Heading to the Beach? 6 Fun Things Kids Can Do With Shells


Summer is a great time for beach combing and collecting shells.  It is also a great time to be creative! Check out these 6 fun ideas that kids can make using shells:

::Paint Sea Shells: This simple and fun activity can be a creative outlet for children of all ages.  Simply set out some paints and shells and let your child use them as a canvas for their creativity.IMG_3804 (1)

:: Dye Sea Shells:  Use food coloring or egg dye mixed with vinegar and water.  You may want to even experiment using natural dyes.  This activity is not only fun, but it encourages learning with color theory.

:: Make Sea Shell Imprints on Salt Dough: Find instructions and validating learning links here.  You could also make sand play dough.  Find a simple and easy tutorial here.Shell-imprint-fossils

:: Make a Seashell Mandala:  Make mandalas with your child with seashells or other items found items from nature. It is fun and easy and can be adapted tfor a variety of materials both indoors and out. Making nature mandalas is a creative and meditative process that promotes mindfulness while exercising a child’s imagination and ingenuity.


:: Create Shell Wind Chimes: This tutorial at Martha Stewart Kids outlines how to make wind chimes out of found materials.  This would be a perfect keepsake to display as a reminder of a fun day at the beach.a100832_lasum04_shells_xl:: Make Garden Stepping Stones:  Follow these instructions to make sea shell mosaics.  You could use quick drying cement in place of the plaster of Paris to make a more permanent garden fixture with your found shells.


Do you have any creative ideas you would add to this list?

Photo Credits:  image 1, 2, & 4 –Megan Devine, 3 – Imagination Tree, 5 – Martha Stewart Kids, 6 – alphamom

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