Help! Advice for Turning a Breech Baby?

By Brian Leaf


Hello Mothering Community,


In these posts, I usually relate humorous conversations that I’ve had with my boys about peeing in public or why I have pubic hair.


But today, I need your advice and wisdom.


On my lunch break, I bumped into a friend. He told me that his wife is breech and scheduled for a C-section later in August. She’s devastated. He said she has low amniotic fluid so they can’t physically turn the baby.


So my question for you, dear Mothering community, is what can she do? Do you have experiences with natural/non-invasive techniques to encourage the baby to turn? I have heard acupuncture can help.


She desperately wants a natural birth and is open and eager to try something.


I will pass along your advice and let you know what happens.



Brian Leaf


Brian Leaf

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10 thoughts on “Help! Advice for Turning a Breech Baby?”

  1. I was in the same situation when I was getting ready to deliver my daughter. I was 38 weeks, with low fluid, and the doctors wanted to do an immediate c-section. I wanted my daughter to have the opportunity to finish the last couple of weeks of development in the womb, and for labor to be allowed to start naturally when she was ready. My doula recommended stevia (taken with lemonade) to increase my fluid. I also visited the chiropractor for the Webster technique, did moxibustion acupuncture, took pulsatilla, hung upside down, and did handstands and somersaults in a swimming pool. None of this worked for me – I think she didn’t have room to turn. Fortunately, I was referred to an experienced obstetrician, who was willing to support a first-time mom in a natural, vaginal breech birth. It was hard work, but with the help of my husband and doula, I delivered a healthy baby girl. Sending warm wishes to your friend.

  2. Increasing the amount of water that you drink can increase the amount of amniotic fluid. After a few days of drinking a lot of water get a consultation with a chiropractor with experience in the Webster technique. Webster technique can improve pelvic positioning and allow the baby to move to a head down position much more easily. Also check out, there is a lot of advice on different ways to improve pelvic positioning and get a baby to turn head down. In the end she may want to try to find a provider that has experience with vaginal breech techniques.

  3. I successfully had my 2nd child by natural childbirth. He was breech and my 40 weeks were up…the mid-wife/OBGYN was talking c-section. Discussed options with my chiropractor and he tried the “Webster Technique”. He explained to me that in theory it opens an area for the baby to move. I can’t tell you for sure if that is why the baby turned, but he did! (I did have him completely natural at 42 weeks, no epidural and avoided pitocin, but that’s another story…. My advice is to do your research, learn your options, and trust your gut.

  4. I wonder if there isn’t more to the story than a simple breech baby. There are ways to help turn the child around.
    If the OB/GYN doesn’t know how to do them, or isn’t willing to try them, the mother can always seek out a qualified acupuncturist/Chinese Medical Practitioner who is versed in care during pregnancy.
    As already mentioned, increasing your water intake may be helpful in increasing amniotic fluid, but it’s not a given.

  5. My second baby was turned at about 38 weeks. The midwife was checking for low amniotic fluid, that is how we found out. We tried acupuncture, it was uncomfortable, cost $300, and didn’t work. We went to the hospital, and I was checked into L&D, (in case anything went wrong). A very big, strong, male OB/GYN, turned her. It was very painful, but it worked! I think if you can find someone who has experience doing it, and seems very strong! (there was A LOT of pushing!) it can be done. But she might have to have a c-section anyway; like the poster above said, you just have to be ok with a healthy mom and baby.

  6. This website is a fabulous resource:
    I was able to turn my posterior baby before she was born using hands and knees positions and birth ball exercises – along with hypnosis! I used the Hypnobabies track for turning a posterior baby, but they sell one specifically for turning breech babies, too. It is called, “Turning Your Breech Baby, YES You Can!” A study was done that showed that Hypnosis really can make a difference. Here’s the name of the study and the results:
    Study on Effectiveness of Using Hypnosis for Turning Breech BabyStudy from Archives of Family Medicine, Vol. 3, Oct. 1994Hypnosis and Conversion of the Breech to the Vertex PresentationLewis E. Mehl, MD, PhD Dept. of PsychiatryUniv. of Vermont College of Medicine, BurlingtonResults: 81% percent of the fetuses in the hypnosis/intervention group converted to vertex presentation compared with 48% of those in the comparison group. This difference was statistically significant.Good luck to the Mama!

  7. My baby was breech at 37 weeks and turned by 39 weeks. I also visited the chiropractor and had the Webster technique done. Best wishes!

  8. I had a natural vaginal breech birth in November 2012. We tried everything–acupuncture, chiro, hours and hours of inversions, an external version, etc, but to no avail. Here is a link to our story. Just know that it is totally possible to have a beautiful, natural, vaginal breech birth–you just need to find a care provider who you trust and who trusts you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want to find out more. Good luck—and remember, breech is just a variation of normal!!!!!!!

  9. My son was breech and I have tried everything to get him to turn – whatever they have on – I did it all. Webster technique, accupuncture, my floors were VERY clean from scrubbing them on all fours. My OB/GYN attempted ECV twice. During the second attempt, they used a high resolution ultra sound and picked up a nuchal cord which was preventing my baby from turning. I have consulted with a couple of midwives that specialize in delivering breeches and both agreed that under the circumstances, hospital birth was the best option. They also encouraged me to wait till I go into labor to give my son a chance to untangle and turn. I waited till contractions started, right around my due date, but alas my son was determined to keep his head high so I had him via a c-section.
    I was very set on having a natural birth and having one unsuccessful attempt to reverse the breech after another were emotionally exhausting, and a lot of it was probably me fighting my own ego. But please relay to your friend that there ARE times when c-section is the safest option for the child and a woman shouldn’t feel like a failure when that happens. I had a wonderful and very understanding team that made sure I had almost immediate skin to skin contact with my baby and he had a chance to nurse. Once he was in my arms, I couldn’t care less how he got there :).
    Best of luck to your friends and keep thinking “turn, baby, turn”

  10. Hypnobabies has a very successful hypnosis track called, “Turning Your Breech Baby, YES You Can”. Studies show that 81% of breech babies turn to vertex with the use of hypnosis. She should begin listening to it right away and continue to daily until her baby turns. Since the amniotic fluid is replenished every 3 hours, you could also remind her to make sure she is drinking plenty of water every day. Sometimes a woman’s fluid levels can be low simply because she is dehydrated.

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