Thimerosal, Vaccines and Autism: Let the Science Speak

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Injecting Compassion into the Vaccine Debate There is no more divisive issue in parenting than whether or not to vaccinate. Since measles was reported in California, my social media feeds have been overtaken by inflammatory posts about parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. The articles accompanying these posts urge that parents who opt out of vaccinating should be sued or jailed, and ...  Continue Reading
IUDs: Benefits and Risks of Using Mirena or ParaGard for Birth Control What is an Intrauterine Device (IUD)? IUDs are small T-shaped plastic devices that are are either wrapped in copper or contain small amounts of synthetic hormones. Once inserted into the uterus, they are highly effective at preventing pregnancy. There are several types of intrauterine devices. This article looks briefly at the two most popular brands, ParaGard and Mirena, as well ...  Continue Reading
10 Things You Don Find more from Sarah on the Mama Birth Blog. I remember registering for my first baby before he was born. I went to a giant baby warehouse store with a HUGE corporate list of things that I “needed” for this new little one and obediently registered. And then he came. The crib sat in the corner, the swing hung empty, ...  Continue Reading
One of My Children is Extra Precious To Me: It Recently, my two-year-old son was separated from my mother-in-law whilst at the shopping mall. It took thirty minutes for him to be found: he was happily wandering around, quite a large distance away from where they first became separated. Apparently he very happily took the hand of the security guard who located him and guided him back ...  Continue Reading
They Are Not Half Sisters A row of three-year-old ballerinas clad in leotards fidget at the barre, a gangly eight-year-old wearing jeans and a T-shirt smack in the middle. My oldest daughter holds her tearful little sister’s hand as they plié together. It is my three-year-old’s first dance class, and the instructor gently invited her big sister to dance as well, a ...  Continue Reading
Not Not Trying to Get Pregnant Gwen and I had been married for six months, and we went for a routine visit to my Ayurvedic teacher in Boston. I was going to get a checkup and the potions for my yearly cleanse. It was difficult to leave this guy’s office without a crate of decoctions, tinctures, and powders. But they worked. After every ...  Continue Reading
Are the Mommy Wars Real? Why I Am SO Over This Stereotype I am so over this mommy wars stereotype. I see many references to mommy wars in the media—portrayals of women that show us as judgmental, petty, gossipy people who resort to passive-aggression or verbal catfights—but how real is this so-called phenomenon? Online, I see plenty of flat-out horrible comments from trolls and a fair amount of people sharing ...  Continue Reading

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