant Cinderella’s tootsies 😛

  20. I always have my pair of pink ballet flats rolled up in my purse or on my feet, It’s great for when you are expected to remove your shoes but don’t want to be in your socks or barefoot. These are way cuter then the ones I buy at Payless!

    Size: small

    Color: silver

  21. Those would be perfect to chase my twins and daughter around!

    Large, color doesn’t really matter to me but Onyx would be nice.

  22. I’m 12 days overdue with a baby, these would be soooo nice right now! I would like Medium and pink. Thanks!!! And right now my comfy shoe of choice would be flip flops, but i think these would change that 🙂

  23. medium black, please!

    In summer, I wear my croc flip flops. In the winter, I love my North Face boots!

  24. Those are adorable… I would need medium and silver 🙂 my go to comfy shoes are my flip flops but these are so much cuter!

  25. I’d love to have a small in black! My go to comfy shoes are either Birkenstocks or Born- I have multiple pairs of each, but my black ballet shoes are worn out and I could really use a nice comfy pair!!

  26. I would love a pair of medium in silver. Maybe this would somehow lift my spirits about my new post pregnancy wardrobe situation! I currently do not have a comfortable pair….besides my old navy flip flops.

  27. Size large please! My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of sequined purple flats. With two daughters who love their sparkly shoes I leapt at the chance when I found a pair in adult sizes.

  28. Size med., in black!

    My favorite comfortable yet stylish shoes are my Frye cowboy boots. I wear them almost everyday. They go with almost everything, are cute and I can always chase down the kids in them! The best of all things! Thanks!

  29. Beautiful looking shoes! I would love pink in size medium if I won. Currently having record heat in upstate New York so my favorite shoe is barefeet getting out of the pool, after swimming all day with my son!!

  30. We just found out that we are having our 3rd boy… I need some new girly shoes! 🙂 I would need a large and the silver would be fun! My favorite pair of shoes are flip flops. I were them all year around (even in the snow)!

  31. Large in Red please! My fav comfortable shoes are just an old pair of slides that I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember when I bought them lol 🙂

  32. My one pair of black shoes bit the dust so I would love a pair of these in black/medium. I wear clogs, comfy – yes,stylish – I guess that is a matter of opinion. Thanks!

  33. Large please, in red!

    Wish I’d had a favorite comfy shoe for my four pregnancies over the past 4.5 years… I’m afraid I’ve been sporting my ugly NewBallance far too often!!!

  34. Oh Silver! and comfortable, too, you say? sounds good to me. medium, please.

    My favorite comfortable and stylish shoes are made by El Naturalista. And they are earth friendly, too!

  35. These are so cute! I would have to have a large and definitely in silver! My favorite shoes are flip flops, but these would definitely take over as a favorite pair!

  36. I would love a pair of black in Small. 🙂 I have a fav pair of sandals that are SO comfy, but i dont know how stylish they are after many years of wearing them! 😉

  37. Oh, silver, size large. I am a flip flop or sneakers wearer most of the time but would love to have something pretty for date nights and girls nights out!!

  38. I would love a pair, black or pink size M. Right now my fav. shoes are clunky Keen sandles that slip on. Easy on my feet, easy to slide on with baby on hip but not cool to look at. 🙂

  39. Adorable! My current favorite shoes are my gold flipflops, but they are also my 2 y/o son’s favorite dressup shoes, so we fight over them!

    I would like a pair of the red ones in a Large (9-10).
    .-= Sarah´s last blog .. =-.

  40. I’d love the silver ones in S size!

    My favorite comfy shoes are my Faryl Robin leather riding boots. Super soft leather in a chocolate brown that goes with everything and removable leather straps around the calf and ankle.

  41. Those look fabulous! I would definitely need a small, but can’t for the life of me decide between pink and black!

  42. Set this mama up with a pair of those in RED and large. I’m living in flip flops right now and would love a pair of those for my trip to visit my sister in NYC. 🙂

  43. These are cute! I’d love a Pixie Dust or Starlight Silver. Then I can match my lil Princess! 🙂

    My fav comfortable but stylish shoes are Uggs. Yeah, try rolling those up and putting them in a handbag…

  44. Very CUTE!!! I would love a size large in silver 🙂 I’m pregnant for my third & chasing after a 1yr old & 2yr old; these would be perfect!

