Holiday Cards

In the mailbox today, I found them: the first round of holiday cards from our (super) organized friends. Exchanging holiday cards is one of my favorite annual traditions. It’s great hearing from high school pals, college roommates, new acquaintances, and everyone in between. I love seeing pictures of my girlfriends’ babies…and all their kids as they grow up.

As a couple still trying to navigate the waters of fertility and adoption, Ron and I don’t have a picture to send out of a little munchkin holding a stuffed Santa under a decorated tree. I guess we could send out a photo of our five-month-old nephew. But how about something like this instead:

IMG_5912These two cuties belong to the talented, clever, and extraordinarily creative photographer Kara Fox. I was terrified of Doberman Pinschers until I was introduced to Kramer. After barking his head off at me the first time we met (“Ignore him or he’ll bite,” Kara said), he eventually warmed up to me and followed me all over Kara’s house. Soon, Kramer let me pat him and pet him and flap his floppy ears. I was momentarily offended when he turned away. Then, as he slowly walked backward and pressed into me, Kara said, “He’s protecting you.”


I now adore Dobies. One day, I will adopt one. I also love my own dog Callie, a lab-mix. I just might dress her up and take her photo for our holiday cards this year. In the meantime, Kramer says, “Season’s Greetings!”


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