Green School Supplies Giveaway: Dixon Prize Pack with Ecozoo Backpack

Dixon Ticonderoga designed a truly epic green school supplies giveaway for one lucky A la Mama reader. The lucky winner will receive a cornucopia of school supplies in a fab organic cotton backpack. Here’s what’s included:

1. Lyra Groove Colored Pencils

2. RENEW Recycled Tire Pencils

3. Prang Art Markers

4. Dixon Soy Crayons

5. Dixon EnviroStiks Pencils

6. Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set

7. Prang Metallic Markers

8. Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils

and, last but not least, the Ecozoo Panda backpack.

All together now…




Organically-grown cotton canvas & rope materials

Non-toxic dyes

Recycled plastic components

Sustainable wood accents

Padded shoulder straps

Also available in Pig, Elephant and Puppy

Machine washable

14 in. x 10 in. x 5 in.

To enter to win, please leave a comment below. Good luck!

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437 thoughts on “Green School Supplies Giveaway: Dixon Prize Pack with Ecozoo Backpack”

  1. I love these items! It’s so nice to see there are many options for our children to use safe supplies while at school.

  2. Love these products! My three oldest are on quite a recycling kick, so additional recycled products in the house would be a huge hit with them.

  3. I love the soy crayons! I didn’t know about a couple of the pencils available and will make an effort to get those on my next school supply shopping trip.

  4. My daughter starts preschool this year, and all of these supplies would be great for her to share with her class. And she LOVES pandas. She always tells me how they eat Bamboo and live in Asia.

  5. Oh this is awesome! It would really help my wallet with all the back to school shopping to win this! What a generous give away!

  6. What a darling bag! My daughter Lenora would love it! Plus, sporting green school supplies would be great too!

  7. Oh this is awesome! It would really help my wallet with all the back to school shopping to win this! What a generous give away!
    .-= Lake Effect :: Sara´s last blog ..Peach Jam =-.

  8. that is so cute! i can just see my girl starting school with that bag, i’d have parents calling me asking where i found it!

  9. My kids are grown but my grandson Canyon is entering Kindergarten. His brother Aspen is going into the 4th grade. So I am entering for them. What a nice group of items. Thank You

  10. What an amazing way to start the school year right! Clean conscience with clean supplies! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  11. I would love to donate these supplies to a local shelter! Our homeless shelter is now organizing a school for the kids there.

  12. Great items for back-to-school! I wish that they were easier to find locally. My son would LOVE the panda backpack!

  13. How very exciting! Recycled items for school utensils!! The panda backpack is ADORABLE! Enter me in the contest to W I N! 🙂

  14. Wow. 🙂 I’ve only ever read about soy crayons, but would love the chance to try them out! The kiddo would approve, I’m sure.

  15. would love to have my daughter experience these eco friendly supplies – and I would like to experience them as well so I could buy in them for my son when he gets older – thanks for the offer

  16. Awesome eco-friendly and sensory-aware products – the grooved pencils and thick crayons will make these super easy for my daughter with autism to manipulate.

  17. ohhhhh..this is so cute!!!!!! I love the tire pencils and will get some for my children AT HOME. I wish there was not community supplies at school or that they would at least KNOW what they were using because I would send these to school, but my child would probably ever to get to use them!!!!

  18. I think it is really important, in all shopping arenas, to make it clear to children on why recycling and eco friendly purchases pertain to them. When they ask why I am so adament about my green lifestyle, I always tell them I am thinking of them. They are a constant reminder, why, I must retain resources for them and hopefully they will instill the same habits in their children.

  19. I can’t wait to see my little guy off to school with a backpack … also, I will probably cry my eyes out. Maybe I’ll keep the cool markers to cheer me up!

  20. Oh wow!! I love this entire package. I was just planning on stocking up on school supplies for home..this would be PERFECT!

  21. My daughter would LOVE these! She’s 7 years old, and will be attending a fine arts charter school this year. She’s mostly a photographer, but definitely enjoys sketching and painting as well.

  22. Oh! Oh! Me! ME!! I have a very creative little girl who would use every thing in this set! I loving getting her new supplies to fuel her creativity.

  23. This is fantastic! My animal loving son #2 would totally flp for that backpack and my eco-minded son #1 would be proud to use those school supplies!

  24. I’m in the market for a first backpack for my little guy – I would so much rather get something like this than what’s available at the mall! Very nice.

  25. Pretty cool! I especially like the pencils with the grooves – have never seen those before. I would be jumping for joy if I won!!!!!! ALL of these items are always in need here. Could take this out and about, add a roll of paper and some brushes and let the creating begin!!!

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. What an amazing giveaway! I love those Lyra grooved pencils, those would definitely help my daughter’s grip issues.

  27. LOVE the grooved pencils, not to mention everything else! Add a roll of paper and my brushes and the kids and I can go outside and start being creative!!!

