Help! Advice for Turning a Breech Baby?

By Brian Leaf


Hello Mothering Community,


In these posts, I usually relate humorous conversations that I’ve had with my boys about peeing in public or why I have pubic hair.


But today, I need your advice and wisdom.


On my lunch break, I bumped into a friend. He told me that his wife is breech and scheduled for a C-section later in August. She’s devastated. He said she has low amniotic fluid so they can’t physically turn the baby.


So my question for you, dear Mothering community, is what can she do? Do you have experiences with natural/non-invasive techniques to encourage the baby to turn? I have heard acupuncture can help.


She desperately wants a natural birth and is open and eager to try something.


I will pass along your advice and let you know what happens.



Brian Leaf


Brian Leaf

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