Dad Poses in Hilarious Maternity Photoshoot

This man posed for the greatest maternity photoshoot we've ever seen.Francisco Pérez — better known as Paco — posed for the greatest maternity photoshoot we’ve ever seen.

A father of two twenty-something girls, Paco’s maternity belly has been spreading good cheer across the Internet for about a year.

The genius behind the photos is photographer Martyn Wilkes. According to the Huffington Post, he came up with Paco’s outfit, body paint and flower-power accessories. Just try not to laugh at these beauties:


Photo Credit: Martyn Wilkes

3 thoughts on “Dad Poses in Hilarious Maternity Photoshoot”

  1. He’s not the first person to pose for these types of photos. There was a male celebrity photo shoot a few years ago with men getting into some of the ridiculous poses female fashion models are expected to get into. What IS funny about the photos is the look on his face and what it says about sexist expectations of the expressions on women’s faces and the ways women are expected to carry our bodies. However, I dearly would not want this photo shoot to send an offensive message about men who choose to express their gender in a fluid way. Men should be able to wear skirts, flowers in their hair, and paint pretty pictures on their bellies if they want to. Please be careful that “hilarious” isn’t translated to mean “anti-transgender.” There’s a whole new, younger generation that looks at gender differently than people in Paco’s and my generation (I’m in my forties). Thanks for your sensitivity to this — when publishing an article like this, you do need to explain and not just assume that readers will understand the article meant no harm.

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