    What an awesome pack!!!!

    This would certainly make my day! Thanks so much!!!!!!

  28. Great idea for a back-to-school giveaway. Would love to try out these products, I’ve never seen them before. Always looking for new, healthful ideas for my kids.

  29. So many worthy entries..I am sure it will be tough, but I wouldn’t mind a shot..Thank you, for such a great lil give away!

  30. What a great idea! If only teachers would say, “Please only bring health-conscious, environmentally friendly supplies!” More education (and lowering prices on green supplies) will make that day happen. I’m a mother of four with no income right now (layoffs, ugh) and would love to win this, of course — but what I’d really like to see is to make these options more readily available for everyone.

  31. OH~ this kit is so sweet! I would like it for my 12 year old sister in law who we are bringing over from Peru to go to the Waldorf school here in the states!

  32. My daughter has aspergers and loves animals, she would adore the panda. It would be an “epic win” as she likes to say!

  33. Awww…my kids would love that panda pack!!! What a great bunch of supplies to boot! Fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  34. These are such an excellent alternative to the typical drug store/Staples run! As always, very classy and conscious products.

  35. These products are really neat, I was wondering if after the give away you wouldn’t mind sharing where to buy them for our families. Thank you so much for showing me a better way to stock my homeschool supplies. Good luck to everyone and thanks for a wonderful opertunity.

  36. My kindergarten kid is starting school for the first time. This would be great for transitioning from our green house into green at school!!

  37. This backpack is so cute and any help we can get for school supplies is great. Everyone is going to school this year, even me. 🙂

  38. This stuff looks awesome! I really want to try the Prang markers (all of them!). Oh and I guess I should share with my daughter too. 😉

  39. LOVE THIS!!! I WOULD BE SOOO HAPPY TO WIN. I have three kids and my oldest starts 4-k this Sep. and pandas are his(and my) favorite animal: ) I just got an eco safe lunch sac with a cute animal on it, I spent hours looking for a cheaper bpa free bag for my kids. I still need to buy our other supplies but if you pick us that is one less thing this pregant mom needs to worry about right now.

  40. This products are excellent, by the way the brand name of the color pencils is the same that the name of my daughter LYRA.

  41. These are wonderful products for a give-away! I have 3 going to elementary school next month, one in kindergarten, twins in 3rd grade-it would be great to win

  42. hmmmm…while i’m excited by the recycled tire pencils and soy crayons, i think my daughter would be most excited by the panda backpack…maybe she’d share?? LOL

  43. My little man starts kindergarten this year and would love this set! Thank you Mothering for such an amazing magazine!!

  44. Wow – adorable & sustainable supplies! I’m betting if kids start showing up with these at school, more will follow suit and learning would become fun & safe!

  45. What a great package of supplies! I know a brand new Kindergartener whom would LOVE to take that Panda pack with her 😉

  46. As an early childhood education teacher for 15 years I have seen the quality of the products available on our limit budgets. I am so glad to see such great products available that help us “practice what we preach” with regard to earth friendly practices and materials. Thank you!

  47. Hmm… I never knew there were soy crayons! I’ll have to find some of those. But the panda backpack is so amazingly adorable!

  48. OH, this would be so awsome to have, my daughter just LOVES panda bears and the way she is breaking her pencels we could use more =)

    Thank you

  49. Once again — awesome giveaway!!! Now if only I would win one….. LOL Please enter us! This would be great foe either of my kids.

  50. I am ALL about all things organic and eco-friendly!! Green school supplies would have taken me hours to research and search. I LOVE giveaways and winning but never try because I usually won’t use it because of toxins or plastic or some reason I would find wrong with it. This is awesome! I love Lyra and Prang…did not know Prang made markers and watercolors. My son is starting preschool in a couple of weeks and it’s going to be hard. He is easily persuaded by bribes and I think the Panda would do just the job!!! AND be toooooo cute for his 1st day of school photo!!! Thank you Dixon Ticonderoga and A La Mama for such a great and GREEN giveaway!!!

  51. OMG.. what a super cute backpack! LOOOVE it! 🙂 My daughter’s b-day is in 2 weeks and my son’s in 6. Would love for a present for one of them! 🙂

  52. We’ve been hit really hard by the rough economy, and could really use some help with school supplies for the kids. Winning this would make a big difference. Good luck to all, and many blessings.

  53. What lovely products. I know my 7 year old would treasure these. He gets great out of joy doing art projects. Thanks for doing this, btw.

  54. So happy there are green school supplies available. My son will be starting pre-school next month and I am looking forward to buying school supplies for him.
    .-= Chrissy´s last blog ..Tea and scones =-.

  55. My lil guy is starting school this year and he would absolutely love all of this stuff. I am a single disabled mom on a limited budget. This would be a huge help! The fact that is ecofriendly makes it so much better.

