good morning.

Today, we’re going over to the kids’ school to help paint Honorée’s first grade classroom. Kudos to the organizers for buying zero-VOC paint. Especially given that it’s a kids’ classroom. My faves are Mythic and Yolo Colorhouse, but they probably got the local stuff, BioShield.

I’m tempted to let the kids bring their bikes, since the campus is so sprawling and safe, but since there won’t be a dedicated sitter, I’m thinking that Nathaniel might just keep going. You know that theory that kids have an invisible tether to a parent that varies in length at different ages, depending on their sense of independence? Well, right now, Mr. Aries Four-Year-Old has a super-long tether–if he has one at all. This kid is so sure that he won’t get lost or separated from me that unless I hold his hand, lately, he is off. He might end up at Chuck E. Cheese, fifty miles away, if I let him bring his bike. 

Back in June, he told me:

“I’m gonna run away.”

“Where to?” I asked. 

“I’m gonna run away to Chuck E. Cheese!” he announced imperiously.

Because that’s what the disaffected teen staff there want: a random unsupervised moppet sans cash-spewing parent. Nothing like going to a place once a year to make it into a totem of all of a child’s unfulfilled desires. It’d be less hallowed if we went there once a week. *shudder*

The farmer’s market is in full swing right now, but I am feeling low-energy and don’t know if I can brave it. We still have eggs and chicken from last week. Hmmm…I’m more tempted by their breakfast burritos than anything else at this moment.

Laura and I took in the last opera of the season last night, Radamisto by Handel. It was truly beautiful, lyrical, all of the things I lean towards in that genre…call me soft. I wore this awesome 29 buck sleeveless and strapless frock that I got at TJ Maxx, with a sweater, because it’s really starting to feel like autumn! There’s fog on the mountains and the air is slightly bitey in the morning. If I were to go to the Farmer’s Market, I would have a sweater on. That’s very appealing. I love that time of year where you’re still in flip-flops, but have to layer.

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