  45. These look extraordinarily comfortable — and cute as well! I’d love the black, in large, if I won.
    .-= Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama´s last blog ..Why I

  46. I would love silver in size large. These would be great for the wedding I’m going to in a few weeks. As a nursing mom with a newborn I need some comfortable shoes!

  47. What a great idea to have in your bag when you are wearing sandals and don’t want to go barefoot when you take your shoes off. How cool.

  48. size Medium in black.

    my favorite comfy shoes are probably my birkenstocks, i have sandals and also clogs, they are not too stylish though!

  49. I would LOVE the black (size Large). I realized last week that I have NO comfortable black shoes that fit my prego feet!

    I have to admit, my favorite comfortable yet stylish shoe of this pregnancy has been my beaded flip flops. 🙂

  50. I would love a large in silver! My favorite comfy shoes right now (although not very stylish =p) are my flip-flops.

  51. These shoes are so cute!! And they look super comfy! I am a big fan of flip flops on the summer and tennis shoes in the winter. I would love to make these my new shoes of choice! I would like a medium in red.

  52. Pink medium.

    The only comfortable and stylish shoes style I’ve been able to find that my heels-loving husband likes are shoes that are shiny, round-toed, and with some kind of decoration on the toes. I have a few pairs of those.
    .-= Abigail´s last blog ..Triscuit and herbs =-.

  53. Size medium in red, please! My fave comfy shores are a pair of Rockport heels. The soles are made by Adidas so they’re basically running shies with heels. Great for when I’m gettng my 20-lb, 13-month old into the car in my work clothes 🙂

  54. Medium, black

    How cute! I love my flip flops but these look liek they would be so cozy and snuggly on my feet :o)

  55. Wow! I need something like this as I’m always scrounging for a nice enough pair of shoes to wear to the occasional wedding or work function. Size large in black would be my pick.

  56. ooohhhh these are so cute! small in black please! and my favortie shoe is my rocketdogs…always cute and ultra comfy!

  57. Silver in medium. They’d be a nice change from the flip flops I’ve been practically living in for the last year!

  58. OOooooh! These look amazing! I would LOVE a pair in silver in a size small please! Thanks for this great contest 🙂

  59. ooooh, I will be at a wedding t the end of August, tandem nursing and 4 months pregnant, I could use some comfort! I would love a medium black pair!

  60. Comfy, cute, convenient and in red! Who could ask for anything more! I would love a pair of red in size medium!!!

  61. I would love to win a pair of black size M delicate soles shoes.

    I love dansko shoes, not all of the clogs are super stylish, but I have a pair of there sandals that are very comfy and stylish!

  62. I love and swear by Vivo Barefoot shoes– but I don’t like their “fancier” options. I would love a pair of these, in black, in medium!

  63. I would love a pair of medium silver. Right now I live in el cheapo flip flops, they come in a variety of colours and are easy to slip on and off. But they aren’t even close to being dressy enough for some things 🙂

  64. I’m a flip flop gal who relies on my Dansko clogs for dressing up! These cute ballet shoes would be a nice addition! I love the red, size med. The price is very reasonable. Thanks for hosting such a cool contest! Good luck, everybody!

  65. Black, size large pretty please!! I could dance all night in these! Or vacuum. Or do the dishes. Or clean the play room. Or fold laundry….

  66. lipstick red, medium. I may have to get one in each color:)

    I usually wear flip flops, Danskos, sneakers or rainboots but suffer discomfort for more stylish options so these would be great. And I love the idea of previous posts to do chores in them too:)

  67. By the way, for summer my favorite shoes are my Chaco’s, and for winter I love my earth shoes-kind of a mary jane style shoe, very cute!

  68. Medium Black would be so wonderful!!! I love my flip flops – but those are TDF and would be much loved by my tender toes!!!