  56. My daughter is starting homeschool this September and I would love to present this to her on her very first day of “school”. This is my first homeschooling experience too!

  57. your product line is great- eco0friendly, like us. thanks for making such products. My little girl is all about pandas now and this would be a lovely treat for her to carry to her class reminded her of her panda at home so she knows not to be nervous at school.

  58. Sure hope we win the contest as we are in the process of gathering school supplies to begin homeschooling for the first time!!

  59. I love Mothering magazines and this pack of back to school supplies are adorable! My email

  60. As a teacher to children with autism I am always looking for more “natural” school supplies! My students and I also recycle together in the classroom, so this is a wonderful pack, I will have to go get some of the products listed in this giveaway ASAP!!

  61. I would love love love to have these awesome supplies! I have two little boys, one going into First Grade, the other going into preschool. I SO could use these!

    -Jessica Fuss

  62. Happy First Day of School to all you mamas (and your kiddos, of course)! What a milestone watching your baby set foot into school or onto the school bus for the first time…

  63. I wish these things more available to more people… like in stores and stuff.My kids and myself appreciate these things so much more..=)

  64. I can’t believe summer is coming to an end. My daughter would love that backpack. Panda’s are her favorite!! Good Luck to everyone…but I hope we win 😉

  65. The best part about back to school are the supplies! I would always get so excited to pack up my new backpack. I even played school at home…during summer vacation.

  66. Our daughter starts school this yr. She’s very excited … mostly due to school supply organization! This would be a nice surprise.

  67. I love that there are these options out there now! Kids will even think that pencils made out of tires are cool 🙂

  68. A perfect ending to a long summer. I think everyone in our household is excited to get back into a school routine again!

  69. This is such an awesome giveaway. My 6-year-old is a very curious, artistic, book-worm who loves to make books and design like Daddy. (Daddy is a graphic designer) He would love to share these with his Daddy and little brothers!

  70. What a bounty of creativity! My oldest just started K at a brand new charter school, and while we’re really excited about it, I’m worried about the structure and rules pecking away at her creativity that has just been exploding over the summer. My 2yo son is trying to be content with “mommy school” and we’re trying to find the balance between heading out into the big wild world and keeping the values strong that we’ve established at home. This would inspire a bonanza of fun in our house!

  71. Wondering if recycled tire pencils are safe. I went through some meetings with our local park & rec people about not using pieces of tire as cushioning under the swings. Studies were showing that they off-gas and were not good for kids and environment. Wonder about these pencils….All other stuff looks awesome!

  72. My 1.5 year old daughter just started drawing and have been working on getting Eco friendly/non-toxic supplies. This looks like a great set. Thank you mothering magazine for everything that you do to promote raising children to be good stewards of their planet.

  73. My almost three year old, Abigail would love to win this. “Yes I will win the back pack and the crayons and the markers and pencils too, please. I will paint pictures with them and share them with my friend Maddie”

  74. My daughter Montanna starts 2nd grade on the 7th of September, and on her school supplies list it has that the pencils HAVE TO BE Dixon Ticonderoga pencils ONLY. So this would help us out a lot since we are poor at the moment.

    Thanks for considering us!!

    Anne & Montanna

  75. My three school age kids just got backpacks and school supplies; their school started two weeks ago. My 2 year old has been asking for his own school supplies, so this would be perfect for him. Then he and mommy can have ‘school time’ while his older sibs are at school. Thanks for this giveaway – – it’s great to be green!

  76. Love all the eco stuff! The packpack is darling; Way better than any commercialized plastic store-bought bag. We would be delighted to get this giveaway!

  77. what a great giveaway! We have 2 kiddos going to school so it would be great to find out where to get these eco products so they both can have them. Good luck & blessings everyone!

  78. These supplies would be a great addition to a autumn nature study class I am leading at our home school co-op this fall! and my three and a half year old Arianna would love the panda pack to bring her own goodies to her help out in her big brother Kaidens class:)

  79. Hi! We aren’t going back to school but we are traveling halfway around the world & could certainly use some distractions!!

  80. I can’t believe it’s finally back to school for the kids. I don’t know how the teachers do what they do. Here in Florida the schools are so under budget and staffed the teachers don’t even have aids for the kindergarten and first graders. I was shocked to find out this year some of the schools are actually asking for parents to provide toilet paper as school supplies. Wow I can’t wait till next year to see these crazy school supply lists.

  81. Oooh, we love Lyra pencils – but haven’t seen these grooved ones yet! This would be such a neat package. This fall will be my son’s first official year homeschooling. What a great way to kick it off!

  82. The time has come and it’s finally back to school for the kids. I don’t know how the teachers deal with everything. Here in Florida the schools are so under budget and staffed the teachers don’t even have aids for the kindergarten and first graders. Now this year some of the smaller schools are actually asking for parents to provide toilet paper as school supplies. And what happened to all this money the lottery was going to provide?

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