Candid Shots of Everyday Moms Breastfeeding in Public are Helping to Normalize Nursing

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Saying Goodbye to My Babymaking Days The other day I caught myself observing a mother wrangling a toddler and a baby: looking flushed and exhausted as she tried to buy some groceries. For many, many years this was me. For the past fifteen years I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding, or both. Managing multiple young children and juggling chores with a baby has Continue Reading

10 Myths Most of Us Actually Believed Before We Became Parents When it comes to parenting, there is an overabundance of information and opinions–especially for those planning their first child. In fact, some mistruths have become so common and accepted that they could even be called  a myth. Today I explore some common myths that you likely believed at some point before you became a parent. Of course, these Continue Reading

Mom Busting a Move During Labor Goes Viral In a new viral video, a heavily pregnant mother is seen dancing in her birthing room while her husband narrates and a nurse watches on, entertained. The mother, Yuki Nishitzawa, appears to be dealing with some intense contractions, and the dancing seems to help her power through them. Nishitzawa chose to have an unmedicated birth, and used alternative Continue Reading

Why You Should Delay the Bath After Baby is Born Everyone can agree that there is no better smell than the top of a newborn’s head. Even people who have never had a baby enjoy it. In fact, there are studies that both mothers and women who had never had a baby responded to the newborn smell. And it makes sense. Newborns are basically little lumps that require Continue Reading

It When my eldest son was younger, 10:30am was a magical time. That was when the Teletubbies came on, the delightfully creepy British children’s show with the sun baby and the colourful creatures who played videos on their tummies. The minute the intro began, my rambunctious toddler would stop everything he was doing, run up to the T.V., and Continue Reading

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