Holistic Moms Network Video Highlights Nursing Mothers

Inspired by an article in the Herald Sun (Australia) reporting that young women are reluctant to breastfeed their babies due to fear of public embarrassment, the Holistic Moms Network has launched a new project to highlight the beauty and confidence of breastfeeding women.  HMN members from across North America submitted photos of themselves proudly breastfeeding their children – everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to the Brooklyn Bridge – for the Nursing Our Future video.

“Breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts a mother can give to her child,” says Executive Director Nancy Massotto, Ph.D.  “Nursing offers babies enormous health benefits – physically, psychologically, emotionally, and sustainably for the planet.  We want young women to embrace a culture of breastfeeding and to become informed about the benefits for moms, for children, and for the planet.”

See the video below and find more information at the Holistic Moms Network website.


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