  69. These look so *AMAZING* How great that they will roll up and travel with me!!!

    My “boats” are LARGE!!! Please and I’m not really picky about the color. Any will do! Thanks so much!

  70. Yum! Medium silver! Stylish and comfortable….




    Hmmm…stylish AND comfortable.
    .-= Farm Fresh Jessica´s last blog ..Pish =-.

  71. Oooo la la they look perfect! While I was in my total seclusion period

    after having my baby this May, my dog ate through 2 pairs of my shoes. I would absolutely love small black soles shoes 🙂

  72. Oh, wow, do my feet need these! After breaking my foot last summer while 6 months pregnant and not being able to walk for 3 months, my foot still aches when I wear “fancy” shoes. I’d love to have this gorgeous option!

    Onyx, Size Large.

    My favorite comfy shoes that aren’t technically sneakers are Sketchers.

    P.S. Love the website! Very “feel good.”

  73. ooh silver (medium)! now that’s stylish and comfortable! in the summer it’s barefeet and flipflops when i have to. i worked for 6 years in heels and dress boots and shoes so my feet want a break =) i just got rid of a bunch of old “work shoes” and am re-stocking my shoe closet (ahem floor space for about 6 pairs hehe)
    .-= Krysten Glor´s last blog ..blibber blabber =-.

  74. Would love to have something a little more pulled together than flip flops! I think a medium in red might be just the ticket with jeans and a t shirt. Thanks!

  75. I have been wanting to buy a pair of these! I would like the silver in Medium plz!!

    –MY fave stylish shoes are wedge heels or sandals, wedges are so much more comfy than heels..and they still look cute, esecially in summer with dresses!

  76. I would love to have these in red or pink size L. I think they would be a nice change from the flip flops this new mom lives in!

  77. I would love a pair of black in size medium. Just big enough to carry the weight of responsibility of a mama!

  78. Black in Medium.

    My favorite comfortable shoes right now are just some cheapie gladiator sandals I picked up at Target. They go with everything, and are very comfy!

  79. I’d LOVE to have a pair in Onyx (L). I live in my Tribeca Catch Phrase Thongs by Kenneth Cole. Very cute, comfy & carefree. But they don’t make them anymore ? Thanks!

  80. Depending on what you call stylish I have several pairs of Birkenstocks – not just the sandals, but also closed toe shoes. For a Mama I find them quite stylish! I also have a pair of Haflinger grey wool felt clogs with a cork bottom that I love in the wintertime. Like wearing your slippers all day!

    I’d love a pair of Delicate Soles in Black, size Medium! Thanks!

  81. I’d love some pink ones in size Medium!

    These would be awesome to slip on after a 12 hour hospital shift!

    And no, I don’t have stylish and comfy shoes at the moment. I wear my Birks and my tennis shoes a lot during/after work, but neither I consider “stylish”.


  82. “Like” Delicate Souls!


    I had to “retire” my FAVORITE shoes last year. 🙁 Still looking for the perfect pair to replace them. They were flipflops that had stretchy fit bands so they stayed on great. My feet miss them.

  83. My favourite shoes were stolen from my desk at work. They were a pair of Roots clogs. I LOVED THEM SO MUCH.

    These ballerina flats are gorgeous! My hubby is 3 inches shorter than I and when we got married I wore ballerina flats. Generally it’s comfort over style…but these look just as stylish as they are comfy!

    Please consider me for a Large size in Silver.

  84. I “liked” DS on FB. 🙂 I would love to have a pair of large in any color. I’m so easy to please. I would like any of them. To answer your question So far this year, I have been wearing some “Earth Spirit” shoes that were comfortable for the first little while but are feeling rather worn at this point. I do a lot of walking though.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  85. Any color in Med.. These are wonderful ‘just because’ gifts! How sweet!

    I normally wear my bjorn shoes when working, but they are SO heavy!

    Green would be a great color to explore next!
    .-= Beth Bento´s last blog ..Music Monday 05-31 One Eskimo =-.

  86. How cool! I would love a pair of black ones in size Large!

    My fave shoe? Right now it’s my Simple Shoes flip flops, but, alas, they are not very stylish!

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