Harlem Shake — The Mother -Friendly Water Birth Version!

Maybe you have noticed one of the latest YouTube phenomenons- the Harlem Shake.  There are dozens of them online.  They all start in a similar way- one person dancing and then- BOOM- a room fool of craziness and chicken suits.


But of course, for any true birth nut a Harlem Shake fad wouldn’t be complete without a NATURAL BIRTH version.


I have this crazy friend Shannon who of course MADE one and it is hilarious.  It has everything you need in a natural birth version of the Harlem Shake- a water birth, (look closely!) some hands and knees contractions, ecstatic birth, baby wearing, nursing, etc.  Really, you have to watch it a few times (with the screen expanded) to get the entire amazingness of it all.


Here it is:



Now I would love to leave you with just that version (it is hilarious.  I mean this very thing happened to me the other day at playgroup….) but I thought you deserved to see this version too-



It’s true.  Once you have kids you can’t really take a bath alone any more.  It does kind of end up like that.  You might as well roll with it!


And I thought maybe I could find a way to work in this version … but I couldn’t really think how it was relevant.




Nope.  This is getting a little crazy.


Ladies, one thing I do know is this: more people deserve to know that birth can be amazing, beautiful and mother AND baby friendly.  Spread the word any way you can.


That is how we make change.


About Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark is a mother of four and a natural birth teacher in Northern California.  She believes in mother-friendly care, home birth, and that you can be natural and still have a sense of humor about it.  You can find her blogging about natural birth at www.mamabirthblog.com, training natural birth teachers all over the country with Birth Boot Camp, or pondering the uselessness of sleep.

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