Giveaway: The Sprout Change Cloth Diaper from Willow

Check out the Sprout Change cloth diaper:

The Willow Store is offering A la Mama blog readers the chance to win one of their soft, darling, and very well-designed cloth diapers.

Here’s the scoop from the Willow Store:

“We’ve completely re-invented the diaper to create a truly modern reusable system that’s simple enough for daycare, yet supremely customizable to provide the perfect fit for baby, every time. Our innovative, patent-pending and hassle-free design uses our unique SoftSleeve and Inside combination for lightning fast changes. Made of super-soft premium fabrics, yet affordable. From birth to potty, Sprout Change is the perfect fit your your little one. Made in the US.

Includes: Perfect for one diaper change. Swap out the Sleeve and Inside for a fresh set and you’re good to go. Additional booster packs sold separately. All One-size parts, no need for extra sizes.

1 Shell (Reversible-choose your favorite two colors in one Shell!)

1 Sleeve in Organic Cotton

1 Inside in Organic Hemp/Cotton Fleece

Other features:

-One size actually fits 5 to 40 lbs.

-Reversible Shell with no-hassle adjustable sizing for legs and waist.

– Re-engineered for quick diapering.

– Simple snap closures, guaranteed to last.

-Unique SoftSleeve wicks moisture away.

-Baby stays dry.

-Super-Absorbent Insides provide twice the absorbency with less bulk.

-Shell has a double layer of leak-proof protection with seamless mess-free gussets.”

Use coupon code AlaMama for 15% off your order at

Enter to win by leaving a comment below. If you have a sec, please answer one of the following questions:

1) What’s your favorite Sprout Change Color?

2) What type of diaper system do you currently use? (AIO, disposable, hybrid, pockets, prefolds/wraps, etc.)
Sprout Change Logov2small

Thanks, and good luck! : )

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253 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Sprout Change Cloth Diaper from Willow”

  1. Currently I am looking into cloth diapers. I so want to cloth my newborn from the start due ~ 9/11. I have tried G Daipers with my oldest but was not 110% happy. I must say I am thrilled to see yours are organic or help. 🙂

  2. I would love to win this diaper! 🙂 I have two little ones in diapers and I currently use a combination of Bumgenius 3.0 pockets and prefolds with covers, and we love cloth diapering!

  3. These diapers are very cute! I like the spearmint, although having 2 girls would love to see a pink option! We currently use prefolds and wraps, some AIO. I would love to add a Sprout to our collection!

  4. I really like the Blue Moon 🙂 Right now, I like pockets for daytime diapering and covers/fitteds for nighttime.

  5. I like the blue moon and coconut!! Now that my son is 10 squirmy months old, we’ve been using pocket diapers a lot more! I still use a lot of prefolds and flats without a cover for air time but pockets are a must for dad, grandma, and running errands.

  6. Love the coconut/sweet corn color! We have mostly pockets, but some AIOs as well for the newborn for less bulk.

  7. I like the Spearmint color, not currently using any baby diapers, I’m due in October 🙂 I usually use prefolds, though.

  8. i love the spearmint and the coconut/sweet corn color! I am shopping around for cloth diapers and really like the AIO and pocket diapers. This looks like a fantastic diaper! I would love to win it 🙂

  9. I currently use disposables for my 15 month old and just switched to underwear for my 2 1/2 year old during the day and pullups at night. Been thinking of switching to cloth for awhile now.

  10. These are cute! I am a sucker for green diapers, I have several of them – so I like Spearmint the best.

    I use a little bit of everything – prefolds/covers, pockets, and one lonely AIO (that I love dearly).

  11. I would love a chance to try this diaper, I have 7 children and used cloth with my first and then again on my last, so it sure has changed from “89” to “05” and am planning on using them again in Feb, I used AIO’s with my last, but am excited to try something different!

  12. I would love to try this diaper! I have boy-girl 3 month-old twins,so colors don’t matter too much (however, we seem to have few blue diapers?) We currently use one-size pocket diapers, mostly Smartipants,but are always looking to add to our stash!

  13. I like the Blue Moon/Sweet Corn combo. We primarily are using prefolds, with two pocket dipes that we veer much look forward to using 😉

  14. I like the coconut-sweet corn the best. I used mostly FB pockets & Under the Nile fitteds with a cover with my daughter (now uses the potty). I am 14 weeks pregnant & would love to try Sprouts with the new baby!

