HBAC after 2 Cesareans

Dear M. Odent,

I am a great fan of yours, and I have read many of your books.

I am writing to you because after having had 2 previous cesareans (the first was an emergency, I was giving birth at home, but as she was crowning it was discovered that she was face presentation – lips first. The second was for a twin delivery, baby A was breech, and I could not find anyone who was qualified or willing to deliver them vaginally with a breech presentation, my water broke so the cesarean was performed). I am now pregnant with baby number 4, and I would desperately like to give birth at home. I just found out, however, that the local registered midwives will not take me into their care having had 2 previous C’s (they will if you have had one, but must deliver under their care in a hospital). I thad thought that the risks after two C’s did not increase significantly compared to after one. Do you believe it is still safe to give birth at home? I live very close to hospitals, and I could probably find an unregistered midwife who would do it. My other birth experiences were so traumatic that I do not think I could withstand a hospital birth, but the midwives today scared me with their refusal.

Thank you for your opinion.


Mika Putterman

Since you went up to complete dilation for the first baby, it is probably feasible if you can find locally an experienced midwife who is able to remain silent when you are in labor, and if there is nobody around apart from this experienced midwife. The worst situation would be to try to give birth vaginally in the presence of a scared and unexperienced midwife.
Best regards
Michel Odent

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