Halloween Choco-loot

I had a mad craving and ran over to the Chocolatesmith, the Mothering office’s nearest and dearest den of vice: www.chocolatesmith.com. Yes, them. They are our Second Street Studios neighbors. I totally gobbled up a dark chocolate-covered peanut butter mini bar…which reminds me of last year, when I bought a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups as Halloween giveaway candy…because I didn’t like them and wouldn’t eat any. Well, guess what? I put them in the freezer to keep them fresh-ish, and one PMSy night I ate one. Well, I realized I liked frozen peanut butter cups…and so here I am, celebrating that anniversary of sorts. 

Yesterday I bought a bag of mini Snickers, because they totally gag me. I mean, no doubt. And I am not even going to try them. Just in case. 

Hey, if you are wondering about my other favorite organic chocolate source, it’s Sjaaks. I love their wee chocolate-covered peanut butter bites…and so did the entire Mothering office! The ones who aren’t into the PB thing dug the orange-flavored dark chocolate. 

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