gone fishin’


Not! But in casting about for a metaphor to explain such abject blog neglect on my part, it’s the one that surfaces. We’re in magazine throes* now, hurtling down that final week toward the on-press date. . .

And meanwhile it’s summertime back at the ranch, where, over the last few weeks, my brother came visit (first time in 15 years!), Tim and Reeve and I helped friends move, our 13-year-old cat tried to die (spent several days at the vet but seems to be hanging in there on his own now), Reeve had to find (and did!) a place to live in the fall in Las Cruces, where he’s heading back to school. Lots going on.

So, no fish. Except for the undaunted little guy taped to my monitor.

And apologies for the blog silence.

Photo of my desk, magazine production in process. . .

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