Attachment Parenting Marriages Can Be Hard: 4 Signs of Distress and Some Straightforward Help

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Welcome to the Intentional Community Where 100 Adults Raise 17 Kids It’s 8:30 a.m. on a Wednesday and one of the calmest school mornings I’ve ever witnessed: Anya, 6, is practicing the piano with impressive focus. She’s wearing a pink-and-lavender flowered dress and what appears to be an ever-present sparkly black scarf tied around her head (shaved during a recent lice breakout, though she did get her ears ...  Continue Reading
4 Ways We Can Empower Infants as People So many of our parenting practices, I realize, have to do with treating our baby (6.5 months this week) like a full-fledged person, with the same rights and preferences as her parents. While it may seem weird to the masses, drawing harsh lines between adults and babies doesn't give our babies enough credit.  Continue Reading
The Hands-Off Grandma My mom is what you might call a “hands-off” Grandma—or Bubbe, as she is affectionately referred to. She loves her grandkids. She enjoys spending time with them, in small doses. She cares about their well-being and what is happening in their lives. But she is not interested in participating in the grunt work of raising them.  Continue Reading
The Ultimate Postpartum Poop Guide Everyone poops. It’s true. It’s a normal, everyday part of life that we don’t think twice about. Until we give birth and have our first postpartum poop. True Story -“When Abbie was one week old (Christmas Eve), Kevin went to work for the morning and mom had left the day before. I was all, I got this. It's ...  Continue Reading
Taking the Plunge: Mom-Fear Versus Kid-Fun at the Water Park The three of us are pressed together in the brutal heat with dozens of people — adolescent boys, mostly, dripping with sweat and chlorinated water. Sun and sunscreen are burning my eyes and, as we slowly ascend the steep wooden steps, my bare feet are steeped in some muck I’d rather not consider. I peer down over ...  Continue Reading

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