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My family moved from Seattle to Las Vegas this past summer and the change in climate, especially the drastic difference in the air, has taken a toll on the skin of my youngest two kiddos.  Dry air was almost non-existent in WA, but Vegas, well I don’t think you can find air any drier!   Plus, now that it’s winter and we’re running the heater on a daily basis, it seems to be even worse.  So, what’s this herbal loving Mama to do?  Make bath-time, skin-healing time of course!


Not only can an herbal bath be healing to the skin, but it is also incredibly soothing and calming to the emotions as well.  The warm water of the bath opens the pores and allows all of the wonderful herbal nutrients to penetrate and heal the skin, while at the same time quieting the nervous system.  Think of it like a nice herbal tea for the body!  Plus, the smell – so divine!


So which herbs should you choose?  For skin that is dry, irritated or inflamed any of the following herbs will help.  You can choose just one, or mix and match to see if a certain combination works better for your little one than another.


  • Calendula – Simply one of the best skin healing herbs that the Earth has given us!  It helps to heal wounds, burns, bruises, rashes, and inflammation.  You’ll find Calendula in most herbal skin healing remedies for that reason.


  • Chamomile – Not only is chamomile healing and calming to the skin, but it is also a mild sedative that helps reduce nervousness and nightmares.  It is a go-to herb for children who have difficulty settling for sleep.


  • Comfrey – Its demulcent, anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties has made comfrey a popular herb for the treatment of various skin conditions.  Like oats, it protects, soothes and helps to heal the skin of wounds and irritations while providing mild topical pain relief.


  • Lavender – The essential oil of lavender is one of the best-known herbs for burn and wound healing!  Not to mention, it is ultra calming and smells luxurious, and helps to bring on a restful night of sleep.


  • Marshmallow root powder – Cooling, moistening and soothing to the skin, Marshmallow root powder helps almost all inflammatory skin disorders.  It’s mucilaginous properties calm, coat and protect the skin, while also aiding in the healing process.


  • Rolled Oats or oatmeal (finely ground) – Oats are extremely calming to the skin.  They are mucilaginous (slimy) and provide protective and healing qualities.


  • Roses – Rose is simply a delight to all of the senses.  Stunning in their rich color and a delight to smell, roses also offer up their ability to tame dry and sensitive skin.  They are astringent and toning to the skin, shrinking capillaries that cause redness.  They are also known to soothe the nervous and emotional systems as well.


So now that you have the herbs, what comes next?  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as my son likes to say 


  1. Place a handful of herbs in a cotton bag, silk or nylon sock, or strainer, and tie onto the nozzle of the tub.  Run warm-hot water through it for a few minutes.
  2. Turn down the heat of the water to make a nice warm, but not hot, bath.
  3. Toss the herbal container into the bath.
  4. Once the bath is filled, wring the herbal mixture to release all of the remaining properties into the bath water.   You can then either leave the herbal bag in or take it out.  It can also be dabbed directly onto irritated skin to help heal and cleanse.
  5. There is no need to rinse off the herbs from the skin when you get your little one out of the tub.  If left on, the herbs will continue to do their magic.  Gently pat dry with a towel.


And there ya have it!  I hope you and your little ones will enjoy!



Amy Paolinelli

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Amy is a mom of 3 lively kiddos, a wife, and an advocate for natural living. Prior to having children, she worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist with high-risk youth. After having her first daughter, she found her passion in pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and natural living. She is now an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in private practice, a student of Herbal Medicine for Women, and cofounder of 3Girls Holistic – a truly pure herbal skin care line. She loves getting her hands dirty in the garden and spending time near the water. You can find more of her writings atwww.3girlsholistic.com


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