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12 Alternatives to Punishment That May Actually Work By Ariadne Brill. Thank you to Attachment Parenting International for sharing this article. Check out their site for more great articles and resources.  Have you read about the benefits of skipping time-out in favor of other ways to guide children, but are not sure where to start? Here are 12 alternatives to punishment that give parents and children a chance Continue Reading

The Way This Mom is Changing Postpartum Body Expectations is Brilliant Julie Bhosale, a nutritionist and mom of two, wants other new mothers to know that a baby bump doesn’t disappear just because the baby is no longer inside it. (Photo: Julie Bhosale/Facebook) Thank you to Esther Crain and Yahoo Parenting for this post. There’s a stubborn myth floating around that once a woman delivers a baby, her abdomen deflates back to Continue Reading

Legislator Photographed Breastfeeding During Parliamentary Session Draws Global Attention Victoria Donda Pérez, an Argentinian legislator and human rights activist, helped to normalize breastfeeding recently by nursing her 8-month-old daughter during a parliamentary session. Donda Pérez is the youngest member of Argentine National Congress, and no stranger to political activism. She was born in a detention center in Buenos Aires for “disappeared people” — leftist human rights activists who Continue Reading

Please Don Have you ever been at a play date, or in a public play place when the inevitable happens? Two kids want the same toy. Both moms feel obligated to force their kid to share. After all, that’s good parenting, right? I don’t think so. I write bearing good news: you don’t need to force your kid to share with Continue Reading

Beautiful Breastfeeding Shots of Everyday Moms Go Viral Photographer and nursing mom Erin White creates gorgeous group images like this one, which she shot in Germany, to inspire new mothers around the world. (Photo: Erin White Photography) By Esther Crain for Yahoo Parenting, reprinted with permission. For such a natural body function, breastfeeding sparks a lot of controversy and mixed emotions: stares from condemning strangers, body confidence issues in Continue Reading

10 Well-Loved Celebrities Who Natural birth is on the rise, and not just with us normies (that’s what I assume we’re called) but with celebrities too. Here are ten well-loved celebrities who talked about their natural births that I was pleasantly surprised to learn about. 1. American actress Stacy Keibler is the latest to speak out about her natural birth. She tells People Continue Reading

New Study: Too Much TV in Toddlerhood May Lead to an Unexpected Problem Later On By Esther Crain for Yahoo Parenting, reprinted with permission. It’s no secret that too much television watching can pose dangers to small kids. Children who watch television have a higher likelihood of attention-span problems, academic difficulties, obesity, and sleep issues, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Now, you can add another negative to this list: being bullied. A new study suggests that the Continue Reading

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