Giveaway: Rock ‘n’ Roll Babies T-Shirts!

THIS JUST IN: Rock ‘n’ Roll Babies has created a discount code for A la Mama readers: 15% off, plus free shipping! Isn’t that generous? The code is: Mothering.


Not just for babies, by the way–they go up to size 6T. So keep reading.

Rock N Roll Babies is one of my favorite hipster kiddo t-shirt companies. And they want to give away awesome t-shirts to two of you, my dear A la Mama readers. They’re “organic, funky and unique” for sure.

There’s Mom:

And Dad:

To enter to win, please leave a comment with your preference for MOM or DAD. And your preferred size: onesies are available in sizes 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m. T-shirts are 2T, 4T and 6T. Please specify.

Good luck! Now just don’t come crying to me if your child starts trashing hotel rooms and belting out “Whole Lotta Love” at inopportune times after you win this contest. ; )

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289 thoughts on “Giveaway: Rock ‘n’ Roll Babies T-Shirts!”

  1. Mom,size 6 please!!! My little rockstar would love it!! He has a growing collection of what he calls “air guitar” t-shirts!! This would be perfect!

  2. Mom 5T, my son loves to rock and roll, and has even asked for a guitar for his birthday!! He would LOVE this shirt! Thanks Mothering!

  3. My 4 y/o son spends all day playing guitar, singing and dancing – I’d love a size 5 MOM shirt for him for back to school! He’s my best snuggler and definitely a mama’s boy.

  4. I’d love the mom or dad in a 12-18 month. Our little guy looks AWESOME in black and these would be so cute with his little black and gray babylegs and jean jacket!

  5. MOM please, my son is outgrowing his Mom onesie and I LOVE IT and would love to see him in this shirt forever 🙂 18-24 months

  6. These are fabulous! I don’t know which parent to choose… I think “Mom” ’cause the image I have of this is on a tattooed biker… and his says “Mom”… (My girls IS a Daddy’s girl, however…) Regardless…

    MOM 4T


  7. I’d love a 12-18 month Dad one. My husband plays the guitar (sort of), and it would be so sweet for our son to have this to wear on Fathers Day next year!

  8. I really like the ‘Dad’ one because most shirts these days always say “mom’ on them…time to give Dad some props lol I would LOVE the Dad t-shirt in a size 2T!

  9. I’d love to see my son in the “dad” t-shirt sized 12-18 months.

    He has recently started doing the sweetest thing; when I’m holding him he reaches out to his dad with arms outstreached and nearly toppling out of my grasp. I’ve love to surprise Dad with this t-shirt on our son. If we don’t win it I might just have to buy it 🙂

  10. My son is always saying that he wants to be a “rockstar”. He would love this shirt! We would love the “Dad” shirt in a 6T. Thanks!

  11. I’m torn! I would love my daughter to have one that says “Dad” but I would love my son to wear one that says “Mom.”

    I’ll think I’ll take a “Mom” in 2T since I’m the one filling out the form! :O)

  12. My son had a shirt like this that he wore on our trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last summer but has grown out of it. I would love a Mom one in 4T for my little guy!

  13. Either Mom or Dad…we have 3 daughters so we could use a 6T, 4T or 12-18 mo. Or just a 6T and then they could pass it down!

  14. I can picture either one of my little blond boys in a Mom tee. These are so cute! A size 4t would be great so I could pass it down to my 2 yr. old.

  15. The Mom shirt, of course!! I have babes in 12-18months and 4T- I’ll take either! Just have to buy the other one 🙂

  16. Would love a 6T that says “Dad” since my little one has outgrown her favorite shirt displaying her love for him!

  17. Adorable! We would love a “Dad” in a 12-18m onesie for our daughter! She could be just like daddy with his anchor tattoo 😉 Thannks 🙂

  18. Hmmm…I think I will do a shout out to dad in the “18-24mos” onesie. If that’s taken, I don’t mind getting it in “Mom” either.

  19. “dad” in the 2T! My little man has a “mommy” shirt that is similar and everyone loves it when he wears it! It is fitting since both mama and dad have tattoos and dad is a tattoo artist! It would be perfect for him!

  20. I really like the one that says Dad, but I think if I was going to choose, I would choose MOM. Of course, this is because I’m the mom, and I’m the one who plays guitar! The size I’d choose would be 12-18m. So much fun!!!

  21. My little rockstar would totally rock the MOM one in 18-24 mos (he’s a giant baby 🙂 6 mos old today!) Thanks!!!

  22. My cool son Paxon deserves the coolest onesie on the market…12to 18 mo would be amazing ! Thanks for the opportunity

  23. We have a dad t-shirt already, and it is sooooooo cute! Would love a 4T mom for my little bruiser!Thanks for the give away

  24. I love this! It would make my love so happy to see his daughter wearing it! DAD please! Any size 18+ Thankyou! 🙂

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