  15. My husband and I are expecting our first baby early next year so right now, we are very interested in ALL cloth diapers! I like the Blue Moon color a lot. So pretty!
    .-= Lessons in Life and Light´s last blog ..The 4th of July in

  16. I don’t use these diapers, just hearing about them but they look great! I use AIO right now but in the past have used prefolds as well… Would love to win the diaper so I can try it out on my new baby on its way!

  17. I have not tried this brand yet and I am fairly new to cloth diapers so I would love to give this one a try! I have some pockets that we are currently trying.

  18. I love the blue moon diapers! I have a 2 year 3 months and 4 month old and I use a combination of AIO’s bum genius, fitted diapers with covers and some prefolds. I only use disposables if traveling. I love these since you can reuse the cover!

  19. I have used AIO OS pockets in the past, and with the new baby I will be using covers and prefolds. I do like AIO diapers, but had problems with the pul lining losing it’s waterproof quality towards the end of 2 years of use.

  20. i think I am becoming a cloth diaper addict!there are so many out there i want to try cause they are so cute! I would love to win this!

  21. I like their spearmint color. 🙂 We use sposies right now, but we’re looking forward to making the change soon!

  22. I love green, so the spearmint is for us! We currently use prefolds and are shopping for a new cover brand.

  23. I do like the green one best! I use prefolds with a cover. I am stuck with this system and have never tried anything else!

  24. We use PFs and wool/wraps for the first few months and then OS fitteds/wool and a few PUL wraps thereafter. I am expecting a new little guy in October and would love to try this in the bluemoon 🙂

  25. 1. blue moon/coconut

    2. we use all kinds of homemade dipes (hi mom!). i guess my faves right now with this baby are the pocket dipes with an insert on top as well. i also like fitteds with wraps, but he’s getting kinda wiggly.

  26. ooh thsese look interesting! i love the blue moon & spearmint for my little guy. thanks for the chance to win & showcasing all these fabulous different cloth dipes!

  27. Would love a Blue Moon!

    We currently use Bumgenius OS pockets 3.0, and Happy Heiny’s pocket OS. Mixture of snaps and velco. Don’t love the velcro on the BG’s as it wears too quickly and stops sticking.

  28. I currently use AIOs and covers with contour dipes. Bumkins, BumGenius, Nijis, and Kissaluvs. I am currently loving one size diapers since I have a one year old I need a bit more of a stash for, but am eventually planning one more babe.

  29. I don’t have a favorite because we’re just exploring the world of cloth diapering beyond flat folds/pins/vinyl pants!

  30. i like all of the colors! we use the grobaby system at the moment but i would love to try this! they look really nice! 🙂

  31. I really like the spearmint, and the sweet corn for colors. We have a combo of diapers, mostly pre-folds w/cover and fuzzy bunz.

  32. We currently use mostly pockets, but anxious to have an AIO in my stash!

    I love the blue moon and sweet corn!!

  33. I do not currently have a child in diapers, but am stocking up on cloth diapers when they’re on sale for our next child. I think these are awesome! I really like the spearmint-coconut combo. :o)

  34. I would love to try these! I have a mixture of diapers but most are prefolds with one-size covers. I love AI-2’s though and pockets!

  35. I use prefolds and covers, pul and wool. These diapers look very interesting. I’ve been eyeing other systems, but honestly can’t afford it.

  36. I love the Spearmint/Coconut combo! Right now I generally just use prefolds with Thirsties covers, but I have a couple of Thirsties pocket diapers as well.

  37. reversible! awesome. blue moon – sweet corn!

    i really like the fit of softbums, but also use grobaby, gdipes w/gcloth, a few Bumgenius & monkey doodlez (love their swim dipes!)

  38. I like the sweet corn! We just stopped using disposables since our son is potty trained but are currently purchasing a variety of cloth to diaper our daughter due in September! So far I have pocket and AIO diapers.

  39. 1) I like the spearmint-coconut

    2) I’m pregnant and currently have purchased some prefolds w/ thirsties and bummis covers, and some kissaluvs. I have yet to purchase any AIOs or pocket diapers.

  40. i like the blue moon. we currently use prefolds/wraps, some fitteds, and some disposables (i’m still adjusting!)

  41. I use mostly prefolds but I have a few pocket diapers too. I love the pocket diapers so I’m slowly adding to my collection. This would be great because we would get lots of use out of it.

  42. I like blue moon/sweet corn!

    We use OS FB. I tried the hybrid gDiapers, but it was a big no-go for us. I love AIO and pocket diapers!
    .-= Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas´s last blog ..Sunshine Stack =-.

