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Should You Supplement Your Diet While Breastfeeding? Sponsored by Fairhaven Health When discussing supplements during breastfeeding, the conversation is typically limited to the use of multivitamins (a prenatal, for example) and the use of herbs to promote breast milk production. Although most herbs and dietary supplement ingredients have a long history of safe use, few conventional health care providers make a habit of recommending supplementation Continue Reading

Croatian Syrian parents cradle their three-month-old baby in Bristol Park, Belgrade. Croatian nonprofit enterprise BRODOTO and partners launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo yesterday to provide strong, non-toxic baby slings for refugee mothers. After less than 36 hours of receiving donations, the campaign was 350% funded. The slings will be distributed to families travelling the Western Balkan route Continue Reading

26 Adorable Bird-Inspired Baby Names Nature themed baby names bring to mind beauty, peace, and a deep connection to the natural world all around us. Flowers, trees, gemstones, bodies of water, and plants are all popular choices for inspiration. But if you really want something a little off the beaten path, yet still a nod to Mother Earth, a bird-inspired baby name may Continue Reading

We Need to Lift Up Young Mothers, Not Tear Them Down Finding out I was pregnant at 19 was a bit of a shocker. My partner and I knew we faced an immense decision. Do we have a baby now, or don’t we? On the downside, we weren’t nearly as financially prepared as I would have liked. We were nowhere near ready to buy a home, our savings account was Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Never Say to an Allergy Mom I am an Allergy Mom. I probably won’t introduce myself that way the first time we chat at the playground or school yard, but if our kids spend any length of time together, it’s definitely going to come up. Maybe you’re already knowledgeable on the topic. More and more mommies are. But maybe you’re not. If you meet me, Continue Reading

5 Attachment Parenting Realities I Learned the Hard Way   In my years raising babies, I naturally gravitated towards an attachment parenting model. But, I can’t say that I loved every moment of it. In fact, there were times when I wanted to burn a giant pile of Dr Sears books because I so wanted to blame him for my lack of sleep. All in all, I think Continue Reading

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