How-to Diaper Naturally – Flat and Prefold Diapers

Welcome to the flat and prefold section of’s special how-to video resource on cloth diapering. Following are videos from Mothering advertisers with helpful information and demonstrations on how to properly use the diapers they sell.

This video resource is a web exclusive addition to the feature article “The Diaper Dilemma” in the May/June 2010 issue of Mothering magazine. To read the article, and accompanying resources, order a digital subscription or a copy of the May/June issue.

What is a prefold diaper?

A prefold is a rectangular piece of fabric with six to eight layers of fabric in the center and finished around the edges in a close, overcast stitch. Fastens with pins, Snappis, or is simply folded around the baby’s bottom before being placed in the cover.

What is a flat diaper?

The original cloth diaper that our grandmothers used, the flat diaper is a large rectangular or square piece of fabric made from layers of gauze. It is folded to fit the baby’s bottom, and is fastened with pins or Snappis.

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