  43. 1. I like the blue moon-sweet corn combination.

    2. We mostly use Chinese prefolds with handknit soakers and longies, but I have a few AIOs and some GroBaby AI2s.

  44. I love the spearmint! Great natural color!!!

    We use the AIO diapers and love them. Easy for the whole family to change and launder!

  45. Blue moon with coconut combo.

    I use prefolds with diaper cover or woolie soakers at night. I have a AIO also.

  46. I like the spearmint-coconut.

    I have prefolds with bummis covers for my newborns as my babes are not even 7 pounds when born, but when they bulk up a little I have mother ease all in ones, but they are getting pretty worn, not sure what I’ll do for baby due in Jan, maybe thinking of getting some new diapers, this giveaway would be great!

  47. i want to try cloth diapers but am afraid of the work! i have a 4yr old who’s completely potty trained but i guiltily used disposables with her.

  48. The spearmint sweet is my favorite color. We’re currently have bumgenius 3.0, Fuzzibunz, Kushies, and Dreameze. We have a very mixed stash of diapers. 🙂

  49. This diaper sounds awesome. I am pregnant with my second, and unfortunately used disposable for my first… 🙁

  50. I love the Spearmint.

    I currently use prefolds and covers (really unique ones I buy from a local work-at-home-mom), and also Bum Genius pockets. I use the prefolds for daytime, and the BG’s for night. My husband prefers the BG’s, so when he changes our son, he uses them during the daytime, too. It’s a nice system.

  51. I love the Spearmint/Sweet Corn combo!

    I currently use an assortment of dipes. I use BG OS pockets and a few AIOs for daycare and nights, but I love prefolds or fitteds and covers while not at daycare.

  52. Love the blue moon/sweet corn combo! We are actually in the process of trying to find our favorite cloth diaper so we can buy a big stash!

  53. I like the blue moon with coconut Sprout. I currently use a combination of fitted pocket diapers, one-size pocket diapers, and cotton indian prefolds with Thirsties Duo diaper covers.

  54. I love the blue moon – sweet corn . I ve been clth diapering for 1.5 and I have all diffrent ones. For diffrent occations.

  55. I love the spearmint sweet!

    We use a combo of prefolds/covers and AIO for naps/nights and when S is in daycare two days a well. We have been trying out a variety of AIO since this is a more recent addition to our stash.

  56. The blue moon looks lovely! I have just had to sell all my bumgenius diapers because my girls are allergic to the synthetic fibres. This diaper looks amazing. I am also trying to decide what system I will use for the next baby.
    .-= Melynda´s last blog ..Am I becoming too obsessive =-.

  57. I like the Blue Moon. Currently we use prefolds and covers because we use a diaper service. Soon I’ll be getting my own washer/dryer and start doing my own. So now I’m working on building my stash. Would love to add one of these!

  58. i like the blue moon or sweet corn. We are expecting our first in september and are planing on a combination of pockets and pockets used as all in twos

  59. I’m currently 40wks, and have a variety of CD’s that I am excited to experiement with…. I have no idea which ones I will like the best… there are sooo many available!

  60. Blue moon!

    & we are currently using disposables but I am doing my research on cloth. I can’t wait to start. = )

  61. I like Blue Moon. I am testing out new diapers: everything from Mother-ease to gDiapers to Happy Heinys. Not sure I have a fav. yet.

  62. We mostly use pocket diapers but also have a few AIOs. After looking at the website, I like all of the colors but I think that coconut is probably my favorite.

  63. Blue moon-sweet corn all the way! My 6 m/o and 2.5 y/o are in one-size pockets mostly, with a few sized small pockets and prefolds and PUL covers thrown in the mix for the little one.

  64. I currently use disposables, and am trying a few cloth here and there to find some I like and make the switch! I love the blue moon – sweet corn color. The Sprout Change Diapers look great.

  65. I like the “sweetcorn” color. We use a pocket cover (after failing with the fleece….major bumpage…no clue why!) with a prefold inside or a fitted diaper. We have a few AIOs. I am hoping to solve the fleece problem so I can use other kinds that use this too!

  66. I would like to try this diaper. We currently use AIO, Hybrid, pockets and prefolds and wraps…A little of everything. But NO disposables…

  67. Love the Blue moon- coconut combo

    I currently use a huge mix. Kiwi pie fit teds, g diapers (with cloth g-flappers), bumgenius 3.0’s and thirsties. the fitteds are my personal fave though

  68. Blue moon! I’m currently preggo, and have prefolds and covers. Would love to won one of these beautiful dipes!!!

  69. Have been interested in trying these out, they look cute, I am purchasing a wide range of diapers because I wanna see which best fits and such for my daughter.

