Giveaway: Super-Groovy Diaper Bag from Kushies!

Did I say diaper bag? That phrase still summons the unattractive, insulated vinyl sack I got as a promotion when I was pregnant with my first baby. It had *duckies* and *bunnies* on it, and it was totally pastel. Blech.

And then it all…shifted. Bags got cute. Someone up there realized that pregnancy hormones did a heck of a lot, but they didn’t change grown women into children with a thing for baby farm animals.

My latest favorite mama satchel is the Kushies Whimsy bag. Especially because it just happens to be a diaper bag–and it will serve as a cute tote way after that babe is out of diapers.

D900 whimsy

It comes with a changing pad:

D900 whimsy changing pad 2


If that’s not your style (it’s obviously mine) they have also come out with this number, the Boho:

kushies boho diaper bag image 2

This giveaway is just for the Whimsy, so if you’re mad about the Boho, all I can offer is a discount code (see below). In order to enter the drawing, please leave a comment below. And if you feel so inspired, please share a little about what you look for in a diaper bag or any other splurge-y, fun stylish acquisition…and it doesn’t need to be spendy at all. It could be a lipstick, an essential oil, a pair of Danskos…

One of my favorite post-baby purchases was a cool $2 vintage baby doll nightie that I found at a Brooklyn thrift store. It was really easy to nurse in it at night, and when I wore it around the house (not just in the mornings, mind you), I felt kind of like Ann-Margret. And that…was priceless.

PS: *Enjoy this 10% discount code on Kushies products for A la Mama readers: Mothering2010 at*

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150 thoughts on “Giveaway: Super-Groovy Diaper Bag from Kushies!”

  1. Love it! I always look for a diaper bag with lots of pockets and or sippy cup holders. A must have when you’re out with kiddos.

  2. Its cute! I look for something that has enough hidden pockets to keep things separated, and easy to carry

  3. Cute! A must in a diaper bag for me, besides being cute and having lots of pockets is that it can stand upright when I set it down – looks like these fit the bill!

  4. I want a nightie like that! that’s soo cool!

    I like pockets in diaper bags, too. Everything in it’s place and it’s easy to see if something is missing.

    On that note, I think somebody should invent a diaper bag with programmable checklist. The very first time I used mine I had EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink in it…

    … but no diapers (ahem).

  5. There are so many different kinds of diaper bags but what I have found the most useful is pockets. Lot’s of pockets inside and out! Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find a thing (like my purse!) Super cute boho by the way but I’m actually loving the Kushies even better, especially with the matching changing pad.

  6. Cuteness! Why would I carry anything less? I’m no “frumpy old lady” mom! Also, it needs seperate areas for snackies.

  7. FAVORITE post-baby buy is a retro-style swimsuit (one piece, with a skirt type… thing… in the front…), pin up style. Looks fantastic and keeps all that extra skin in one spot, lol!

  8. I love a bag that isn’t too big. There is always one more thing I want to stick in, and it gets too heavy to tote around.

  9. This bag looks really cute. I finally found a bag with an outside pocket that worked like a wallet so I didn’t have to carry a purse AND a diaper bag. But it’s not cute at all. 🙁

  10. I love a bag that is stylish and has great color combos. It needs to be worthy of replacing my purse since I don’t like to carry both a purse and a diaper bag. Those are both great!

  11. I need one that is big enough to haul what I need for 2 diapered kids, has lots of pouches, and is cute and girly! This looks like it fits the bill!

  12. Love the bag! When looking for a diaper bag, I look for a wide opening and how much capacity it has. With a preschool and a baby, I need a bag that can hold everything, sippy cups, clothes, cloth diapers (they take up more room), etc…

    My post baby splurge is a good body soap and lotion. My favorite is Burt’s Bees exfoliating body wash.

  13. I like something without too many compartments but rather an easy access opening because I generally don’t get to ‘look’ for something in my diaper bag but fish blindly for it! 🙂 hard to reach compartments just make me grumble… easy to reach ones though, those would be heaven 🙂

    My ‘go to’ outfit! I have a long zipper up sweater and a pair of nice leather groundhog boots, they are both just trendy enough and match my beco so I can rush out of the house all in a tizzy with Sage in tow but still feel presentable whether my teeth are brushed or not.

  14. Love it!

    I’m with all the pocket mamas…lots of pockets means I know where everything goes and I don’t have to dig around at the bottom of the bag like Mary Poppins.

  15. Great bag and enough space and pockets for both children! Terrific to look put together again too when we go out.

  16. function over form here, but man I miss cute stuff! And that is just too freaking cute!

