High School Boys Stand With Female Peers in Dress Code Protest

A group of high school boys took a stand against a dress code they felt was discriminatory against their female peers.In a show of solidarity for their fellow students, a group of high school boys took a stand against a dress code they felt was discriminatory against their female peers.

In Hollister, California, 20 young girls were sent home from their first day of school at San Benito High School. The girls were sent home because of their clothing, the popular shirts that have sleeves set off on the shoulders, violated the dress code. Interestingly, this aspect the dress code that prohibited off-the-shoulder-tops had not been enforced before, and the girls had even been photographed for their senior yearbook pictures in similar tops.

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The students of the school, including a large group of boys, felt this policy was discriminatory and sexist, and had issue with the all-of-a-sudden enforcement of something with no warning to the girls. So, in a show of solidarity, several young men took to wearing similar shirts the next day.

The protest was done to show the double-standard of the facet of the policy, but the boys say they wanted to also begin a positive conversation about dress codes with the principal of the school, Adrian Ramirez. Principal Ramirez says that the boys’ reaction was a great way for him to look into the dress code further, deciding the reasoning behind the shirt exclusion, and looking at involving the students in the organization of dialogue about a proper dress code.

Most encouraging was the letter released on the school’s Facebook statement telling the community that he and the school believe that all of the students of the school are to carry themselves in a respectful way, regardless of what another student is wearing, and implied that girls wearing off the shoulder shirts being distracting was sexist and did not hold the students of the school responsible for their actions.A principal in California stands with his students as he looks into sexist dress codes

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We applaud the boys for taking a stand for their schoolmates, and we applaud Principal Ramirez for having an open-mind and discussing all aspects of dress code so that all students are able to express themselves and be safe in the process.

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