  70. I like the blue moon/coconut. I use prefolds and fitted with a snap type cover during the day. I use a hemp pocket with a wool cover at night. I would love to win this, my toddlery toddler is getting so hard to change and something nice and quick would be so great!

  71. I would love to try this diaper system. We are using fitteds with covers right now and while they are fine for home, I wanted some daddy/sitter/ on the go friendly dipes. These seem really easy!

    I like the spearmint/coconut color combo.

  72. Right now we’re still trying out different types of diapers, AIO, AI2, wraps with prefold, wraps with fitted, to see what works the best. These diapers look great, and I hope to get to try them!!

  73. Not using any yet, but doing lots of research on the various cloth diapers–definitely want to go cloth. Due 10-10-10!

  74. We are just getting started with cloth diapering in our house and are currently using prefolds with a diaper cover. I am very interested in experimenting with other types of diapers and I would love to try the Sprout Change cloth diaper to see if those are the ones we want to go with!

  75. I would love to try one of these, our current system is pretty basic: Bummis Super Whisper Wraps with unbleached prefolds, for both my 2yr old and newborn.

  76. sweet corn. we use bella bottoms bamboo OS fittteds or Imse Vimse OS contours w/ imse vimse organic cotton covers & a few BG AIO OS organics 🙂

  77. I currently use AIO’s (prefer-but don’t prefer the brands I have right now) and fitteds (only because I have a large stash) and Pockets (Using for my outtings and for when others watch son). I’ve just started to fiddle w my prefolds after all these years, only because it seems fun…but I’d prefer my others still…

  78. Love Love the spearmint, but really like how the colors are soft and pleasing to the eye. Our current system is prefolds/fitteds and wool wraps 😀

  79. blue moon for sure! We use pocket (Fuzzi Bunz) and also prefolds with wool covers.
    .-= Danielle Hurt´s last blog .. =-.

  80. The spearmint is probably my favorite. We use mostly pocket diapers with some fitteds thrown in every now and then.

  81. We currently use all one sized pockets but many different brands. I’ve never tried out a side snap as mine are all front closure style. Would love the chance to try a new kind of cloth diaper!

  82. I like the sweet corn.

    I am just starting using cd’s and haven’t had a chance to try all the kinds but I like the easier the better and those that are one size seem to be the best for us.

  83. we use a mix of prefolds/fitteds with wool and pockets – any gender neutral color would be great for us – these look really nice

  84. 1) favorite color= spearmint

    2) We currently use pockets and prefolds/wraps, and wool diaper covers.

    We would love to try out this awesome Sprout Change Diaper!

  85. Blue Moon

    Use hybrids or pockets, sometimes will pull out prefolds and wraps but not often, I am uncoordinated when it comes to prefolds.

  86. These diapers look really neat!!! I currently use AIO and pocket diapers. I love the idea that they fit such a variety of sizes!

  87. I like the blue moon color. I am currently using hybrid diapers and prefolds/wraps during the day. I have two pocket diapers which I alternate for night time use.

  88. 1- i really like the spearmint color but all are nice.

    2- currently switching to cloth diapers. I’m shopping as we speak. my friend let me borrow some of her thirsties covers and i have some flats and some prefolds that i had used as burp cloths before. the prefolds are pretty small on my lil guy and i havent actually tried the flat ones yet. very new to all this, but need to choose and buy a stash! 🙂

  89. Spearmint/coconut. We use pockets mostly and some times fitteds and prefolds- mostly around the house w/o covers for more air time!

  90. I have JUST started cloth diapering and so far love AIO’s. Those and pockets I think are going to be what we use.

  91. We currently use pockets 90% of the time. Our tried and true FB have made it through 3.5 long years of use, now it is time to find something else. I will have to check these out.

  92. I love the spearmint. We are using the flip clother diapers. I have one AIO diaper and need to buy some more. The color looks great. 🙂

  93. i love the blue moon! Currently use bumgenius one-size pockets. I’ve replaced the elastic in them once already and need to replace both the velcro and elastic if I want to keep using them, I would love to try different diapers before I go for another 6 month fix.

