Healthy Baby Food

my baby is 5 1/2 months eating 6 to 8 ozs every 2 1/2 hours.. her doctor told me to try baby food and cereal.. but she wont eat it she gags at it… i was wonderign if u has any idea in how to get her to eat some cereal or baby foor she eats 2 lil spoonfuls of it and gag… and shes crawling already.. so i was wondering if u had any advice for me??

Your baby knows exactly how much mommy milk she needs, and when she is ready for solid foods. 5½ months is sooner than even the American Academy of Pediatrics suggested minimum age for introducing solids. Your baby does not sound ready for this transition and there is no advantage to replacing part of her perfect diet with little bites of cereal, squash, or the like. She’ll let you know when she’s ready, and it could be months from now. This doesn’t mean she’s behind in development in any way.


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