Giveaway: GoldenRest Eurofeather Pillows!


This holiday season, GoldenRest, the affordable adjustable bed company, wants to help you out and make sure you get the good night’s sleep that you deserve during the holidays.

 They’re giving away a pair of GoldenRest Eurofeather pillows to one lucky A la Mama reader.

The Eurofeather™ from Pacific Coast® is filled with tightly curled duck feathers with no quills.

•230 thread count, 100% cotton cover

•Double needle corded edge

•4-year limited warranty included with purchase

To enter the giveaway:

1. Leave your best sleep tip in a comment below.

2. For a second chance to win, “like” the GoldenRest page on facebook, and leave a second comment noting that you did.

3. For a third chance to win, follow GoldenRest on Twitter, and leave a third comment noting that you did.

If you are not familiar with GoldenRest, please visit their website now. Use the promo code MOTHERING to get $100 off your bedding or accessory purchase when you buy a GoldenRest Adjustable Bed.”

The Eurofeather™ from Pacific Coast® is filled with tightly curled duck feathers with no quills.

•230 thread count, 100% cotton cover

•Double needle corded edge

•4-year limited warranty included with purchase

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141 thoughts on “Giveaway: GoldenRest Eurofeather Pillows!”

  1. My best sleep tip… well I find that I sleep best when I have a lot of blankets, comforters, etc… on my bed. I sleep better when I feel like there is some weight to the blankets on top of me.

  2. My favorite sleep tip is to take a relaxing bath 1 to 2 hours before bed and use lavendar lotion. It definately helps with fibromyalgia and MS symptoms.

  3. Sleep tip: Cuddle with someone to share body heat. There’s nothing that makes it harder to sleep than being cold. 🙂

  4. I find I sleep better if I write down my “to-do list” or anything else that may be occupying my mind and keeping me from sleeping well. I keep a notebook next to the bed for this reason.

  5. Whenever I can’t fall asleep in aout 20minutes I get back up and do something relaxing for 5 – 10 minutes (read a few pages in a book, etc) and then try again. It used to take me literally an hour plus to fall asleep and now I can usually fall back asleep within minutes of getting back into bed.

  6. My best sleep tip is to read a book right before falling asleep to relax, and then hug your pillow to give your body that feeling of comfort.

  7. Clean sheets, feather pillows, little nursling snuggled at my side. The biggest trick though is to make sure my older child is good and tuckered out. A good long playground trip is the key to zzzzzzs for me.

  8. My best sleep tip is to spend most of your day outside, whether you are burning energy to keep warm or soaking up sunshine, this is the best way to get a good night sleep.

  9. The best thing I’ve found to ensure myself and my little boys get a good night sleep is to all do yoga before bed and then once in bed, meditate so that we’re all relaxed and sleepy and then it’s reading time. by the time I’ve finished reading my boys are fast asleep and I’m sleepy too

  10. I always fall asleep faster if I read or listen to This American Life on my TAL app for iPhone.

    And when the kids were little, the family bed meant everyone slept well!

  11. Don’t be on computer right before bedtime. Keep electronic magnetic fields away from where you are sleeping, eg: Sleep at least 6 feet from cell phone and fuse box. I love having a down comforter because it’s light and fluffy, not to heavy but adjusts to both Winter and Summer!

  12. My favorite bedtime routine with my toddler is to have a relaxing foot bath with lavendar and sometimes orange slices in it. I learned about this relaxing way to get ready for bed from a Mothering issue recently.

  13. my best sleep advice doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s to co-sleep. Breastfeeding and bed sharing provides great sleep!

  14. having a good, consistent bedtime routine. mine involves reading, cuddling with my partner, and decompressing by talking about our day.

  15. Sleep on your back or side. This is best for the health of your spine. Stomach sleeping doesn’t support your spine very well.

  16. Sleep tip- snuggle up with your loved one- child, hubby, bf, even your dog, kick one foot out from the covers- and snooze away! Oh- cool sheets help me too!!

  17. Sleep on your back or side, never your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach is bad on your spine which could eventually lead to bad sleep!

  18. hot shower/bath, book, being tired after chasing a 2 1/2 year old all day doesn’t hurt. If all else fails, sleepy herbal tea or my new favorite “Calms Forte” homeopathic sleep aid.

  19. Go to bed with a heart of love. Let go and forgive. Have an image of your loved ones at there best in your mind and speak words of life over them and yourself until you fall asleep.

  20. Have a great quality bed, sheets, pillows and such. Invest in the best quality you can afford. You spend so many hours of your life in bed!

  21. Cold room and fresh sheets, a fire crackling in the fireplace at the other end of the house and a snowstorm outside, while I listen to my tiny baby softly snore beside me!!!

  22. I would imagine that I would get a good nights sleep if my kids decided to sleep in their own beds for a night instead of in mine 🙂

  23. Snuggling up to a sweet baby and a wonderful husband and just listening to them both breathe always does the trick for me!

  24. to keep your bed warm in winter fill a sock with rice & tie the top then heat it in the microwave for 1 min. at a time. Put it at the bottom of the bed to keep the bed toasty warm!! Then of course snuggle with your honey! 🙂

  25. My best sleep tip is not to have kids! 🙂 Other than that, let the high-maintenance ones sleep in your bed and you’ll all sleep more.

  26. I think the best sleep I get is when I am snuggled next to my daughter with a down blanket covering us so we both stay “just right”. I love feather/down bedding! I have some Pacific Coast items and appreciate the quality.

  27. I sleep best with my little one snuggled up close to me, nursing off to sleep there with my husband & I – there is no place else I would rather be. It is a blissful end to any day! Blessings!!

  28. Best tip – when the kids are outside playing, run WITH them. Play soccer, hop on the swings, get involved in the freeze tag game. It’ll wear everybody out and you’ll all get better sleep that night 🙂

  29. I truly believe that regulated and adequate sleep is KEY for good mental and physical health! I have a personal practice of daily naps (set an alarm for 20-40 minutes so you don’t wake up groggy or have trouble falling asleep at night) and a set bed time and wake up time (even on the weekend!).

  30. An evening bath, and then snuggle up in a nest of blankets sprinkled with essential oils (Lavender and Gentle Baby), and read bedtime stories until the our little one fall asleep. (Usually works like a charm!)

  31. Don’t expect to get sleep when you have young children. If you expect to get 2-3 hours a night, every hour more feels like a wonderful gift.

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