  94. I love the spearmint color. It’s neat that you can get a cover that is reversible. Too bad they don’t have Blue moon-spearmint 😉 Anyway, I currently use a bamboo one size with snap covers.

  95. I am eclectic-I use alot of pockets for my 3.5 year old, and some pockets and some aio for my 14 month old.

  96. Blue moon is sweet! Love the looks of these diapers! We use bagshot row bamboo ultimate fitteds with fishnoodles covers – we love them both. A good pocket diapers however would be a GREAT addition to our diaper bag and these look like what we have been waiting for – great creation!!

  97. I really like the spearmint. We use pockets and prefolds with covers mainly, also have 1 AIO. These look like wonderful diapers!

  98. Favorite color is sweet corn!

    And we cloth diaper using mostly pockets with a few AIO’s thrown in for fun 🙂

  99. The spearmint is lovely! We use prefolds and flats in wrap covers. I also make/sell/use wool covers that we love! I have one other grow-with-me type wrap cover and they are awsome! I love being able to have a cover that adjusts with just a few snaps! Too handy!
    .-= Valerie L´s last blog ..6 to 12 Month Upcycled Wool Diaper Cover =-.

  100. We love the blue moon!

    Our current system: prefolds for the home (unfortunately our covers are Velcro and someone has learned to take them off), and pocket diapers when we go out. I want to start pocket dipes during the night but our stash is small so we never seem to have them by the time bedtime rolls around (hint hint).

  101. I like the Spearmint a lot! We currently don’t use dipes because our daughter is 4. We did use prefolds and fitteds with covers when she was little. Open to ideas when we need diapers again!

  102. Spearmint is definitely my favorite color. We have a mixture of diapers we use right now, some fitted, some prefold, a few hybrids, and a couple of pockets 🙂

  103. I have never used Sprout but it looks great! I mostly use prefolds with Thirsties covers but am looking for a good night time diaper. I would LOVE to try these diapers!

  104. I’ve been using 7th Generation since my one year old outgrew all of the (supposedly) one size fits all dipes I made her. I want to cloth diaper again!

  105. We’re expecting our second baby in the next week or so! I’m hoping to use disposable during the week and AIO cloths when we’re home. I work, so it’s hard to keep up with all the laundry, but think cloth when I can get it in can work for us!

  106. 1. I love the spearmint/coconut

    2. Currently use pocket diapers (Fuzzibuns mostly) and AIO’s (Bumgenius mostly). But I am always on the search for great new diapers. Thanks for the opportunity to try these!

  107. I am pregnant still so am currently not diapering!! (although my diminishing bladder might have me wearing some myself before its all said and done!)

    I personally always buy the blue and green of everything… we don’t know the sex and I’m not a personal lover of pink and yellow…

  108. Currently useing Fuzzibuns during the day and seventh generation at night.But would love to try and new cloth diaper as FB always leak at night as my daughter is a heavey wetter

  109. Spearmint/coconut looks lovely! I currently don’t have diaper system since my baby is not due til Dec but I’m definitely looking into cloth diapers.

  110. our 2 year old has done both cloth and disposables but is in panties mostly now. We have a new little one coming in a couple months and hope to do all cloth, prefolds and AIO’s

  111. We use 7th Generation disposable, but are changing to cloth as soon as our little one starts his new day care!

  112. We are currently using growing greens one size fitted with kissaluvs marvels covers, but I would love to try new things!

  113. I like Blue Moon, it’s so bright! But, I am a sucker for anything yellow too.

    Currently and regretfully I am still using disposables. But, as soon as I get the package I ordered from diaper daisy we are going cloth! I am going to give one of the trials a go, so I will know more about what I like in a few weeks.

  114. Never heard of this one, but I’d lve to try it! I’m always up for what might be my new fave 🙂

    I use all different styles, I like different types depending on what we are doing. For at home I love to use a fitted coverless, AIO’s and pockets for out and about, and Flips for travelling. So, yep… I’ve got a HUGE stash, lol
    .-= Sarah Tracy´s last blog ..Baby – Toddler Bow Tie =-.

  115. Love the blue moon! I use a little of everything, fitteds with wool covers, pockets, AIO for night, hybrids.

  116. we would love to try this diaper out. We currently mainly use prefolds/covers but do have a couple of pocket dipes. Love the sweet corn colour!

  117. These are adorable and sound like an excellent product! I am looking to build my current stash of cloth diapers so this would be. Wonderful addition to the pocket diapers we have now. We have also used prefolds. I love the sweet corn color!