    Our fave dipe bag is this ugly square demin OshKosh bag that I picked up for $5 on clearance. It was intended as a “spare” but quickly became our everywhere bag.

    It is not fab or stylish in any way what-so-ever but it is still awesome. Different size/shape compartments to hold his junkand mine. Pockets inside for organization, and pockets outside for easy access to things like keys, wallet, cell, Epipens, etc. I just wish the inside pockets had zippers or velcro – it is inevitable that the thing goes upside down, sideways, etc and most of the inner stuff spills out.

    That is definitely something I look for in any bag – dipe or purse. Lots of places to hold stuff, and easy access to everything.

  17. Love these diaper bags! My diaper bag is plain black and no accessories so looking for an upgrade for sure! Hope I win this one! Fingers crossed!

  18. I’m in love with the Boho- how stylishly girlie. My son would even love to have his masculine-like baby gear toted around in something so lovely!

    Since the birth two months ago, I plan on splurging on a new cut & color…just need to find a way to get out of the house for some “me” time!

  19. I look for anything that’s not with those “duckies”, “teddies”, pastels or other obnoxious “I am a diaper bag” look to it.

    That’s looks though. Something that’s not Vinyl is very important. Some kind of a compartment (preferably zippered) that will keep my items (wallet, keys, etc…) from falling out is always good. Enough space for a few cloth diapers…but not a gym bag. 🙂

    These bags are very stylish.

  20. Love the bag. Mine needs to be just the right size for diapers and a change of clothes but not too big or I end up with a crazy heavy bag;(

  21. Two boys in diapers and I’ve already gone through three diaper bags. I don’t like too many pockets or I find it difficult to remember where I put things.

    My biggest splurge was a kindle, so great for reading while nursing.

  22. Love the bag! I need a pocket for my Sigg – every purse I have has a special place for it, diaper bag no exception.

  23. I love this one because it’s attractive and feminine without being over-the-top girly. It’s useful but doesn’t announce itself with the word “baby” or the aforementioned pastel ducks, nor does it try to hide itself by being black and masquerading as a laptop-carrying messenger bag. Any item I spend our extremely limited income on has to serve beyond its original purpose (like this bag being useable as just a nice bag, sans diapers) and be sturdy enough to be used through two children, then handed down to someone else or sold for a decent amount at a consignment shop.

  24. I love it, sooooo cute! I am also one for lots and lots of pockets!

    My favorite post birth purchase was also a night gown. A nursing one that I wear sometimes all day.

  25. I love bags that include a key ring attachment, and have a small external pocket to hold easy to grab essentials like my cell phone and a pen. Oh, and the bag needs to be tall enough to stand up a prefold cloth diaper folded in half. 🙂

  26. Groovy bags! In any slurgance (hmm is his a word) for me these days, it’s all about color. Rich, pure, colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Ooohhhh, love the bag! I got one as a gift from my well-intentioned husband that is baby blue with dogs. The change mat is very puffy and leaves hardly any room in the bag for cloth diapers. Needless to say, a new bag wouldn’t go amiss in this household!

  28. As a first time Mom, I had no idea what I needed in a Diaper Bag. I’ve gone through so many bags already & none of them are right. My precious angel is now 9 months & I hope that someday soon I find the right Diaper Bag. The Kushies Whimsy bag looks awesome. I wish we could buy them in South Africa.

  29. I would love the bag to use when I visit my grandchildren…and, of course, I would leave it with my daughter. It is so pretty and useful!

  30. Lots of pockets & being able to brew me a cup of coffee is something I have always thought someone should add;)

  31. I would LOVE a cool diaper bag. My plain navy blue one is rather boring, and needs to be updated after 3 kids!

  32. The bag is super cute. That is nice in a diaper bag, since I don’t always look the best going out the door. A diaper bag needs to look good and hold just enough but not too much and then when diapers are over be nice enough to use then. This looks like it does the trick.

  33. Pockets are a must! I just carry a diaper tote instead of a purse. Who needs to carry both? I’d LOVE to carry such an attractive bag…I might just carry it AFTER the babies are older lol

  34. Cute bag. I’m registering for baby right now and finding it difficult to settle on just one diaper bag 🙂

  35. That bag is my style too! I look for lots of interior organization options – without them, the inside contents get out of hand way too quickly!

  36. Very cute bag! I like bags that clip onto the stroller (we walk a lot) and that are both stylish and efficient in terms of space, pockets, etc. With two babes under three, one of which is in cloth diapers, there’s lots to carry and good sorting is key.

