Healthy Meal Alternatives

Hi I have a 4.5 year old who is a fairly picky eater but what bothers me more is that he never really shows an interest in eating (except for dessert). For example, today he had a piece of cinnamon toast with butter then refused anything until dinner when he had an organic hot dog (one of the only proteins he eats), broccoli and cherry tomatoes. The problem is that dinner wasn’t until 6:30. He melted down at karate and wouldn’t even participate. Of course not, he had nothing to carry him through. I am wondering if there is a healthy shake or something I can give him in the afternoon after school to carry him through till dinner. He loves to drink and would prefer that to eating every time. He has ashtma, no food allergies that I know of although he does not drink cow or soy milk, mostly almond milk. He often just refuses to eat.

It sounds as though liquid nutrition is going to be your ticket for now. A serving of almond milk has only one gram of protein though it has some nice added nutrients. You can use it as a base for smoothies. Try a little coconut milk too. I greatly prefer smoothies over “drinks” or juices, as the fiber in whole foods is very important. A small serving of carrot, cabbage, and/or raw beet works well for neutral-tasting veggies. Throw a bit of veggies, several nuts, and some frozen fruit into the blender with the almond milk and you’ll have a wonderfully nutritious meal. You can also add some rice or egg white protein powder, especially if not using nuts. If you are on the go, you might pick up an Amazake drink.

I doubt there’s any problem but you will want to be sure his teeth aren’t hurting him. Sometimes children don’t clearly, consciously distinguish or verbalize milder levels of pain.



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