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What are your suggestions for raw diets if Super Walmart is the closest local food source?


Dear Parent,

The environment in which a child grows in, is critical for his development. An area that lacks natural foods stores close by, food coops, farmers markets, or farmers from whom to buy directly, is most likely not the best place to raise a child. Feeding your child healthfully is what builds his body and his attitude toward his own well being. If you want your child to take his own health seriously as well as the health of our planet, you may want to move to a community that values local, organically grown and raised food.

If you believe you must stay where you are (and I can help you transform that belief if you wish,) I would drive the distance to a healthy source of food and join or create a food coop. I highly recommend raw, organic food, specially the primal diet which is not vegetarian. Obviously Walmart is not where you will find real food. 

You are asking about buying raw food at Walmart and I have never been in that store. I don’t know if they have organic at all or if you can trust their sources. Raw is always better, but, I would not buy food in Walmart no matter what. 

Warmly,  Naomi Aldort,


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