Holistic Infertility Treatments

When my husband and I first stopped using birth control, I figured I’d be pregnant within a month, maybe two. I didn’t bother tracking my cycle or making an effort to have sex on critical days. But after a full year passed, I finally buckled down and bought an ovulation kit. It worked–a little Rough was on his or her way.

When I miscarried, I still didn’t think anything was amiss. I was devastated, but I read that one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. I chalked up my loss to being uninformed, not unable to carry a baby. Even when I underwent laparoscopic surgery and learned I have severe endometriosis (a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus), I barely blinked. My doctor said he “cleaned” me out as best he could. The he assured me that most women with my condition wind up pregnant within six month of surgery. No doubt that would be me.

It wasn’t.

Finally, over two years after the first night my husband and I first stopped using birth control, it dawned on me: having a baby was not going to be an easy road!

Suddenly, I was ushered into a whole new world. The world of infertility and assisted reproductive technology. Medical practitioners were urging me to schedule procedures that involved shooting dye into my fallopian tubes. I was handed a prescription for pills that would cause my ovaries to pop out multiple eggs at once. One doctor wanted to give me a drug to force my body into menopause before giving me more drugs to “reboot” my system.

Hang on.

Menopause in my mid-30s?

While it was tempting to find a solution to my fertility struggles as fast as possible, another part of me knew there had to be another way. I felt nudged toward a path of holistic health and alternative medicine. And that is the journey I’m on. I’ll be writing about the topic on this community blog each Monday.

Have you had trouble getting pregnant? Have you tried alternative treatments, such as acupuncture or abdominal massage? Changed your diet? Each individual is unique, and the road to motherhood is different for each of us. I’d love to hear your story. I hope you’ll follow my posts on this blog as I share mine.

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