  37. I love a diaper bag that is easy to clean! Practicality is very important to me these days- I shop at local thrift stores for almost all of my clothes. This is great because I don’t spend a lot of money to begin with on clothes, and I don’t need to worry quite as much if they get stained. Almost all of my clothes are name brand in new or like new condition but I got them for a fraction of retail cost. Buying second hand is better for the environment too! My favorite recent purchase was a pair of brand new Dansko sandals ( still in the box!) that I got for $20!!

  38. I look for a diaper bag first and foremost to be easily cleaned…second I love all of the little compartments for all of the fun baby and toddler stuff! Before now I have had a plain Jane grey diaper backpack but oh boy, would I love this hip Kushies one to end out my childbearing days!!!! (Did I mention I’m due with #3 in 4 weeks….and that the other two are under 4?) Yep, playin’ the sympathy card…but if it gets that beautiful, hot mama bag in my hands, it was worth it!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  39. That bag is super cute.

    I haven’t actually ever looked for a diaper bag, I use my daughter’s old backpack. Iimagine if I had the money to spend I’d look for a little hook to attach my keys to.

  40. 4 kids in 5 yrs means my diaper bag is on it’s last limb! I don’t even take it out of the car anymore for fear it’ll fall apart. lol*

  41. Awesome diaper bag! It would be so nice to have something that I will be able to use even after it is done functioning as a diaper bag 🙂

  42. The Boho sure is gorgeous but I think the Whimsy is cute, too! Would love to add the Whimsy to my diaper bag stash. 🙂

  43. I love both of them! They are so much better than the duckies and bunnies!

    I love to look for fun small exotic things like a chocolate bar with lavender or a new organic tea.

  44. Such a cute bag. I love a diaper bag that is TIMELESS. Meaning it won’t be out of style the next year. No childish prints. But a nice sleek design for an ADULT! It also needs to have all the necessary pockets needed to carry, diapers, creams, wipes, clothes, sippy cups, snacks, etc. This seems to be it. This IS my style bag!

    Thanks fro holding this contest


  45. The Kushies Whimsy looks great to me. The bag I use to carry L’s stuff is a messenger bag, plain orange. Everything is just thrown in there together which is not ideal, but what I like about it is that it looks normal. And the Kushies Whimsy looks normal too. Thumbs up.

    On an unrelated note, I look for skincare products without synthetic ingredients and for that reason I am a huge fan of the Super Salve company. Check ’em out! I’ve seen “Infused with Love” and “Ya’ll are beautiful” printed on their labels and that makes me smile.

  46. You are right, that diaper bag would just make a great bag once it isn’t a diaper bag anymore! It’s awesome!

  47. I love function with flair! Pockets that keep my stuff organized inside, but fashion appeal on the cover :-)!

  48. I really could’ve used a cute bag like that a long time ago! I hate my diaper bag, honestly, I just can’t bring myself to buy a second one when I’ve already got one that functions just fine.

  49. I like large in a diaper bag because I’m often out for 8+ hours (working w/baby in tow) and need room! I did score a Haiku bag (not a diaper bag, but I can see using it for quick trips to the library or whatever) at the thrift store yesterday – $5.90 for a ~$75 bag!

  50. So cute! I love those colors! I think part of the fun in being a mama is enjoying the gear you look at and use every day and those flowers definitely say “Fun!”

  51. My current diaper bag is way too small and not so stylish. It only has space for LO’s stuff. I probablyshould have gotten a nicer one from the get-go. I guess these are all things I can do differently with #2. 😉

  52. I need a large diaper bag to hold all my stuff! And there MUST be a good place for all my “purse” items because I only carry one bag! Plus side pockets for drinks. I am kinda picky when it comes to my bag 🙂

  53. I definitely need a better diaper bag than the one I have now. It seems like the older my DS gets, the more space we need in the diaper bag 😀

  54. Looks beautiful! My current one is a free bag i got from work… not cute. I would love to carry my diaper bag with pride!

  55. I think it’s great to have cute diaper bags! It’s been years since I got to carry a cute purse with having my babies, so this would be GREAT to tote around…since I have a 4 month old girl!

  56. i love these bags! i’m always looking for a diaper bag that is cute enough to double as my bag as well and these are perfect…

  57. I really need a stylish diaper bag. My current one is a messenger bag from walmart. Which works fine, but I would love something chic. My favorite splurge item post baby was my ergocarrier. I know some would say that’s not a splurge, it’s a necessity but I already had 5 carriers, so it was a splurge.

