How to Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapering is as easy as can be!  If you attend a Great Cloth Diaper Change event on April 21, you will have lots of experienced parents available to help you out.  In the meantime, here are some easy steps to follow for you to be able to successfully cloth diaper.



1. Find a diaper that works for you.  The same diaper that works for your best friend might not be a cloth diaper that works for you and your child!  If you are just starting out, I HIGHLY recommend getting a few different kinds of cloth diapers to try out before you commit to one kind.  Many different shops have a “buy back” program if you buy sample packs.  Look for one of those!



2.  Prep your new diapers.  This can be as easy as one wash (microfiber inserts, used diapers) or up to 10 washes (hemp inserts) to get them absorbent.  Just follow the manufactures instructions on how to prep your diapers.



3.  Stuff your diaper.  If you are using a pocket diaper, you may want to pre-stuff your diapers so they are just ready to go.  If you are using any other diaper, skip this step.



4.  Get everything you would need for a change. You’ll need things like a liner (not needed, but you can use if you like), diaper, wipes, wipe solution (if you choose), and diaper rash cream (cloth diaper friendly cream and only as needed).


5. Do the change. Take off the soiled diaper and put on the fresh clean one!



6. Dump solids. If there are any solids in the soiled diaper, dump that in the toilet.  Use a handy dandy diaper sprayer for help!  Skip this step if it is just wet or if the baby is exclusively breastfed (their waste is water soluble).



7.  Safe storage. Put the soiled diaper into a pail liner or wet bag.


8.  Relax. You’re all done. Now just sit back and enjoy your baby’s fluffy bum!!



9.  Time to launder. Once you have enough soiled diapers, wash!  For simple washing instructions, see the Real Diaper Association’s Cloth Diaper Laundering Guide.



See? Cloth diapering is easy!  There truly isn’t anything that different between using cloth and disposables (except that cloth diapers are safer for the environment and your baby).  So, if I, often one of the most laziest people around (LOL), can do it…so can YOU!



– Nicki is mom to Lucas (2 1/2) and Daniel (5 months) whom she has been successfully cloth diapering for two years now.  She is the owner and writer for Nicki, The Eval Gal and also the owner of Crazy Leggies.  She is also hosting the Salem, VA location for The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Great Cloth Diaper Change

About The Great Cloth Diaper Change Ambassadors

We are a team of writers who are all part of The Great Cloth Diaper Change, an international initiative organized with the help of the nonprofit Real Diaper Association. The event is designed to show the world that cloth diapers are a real option for today’s families. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an exciting Guinness World Record breaking event, and in 2011, more than 5,000 babies were changed simultaneously. For more information visit

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  1. My wife and I have been using cloth diapers on our daughter for 11 months now and they are great. We do occasionally use a disposable diaper (Grovia BioDiapers), but overall they have been a great investment. We have been noticing as she is getting bigger that they are leaking more frequently, so we are going through more outfits per day. The greatest part about the diapers is how easy they can be cleaned. We use Tiny Bubbles soap and the “sanitize” setting on our washing machine and they are spotless. The number one advantage to cloth diapering is there is minimal diaper rash.

    My wife and I use Rumparooz cloth diapers. They come in different colors and patterns. We highly recommend cloth diapering.

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