Giveaway Winners for Lunapads, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Aladdin, Rumparooz, Teatulia, and Zoe Organics.

Today I am announcing the winners of the following giveaways: Lunapads, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Aladdin, Rumparooz, Teatulia, and Zoe Organics.

Heavy Pad and Liner Front
Lunapads winners:

Michelle, comment # 21: “I started using cloth pads when I started to get my period again. I made a bunch of pads, and have gone back to the drawing board with my design a few times now. I’m so curious about what the ‘real’ pads are like. They are beautiful to look at!”

Cari Aida: “I love the selection of pads available through luna pads – I’m a heavy bleeder so I frequently wear postpartum size pads at night.”

Amber: “I only use cloth diapers on my 1st baby, and it’s time for this momma to ditch the disposables for myself too. I’m having baby #2 in January, so this will be the perfect time to start. It’s been great to build on the foundation of awareness of my impact on the world from my parents as more wonderful products like yours have become available since my mom had me many moons ago.”

Caitlin: “We cloth diaper, I use the diva cup and lunapads mini pads, we use green laundry detergent, we ride our bike around or walk for our errands, we got rid of our car, we recycle, we compost…not all these changes happened when we had our baby, but she is certainly another reason to continue all our trajectory of greenness.”

Zoe Organics Prize Pack Winner:

Joslyn (79th comment)

Teatulia prize pack winners

Herbal: Callie Swanlund

Caffeinated: Charise Nulson

Earth Mama Angel Baby Winner:

Ashley, who commented at 2010/09/17 at 4:51am.

Aladdin Giveaway Winners:

Katy S.

Amy Parks


Rumparooz Winners:

Jen Oldham

Mary of

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