  58. I chose the diaper bag I have now because it was a messenger style bag which I like and because it was a plain grey and black design that my husband wouldn’t be embarassed to carry, but seeing the bag above makes me wish my diaper bag was a little more chic and girly.

  59. What a great looking bag! I’m trying to figure out how to reorganize my diaper bag essentials now with a toddler and a new baby on the way! Thanks for the chance to win this one.

  60. I would love a nice roomy diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag…with lots of interior compartments and zippered exterior compartments

  61. Looking for a new bag – mine is really inflexible and this one looks like it can be crammed where I need to put it – in the bottom of a stroller, in a crowded car etc!

  62. As a foster mom of newborns who likes to use Kushies instead of disposables, I am always in need of a handy diaper bag. I would love to have one!

  63. My girl will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall, but I still carry a sack to put a change of clothes, toys, food and drink when we visit the big city, which is over an hour away. And since my girl is going to school, I’ve gone back to work and am desperate to have a beautiful satchel to carry all my work things in, instead of the bag that was given to to me by the person I replaced, which was given to her by another person that didn’t want the bag that someone else had given her. Yeah, it’s any ugly bag and I want something cool!

  64. Awesome bag! I absolutely have to have a bag with a messenger type strap. I can’t deal with an active toddler and a bag falling off of my shoulder. I don’t use a stroller so I have nowhere to stash a bag. I have to be able to throw it over my head, shove it behind my back and GO! GO! GO! to keep up with my son.

  65. “Diaper” bags are so important. I personally never feel bad about splurging on them because when I have infants, I never carry a purse and just add my few things to the big ole bag!

  66. ooh I love the look of that bag! What I am still looking for in a diaper bag is one that is cloth diapering friendly 🙂 And has a space for my stuff. I like organization!

  67. Gorgeous bags! I definitely look for style, how easy they are to clean, and how useful they will be in the future when picking a diaper bag.

  68. I want a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag and can be used for years to come. Organization would be great. I’m still trying to figure it out 🙂

  69. I just had my first little girl two months ago. I have two boys. My husband an I looked for a whole month for a diaper bag we liked and couldn’t find anything. I had to settle for a bag with tinkerbell on it…I hate it!!!I love the new Kushies bags.

  70. Great Bag ! I love that it doesn’t scream diaper bag! It is cute and stylish! I have an OiOi bag but my husband hates the print he calls it our Flinstone bag because the giraffe print!

  71. OH I would LOVE to win this! I’m on my third baby and still my first diaper bag…as you can imagine…it’s a tad bit worn 🙂

  72. I am trying like anything everywhere to get a chance to get this bag! My experience of baby bags so far has been horrible and am dying to get this stylish bag!!!!

    And I love splurging on bags and purses..all types and styles!

  73. I love that bag. I am addicted to diaper bags, I have 4 of them and love them I change them out like I do my purses. They are so cute now.

  74. I am a bag and shoe addict! Love all bags..and shoes…and jewelry…and my daughter is taking after me! But, I’m a savvy mama and I only support businesses that are ethical, such as Kushies. I love their diapering products and am an cloth diapering advocate! Love the company and love the bag!!!

  75. Those bags looks really cute, i have a new baby and still using a diaper bag from my first daughter, she is almost 9 years old! so an upgrade would be nice.

  76. Oh I would so like to win this! Im always looking for a bag that has many compartments.I need space to carry not only diapers but baby lotion, wipes, toys, and snacks too plus a water bottle. A bag that does it all would be perfect.

  77. Ah… I’ve been drooling over the Boho for a while, but not sure I want to carry around something so big. But I LOVE it! My diaper bag splurge is to have a yummy “mommy” treat in my bag. Like Lindt truffles that nobody else knows about…. 🙂
    .-= Sarah Tracy´s last blog ..Baby / Toddler Bow Tie =-.

  78. they are super nice, i really need an upgrade, still using a pink with bunnies diaper bag, not so chic.

  79. I LOVE the whimsy bag it’s so cute and it looks like it’s just about the perfect size to hold all my cloth diapering necessities! I think the whimsy is the perfect bag even after I’m done carrying around all the baby items at least until we have another little one. My little lady is 7 months and we’d love to win this cute diaper bag!

  80. I started using Kushies All-in-One cloth diapers with my first son(now 4) to help him potty-train and now use them exclusively with my second son(18 mos.) since he has super sensitive skin.

    I love the comment about the vintage nightie!

