Got Loving-Kindness to Share?

I took a Mindfulness Birthing class during my first pregnancy. On the last day, our teacher guided us through a Metta Meditation, cultivating loving-kindness towards ourselves and our babies-to-be. Our teacher had us repeat intentions including, “May my baby be healthy,” “May my delivery be safe,” and “May my baby be happy.”

In the spirit of the New Year, I invite you to participate in a collective moment of compassionate meditation. Feel free to add sentences in the comments sections.


May my baby be healthy.


May my baby be safe.


May my baby be happy.


May my partner be healthy.


May my partner by safe.


May my partner be happy.


May I be healthy.


May I be safe.


May I be happy.


May I lead with my heart.


May I trust my intuition.


May I choose the generous thought.


May I forgive more and judge less.


May I be the humble receiver of grace.






About Jessica Williams: Jessica Williams created L.O.V.E. Parenting with a series of techniques for effective communication, deepened connection and more joy in parenting and life. Jessica is a featured expert internationally on both Mothering and the upcoming Jessica is a regular contributor to Mothering, LA Parent Magazine, LA Mom Magazine & DailyBuzzMoms. She has been interviewed on television and radio and taught workshops at family wellness centers, schools and doctor’s offices. Her Birth Kit has helped women have a transformational & empowering birth. Jessica maintains a private coaching practice in her native Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and their three children. 


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