Celebrity Mom Causes Debate with Breastfeeding Shot in Glamour

Photo by Patrick Demarchelier, Glamour Magazine, Sept 2014

Olivia Wilde isn’t the first celebrity mom to make a point of showing off her choice to breastfeed, and she won’t be the last, but some are saying that this beautiful shot in the Sept ’14 issue of Glamour is doing more harm than good.

“I was working—I was shooting the cover of Glamour, and I needed to fed my son Otis. So he came to work and I had to feed him. Either I was going to do it off camera or on, and I thought, you know what? Shoot it, because this is part of my real life.”

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Rather than helping to normalize breastfeeding, a group of parents and experts are stating that it’s just another example of a celebrity working mom (who has an unusual amount of flexibility and support) making something that many moms struggle with look too easy.

People aren’t talking about how challenging the au naturel feeding experience is. “There’s been a big movement to help people breast-feed more, and it’s created a bit of a myth about how easy it is,” says Dr. Christine Proudfit, an ob/gyn at NYU Langone Medical Center. “People don’t talk about how hard it is.”

“You walk into this mothering thing and you think, well, the baby knows what to do, my body knows what to do, this is natural … and no one tells you that it’s f—–g hard,” says Amy Palmisano, 39, from Harlem, who faced double trouble when breast-feeding her twin girls Tallis and Vivian. “Everything does not go perfectly from the start.”

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What do you think? Are shots like these helping to normalize a natural act…or are they misleading and discouraging for moms who don’t find the process of breastfeeding an easy one?

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