Giveaway: Super-Groovy Diaper Bag from Kushies!

Did I say diaper bag? That phrase still summons the unattractive, insulated vinyl sack I got as a promotion when I was pregnant with my first baby. It had *duckies* and *bunnies* on it, and it was totally pastel. Blech.

And then it all…shifted. Bags got cute. Someone up there realized that pregnancy hormones did a heck of a lot, but they didn’t change grown women into children with a thing for baby farm animals.

My latest favorite mama satchel is the Kushies Whimsy bag. Especially because it just happens to be a diaper bag–and it will serve as a cute tote way after that babe is out of diapers.

D900 whimsy

It comes with a changing pad:

D900 whimsy changing pad 2


If that’s not your style (it’s obviously mine) they have also come out with this number, the Boho:

kushies boho diaper bag image 2

This giveaway is just for the Whimsy, so if you’re mad about the Boho, all I can offer is a discount code (see below). In order to enter the drawing, please leave a comment below. And if you feel so inspired, please share a little about what you look for in a diaper bag or any other splurge-y, fun stylish acquisition…and it doesn’t need to be spendy at all. It could be a lipstick, an essential oil, a pair of Danskos…

One of my favorite post-baby purchases was a cool $2 vintage baby doll nightie that I found at a Brooklyn thrift store. It was really easy to nurse in it at night, and when I wore it around the house (not just in the mornings, mind you), I felt kind of like Ann-Margret. And that…was priceless.

PS: *Enjoy this 10% discount code on Kushies products for A la Mama readers: Mothering2010 at*

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