  118. I like the sweet corn and spearmint colors for my grandbabies who are using combos of AIO and pockets w inserts. New baby girl due in October!

  119. I just started using CD’s this week!!! I have 10 bumgenius diapers as I was informed they are “easiest”. Now it’s time for me to start exploring my options. On your site I love the Blue Moon color 🙂

  120. I’m expecting my first little guy in Nov. and plan to cloth diaper. I’m still in “reasearch mode” though! 🙂 This looks like a great product! I LOVE the spearmint and sweet corn colors!

  121. I love your spearmint and coconut color combo. right now we’re using a mix of diapers. We have prefolds and covers for during the day and pockets for at night. I’m going out tomorrow to find some biodegradable inserts for traveling.

  122. I love the spearmint/sweet corn combo!

    We currently use a combination of Flips, Gro-via Hybrids, and Sweetpea AI3 during the day, and Rocky Mountain Diapers (pockets) at night!

  123. spearmint. we use a combo of every diaper system (prefold, aio, sposies, pockets), still trying to see what works best!

  124. I really like the blue moon color. We currently use a combination of diapering supplies for our two children- prefolds and Bummis diaper covers for our 2 year old daughter, and Moonies one size cloth diapers for our 2 month old boy he is sensitive to feeling we so the organic cotton velour of the Moonies is super wicking and keeps him comfy. Love the one size b/c I can put them on either child if I am out and about and don’t have to worry about making sure I have the right size diaper for each!

  125. Spearmint is lovely. We use a combo of fuzzi buns os and meds, bum genius 3.0 and AIO, and Happy Heiny. Would love to try another cd brand.

  126. I really like the color Blue Moon! We are currently using bumGenius AIO’s for my daughter but she is about to grow out of the xs’s so we are going to try a few different OS diapers.

  127. I like all the colors! I think spearmint and blue moon are my top two though. I use flips and g-diapers right now I love both but need more diapers, especially one-size (just in case I ever have two in diapers at the same time!). I also want to try other kinds of diapers.

  128. We use Fuzzi Bunz, only at night since my daughter’s done with diapers during the day now. I’m always looking to improve my stash for the next baby! DD was exclusively in cloth her entire life–never once wore a sposie–and I plan to do the same with all my kids!

  129. I like the spearmint. We use a set of prefolds and we all in ones (swaddlebees) for when we are out and about.

  130. We’re using fuzzibunz hand me downs and prefolds with covers. Disposable for night, wish I could find a cloth solution for night too.

  131. I like the Blue Moon-Sweet Corn colour combo.

    My stash is all over the place! When at home I use prefolds trifolded in covers. For overnight it’s pockets double stuffed with hemp. When we go out, I have Flips, some AIOs and more pockets. I think it’s safe to say that I never met a cloth diaper I didn’t like!

  132. My system? It’s an everything system: we thought we’d try a range of diapers to see what we liked best, and really, we seem to like them all! I’m with Isha Tan: “it’s safe to say that I never met a cloth diaper I didn’t like!”

  133. BlueMoon-SweetCorn, too cute!

    I use disposable, but I want to start using cloth. One babe is almost outta diapers (YAY!!!) but another baby is on the way. I want to do it up cloth this time!

  134. We currently use mostly BumGenius AIO, although I am not happy about the customer service I have received. I will also NEVER buy another diaper with velcro…must have snaps! I am in the process of removing all velcro from they 20+ BumGenius and converting to snaps 🙁 frustrating project!

  135. My favorite color combination is the Spearmint+Sweet corn! Such a wonderful diaper, or so I’ve heard 🙂

  136. I haven’t started CD’ing yet (baby will arrive in Sept) but our current stash consists mostly of pocket one-size diapers. Can’t wait!

  137. Love the blue moon-sweet corn.

    We use mostly pockets, with some fitteds/covers. Just got some wool, so I can’t wait to try that out!

  138. The colors are all great! Currently using gDiapers with cloth inserts during the day and Fuzzibunz for nighttime or soils.

  139. I like the Sweet Corn/Blue moon color. I’m currently using fitted diapers with a cover (usually Bummis). I do have some AIO and pockets too.

  140. I love the spearment color! I currently use BumGenius one size diapers, as well as MotherEase and Bummis covers. 🙂

  141. Just found your blog on MSN and have gone through a few of your other posts – do you freelance or guest write for other blogs? I have just Rss’d you to my news reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  142. I like the spearmint. I use a hybrid system (gDiapers) with cloth only. I would love to try some other CDs.

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