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10 Inventions By Women That Changed the World Bette Nesmith Graham Thank you to the family history site Crestleaf for contributing this blog post. Find more fascinating historical information on their blog. When most people think about great inventors they likely think of men such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and even Bill Gates. Though these men and others innovated new products that changed our modern ...  Continue Reading
CARE Launches Urgent Appeal for Funds as Death Toll in Nepal Rises Looking for a way to help families in earthquake-struck Nepal? CARE, an international nonprofit that works with the poorest communities on our globe, has aid workers on the ground. Known for their work with women and children, CARE is in need of donations to aid their efforts. Read more in the press release below, or visit their coverage of ...  Continue Reading
On Sex and Cosleeping I got married back in November, after knowing my husband for 7 years.  He is my best friend, my soul partner, my rock, my clown, all of those good things.  And we often don’t sleep together. “Gasp!  What?!  You don’t sleep together?!  Doomed for sure…” I can imagine some people thinking. But I am writing to dispel the myth that cosleeping ...  Continue Reading
To the Furious Mom in the Target Parking Lot I see you storming out of Target, carrying your crying boy while another three kids, under the age of seven, scurry after you across the parking lot. I see you without a cart, without any bags. I see the red-hot anger in your face as you put your boy down on the shimmering summer pavement, a little ...  Continue Reading
Self Care? You Mean I Have To Do That TOO? I recently had to return to work full-time after seven years at home with my three children. I knew going back would be a challenge on many levels, but I also knew that I was well fortified. I have family and friends to support me, faith to sustain me and a steady meditation practice to rejuvenate me. ...  Continue Reading

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