Healthy Homemade Popsicles: Simple and Unusual Ideas the Kids will Love

homemade fruit popsicles

Homemade popsicles–what kid doesn’t love them? I know mine do. But, honestly, I have been guilty of lacking the creative motivation to push my popsicle making skills past the “Hey, let’s freeze up some organic apple juice!” stage.

Then I came across the book Ice Pop Joy and the awesome recipes motivated us to explore some unusual ingredients.

I found that popsicles are amazing tools to get all kinds of good stuff into the little ones, and could even be used as an on the run breakfast/snack food when needed. Plus, the kids love to help create new recipes.

Here are nine ingredients we were surprised we loved frozen. Try them out, and don’t forget to use safe popsicle molds as conventional plastic molds can contain unwanted toxins.

Healthy Ideas for Homemade Popsicles 

Red Beans

Cook the beans and blend them up with cream (or coconut milk) and crushed fruit–pineapple works great! Freeze and enjoy!


This one is super simple. Mix up some mashed avocado with a bit of water to make it smooth and add your favorite sweetener (if you like). We love honey.


Everyone knows that yogurt is great frozen but kefir has the perfect consistency for pops. Freeze it in whatever flavor you like to drink it.

Peanut Butter

Assuming you have no peanut or nut allergies, you can mix nut butter with cream or coconut milk and freeze it for a super yummy and healthy treat. Also try adding something crunchy like granola, or something sweet like mashed berries or banana, to give it more flavor. If you’re looking for a dessert add some cocoa and a healthy sweetener!


Yep, you heard that right. Kale smoothies are a favorite at our house and they’re great frozen. Just take some organic kale (nonorganic is on the dirty dozen list), some blended fruit (mango and apple work great), and freeze it up.


Whether it’s red raspberry leaf for mama, echinacea for immune defense, or rooibos for the kids–tea makes some seriously tasty popsicles.


Cucumber has a super fresh taste and when it’s frozen it is very refreshing. Add some blended cucumber to water and freeze. For more flavor you can add a little lemon, lime and honey.

Peas or Corn

This sounds strange but is actually a lot of fun! Just water pops are a popular thing in our house since it keeps the kids hydrated without any hassle. 

We took it one step further and let the kids mix peas, corn or another fave vegetable with the water before freezing. They love how it looks and they get a healthy treat as they lick.

Pureed Fruit

This one is easy. Blend up any kind of fruit your kids love with some yogurt, fruit juice, coconut milk or water and freeze. Yum!

Safe Molds

<br /><br />

Silicone Molds from Orca

Own these and love them! They have such a fun shape and it’s super easy to get the pops out!


<br /><br />

Stainless Steel from Onyx

What could be safer than stainless steel? Easy to use and clean.


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Norpro Silicone Molds

These remind me of the fun freezy pops we had as kids—sans the artificial colors. Simple and delightful. 

Have you tried any of these ingredients before? Have your own unusual popsicle ideas and recipes to add? We would love to hear them!

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6 thoughts on “Healthy Homemade Popsicles: Simple and Unusual Ideas the Kids will Love”

  1. Just tried a blend of cucumber and cantaloupe, which I love in a slushie, so I’m thinking will make good popsicles. We’ve done watermelon lime, watermelon, yogurt and fruit (layered chopped cherries and plain yogurt), organic juices of course, one of our favs is oj and yogurt blended together. Smoothies with greens is on my list but haven’t done it yet.

  2. We are big fans of vanilla yogurt layered with strawberries, peaches, or blueberries, but we’ve also discovered that putting honeydew melon in the blender to liquify it before freezing is a delicious and refreshing treat. Since my daughter is just beginning on solids, the honeydew melon freezie pops are a great treat for her. Watermelon is also delicious this way, though it is a bit of work to dig out all of the seeds.

  3. We eat LOTS of kefir pops in our household. In fact, just yesterday I created an awesome new combo: plain goat’s milk kefir with pomegranate juice and fresh, organic apricots. I just pulsed it all together for a few seconds in the vitamix and poured into molds. I’m sure you could just rough chop the fruit and swirl it in with the liquids, though, to go low-tech. So good!

  4. Every week before we restock our produce, I take all the “soon to expire” out and toss it in a blender together and freeze. Sometimes I add coconut milk or yogurt depending on what we’ve got. I never have the guilt of throwing away groceries and the kids love it.

  5. Love all these unique ideas for pops! Question though, what is in the pop in the main picture for this post, the red and yellow with black(?) dots? Thanks!

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