    My guilty pleasure before children was SHOES. I have a silver pair of stilettos with an ankle strap that always made me feel fabulous-like I should be dancing on broadway, rather then schlepping groceries to the car! After children, it has turned to diaper bags. However, I’ve had a super hard time finding a bag that fits a few cloth diapers (the AIO’s are thick) along with the other necessities. Maybe now that Kushies came out with their own line, their diapers will FIT in them! Awesome!

  81. Well my favorite splurges have been two and they were actually gifts. One was a hand made purse. My mom had the fabric picked out special for me and I love it. The other was a hand made ring my hubby got me for Christmas. I love that too and wear it all the time!!! I have been searching for a new more stylish diaper bag. I recently switched to cloth diapers and my old bad just isn’t cutting it!

  82. I love the Kushies products and the new bags are absolutely to die for. When I had my first daughter 12 years ago my diaper bag was a small travel size bag. Everyone knew i was going to be breastfeeding, so they purchased the small bag because “you’re not going to have to carry around baby bottles”.(i guess they never realized that diapers and extra clothes just won’t fit)

    With my second daughter, now 8, I had a huge vinyl pastel coloured bag. The size was better, but too large to conveniently fit with the stroller. Husband wouldn’t be caught dead carrying it.

    I am currently using a cloth bag that was a bonus gift from a bed linen store with our newest addition who is now 6 months old. It is pink and white (and hubby STILL won’t carry it!LOL)

    I tend to pack everything in the diaper bag, almost including the kitchen sink, so extra pockets and organization is key.

  83. super cute!

    i always have a snack for baby and ME in my diaper bag! Also lipgloss and extra hair ties are a must!


  84. I want a bag big enough to hold what I need but that looks cool! I love these bags and would be thrilled with either!

  85. Cute article – so true that you NEED a cute bag to tote around with you. Your image with baby is just as important as it was before! I would love to win this bag.

  86. I am about 2 days away from meeting my little man! This is my first baby and i am so excited. That would be amazing to have such a beautiful diaper bag. The one that i have right now is so boring!

  87. OMG! That is the cutest diaper bag I have ever seen. It does not even look like a diaper bag! Infact, even my husband could likely be convinced to carry it around 😉 LOVE IT! And, I truely NEED it to carry around all those Kushies Ultra Lite Reusable Diapers I just ordered 😉

  88. I would love this. Chic diaper bags are like getting a Coach bag. LOL. I really would love the Whimsy. Thank you for the great contest.

  89. Okay know that is what I call a diaper bag. That is the Rolls Royce of bags…. I can see my fashionable daughter swinging that over her shoulder for sure….. All her BBF’s would be in AWWWWH. Please pick us.

  90. ive got 3 girls and have never been able to get a posh cute diaper bag i got an 11 year a 3 year old and a newborn these two bag are absoultly amazing. i need to be able to carry a change of clothes and snacks for my three year old and clothes brup rag diapers bottles water formula rash cream wipes powder band aids sunblock and god knows what eles for my newborn. so a nice new (not hand me down) posh sylish ciute diaper bag would be so awsome! thank you for reading my entry!!

  91. I LOVE these bags…I am so happy that bags these days are being made large enough for all the things a mommy needs for two toddlers, and that they are gorgeous patterns and designs, other than plain pink and baby blue! So adorable, I want one!!! Please!

  92. I love this bag! I look for multiple storage pockets in a diaper bag, and of course it has to be stylish!

  93. These bags would make the world a difference for me and my family. We have gone through about 4-5 diaper bags in the past 15 months of my son’s life— all high quality– and they have all either ripped or become extremely stained. Now that we have a baby gal on the way we are in definite need of a good quality diaper bag that can withstand being squished into a stroller, tossed into a car and plopped on the floor of a dirty restaurant if needed. We have been schlepping back and forth to Boston on numerous occasions for pre-term labor and it would nice to have a bag that the zipper can close and hold everything inside since the last time we lost a couple of things due to diaper bag “overflow”. Not to mention- with two babies in cloth diapers– sounds like these are the bags I need:)

  94. Still on the search for the perfect diaper bag. They always seem to be too small, too big, or just awkward. you would think by baby #3 i would have found something I really like…. nope. I have to admit the bags I end up using the most are the reusable cloth grocery bags, and those are not stylish 🙁 I definitely could use something cute to hold a few cloth diapers without overflowing.

  95. Would love to have the bag to carry for baby through toddlerhood. Nice compliment to Mom and Dad shouldn’t freak out about toting a usual “pink floral” bag around. ;o) I like my bags to be roomy enough to stash my purse in so I only have one strap to carry.

  96. love these bags, so hip, so trendy

    gotta love being a cool mom

    would love to get my hands on one of these

    great work

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