Healthy Holiday Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

Healthy Holiday Recipes


Enjoy these delightful and wholesome recipes at your next holiday celebration:

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Cookie Cutter Cookies

Cookie baking is an essential part of the holidays. Here’s a wheat-free, egg-free recipe with no refined sugar.

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

It’s not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Celiac-sufferers won’t have to miss out with this recipe!

Holly’s Pilgrim StuffingThis delightful dish is a colorful and healthy spin on a Thanksgiving favorite.
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French Bean Casserole

A wholesome and easy to prepare casserole that will work as an accompaniment to any holiday meal.

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Easy Holiday Egg Nog

This nog is so simple and delicious you’ll find yourself wanting to make it for all of your holiday gatherings.

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Vegan Pumpkin NogIf traditional egg nog doesn’t appeal to you, you’re sure to love this inviting vegan version.
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Spiced Sweet Potatoes

Looking for a new way to prepare these holiday staples? Try out this tasty recipe that includes apples and kale.


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Pumpkin Bread

Bake this bread for a special breakfast or snack and it will delight your family with warm holiday memories.


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Corn and Red Lentil SoupPacked with flavor and nutrition, this soothing soup is sure to become a holiday tradition.
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Better Butter Biscuits

You can’t forget the biscuits! This fast version can be paired with a wide variety of holiday foods.

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Pumpkin Tart

Prepared with a pecan crust this scrumptious holiday treat is a great alternative to pumpkin pie.

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Really Raw Fruit Cake

With wholesome, raw ingredients this fruit cake will surprise everyone with its delectable flavor.



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